Agenda and draft minutes

South Wigston Residents' Forum - Wednesday, 29th January, 2020 7.00 pm

Venue: Fairfield Community Primary School, Cheshire Drive, South Wigston , LE18 4AW

Contact: Veronika Quintyne - Email: 

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Local Policing Issues


Councillor Boulter met with Inspector Michael Crawley. Inspector Crawley is to leave the Borough in February 2020. His replacement is to arrive in February 2020. There is to be a larger Police presence of officers and vehicles stationed at Wigston Police station.


South Wigston is deemed to be the lowest area for crime in the Borough. Crime figures remain less than half of that recorded for knighton.

A number of recorded vehicle burglaries have been registered. There were few house break -ins in the area. There has been a Police Initiative with Trading Standards with regard to underage drinking.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 331 KB


The minutes were read for accuracy and agreed as a true record subject to the following note on page 2.This relates to Glenburn End which is located in the City.


Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 205 KB


Speeding traffic was reported on Gloucester Crescent and Sussex Road.

Arriva Transport sponsored the steam engine at the Christmas Capers event. The steam engine blew a leak in its boiler so it was unable to perform in 2019. It is expected to return to the Christmas Capers event in 2020.


South Wigston Traders' Update


The representative for the South Wigston Trader’s Group was not present at this evening’s meeting.


Citizens Panel Update & Sign Up


Residents were updated on the development of the Council’s Citizens’ Panel. Residents were encouraged to sign up to the Citizens’ Panel. They were informed as to how it can be of benefit to all residents, young people aged over 13, businesses and visitors to the Borough to help them to have a voice in influencing the decisions the local Council currently makes and in the future.


Residents were requested to register on to the Citizens’ Panel by accessing the online website at:


Pride of the Borough


Pride of the Borough continues to offer the discount loyalty card for a cost of £5 a year. Residents were encouraged to purchase the card. They were reminded what good value it was and the discounts they can derive from it. An example of this was the discount off optician glasses.


There was no Pride of the Borough representative in attendance at this evening’s meeting. It was also noted that Pride of the Borough do a litter pick. Brocks Hill volunteers are also carrying out work on open spaces.



Invite a Pride of the Borough representative to attend the next Forum meeting.


Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service


Apologies for absence was received from Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service.


Chair's Updates


Capital Projects Update


The Street Furniture Officer has ordered benches and litter bins which are to arrive and be installed shortly. The bench for Taylors Bridge Road has been ordered. A bench for Gloucester Crescent and all other benches are due to arrive and be installed by the end of February to beginning of March 2020. Installation is subject to the weather.


A Litter bin is to be installed by the corner of William Gunning Park. Dog bins are being phased out. All installations are assessed before they are fitted.

Part of William Gunning Park has been subject to flooding. There is to be a Water Capital Bid introduced to carry out some work on this Park. Some of the drains are blocked. The Chair is working to remedy this situation.


Blaby Road Park has been provided with nine pieces of adult gym equipment. Some adult gym equipment is also to be installed in William Gunning Park.

The newly developing Community Garden Group are to meet on Wednesday 26 February 2020. A memorial bench is to be installed in this section. The Group has received the OK from the local Council on what is to go into the winter planters. Students are also involved in this community project.



The Master Gardener, Julie Richards is to make a list of what actions the Gardeners wish to take and send it to the Community Engagement Officer to, pass to Councillor Boulter.


Forum Budget Update


South Wigston Residents Forum has £15,228 of funding remaining.


Spending Requests


Sponsorship of hanging baskets in South Wigston


Residents are to address whether they wish to consider allocating some funds from the budget to pay for hanging baskets to be put in place this spring.


There were no requests for spending.


Items Raised by Residents


Damage to grass verges and pavements experiencing inconsiderate usage

Anyone unable to pass a double buggy or wheelchair on a blocked pavement must report this to the Police, not the local Council. If visibility at road junction is blocked this is also deemed to be a Police matter.


The County Council is putting more funding into the local Council’s budget to address maintaining the grass verges to stop people parking on them. The County Council is responsible for tarmacking roads and will not tarmac verges.


It was noted that some agency staff who empty the litter bins drive on to the wet grass on William Gunning Park. The County Council will not repair grass verges nor reinstate them. It will not take action against anyone damaging them. The County Council views verges as part of the Highway.


Vans and Lorries parking on Countesthorpe Road are alleged to cause chaos in the mornings. Enforcement Officers talk to the van drivers, take their vehicle numbers and administer warnings where obstructions are caused. The County Council can also have the vans removed for causing an obstruction.



The Chair will speak to the appropriate local Council department to request bin men on emptying the bins do not drive across the verges.


Christmas Lights at South Wigston Christmas Capers

A Resident noted the Christmas lights looked sparse. It is open to all Forums to buy extra lights. The end of Gloucester Crescent adjacent to Fairfield Primary School is very dark. People are afraid to walk alone because there is no lighting on the path leading up to Sussex Road. It was said that there was originally a plan in place to provide lighting on the path adjacent to William Gunning Park.

The draining work is in a similar area to the path and will also be addressed.


Sussex Road Lighting

Request the local Council check whether it is doable to assess the feasibility of putting in a light on the path adjacent to Sussex Road. This could be done with S106 Programme monies.



Bring a feasibility study to the next Residents Forum meeting.


Arriva Bus Station

Councillors Mrs R Adams and the Chair are endeavouring to meet with Arriva Transport based in South Wigston. This is an ongoing action. It was suggested that Arriva provide an off-peak timecard rate for commuters and provide a bus service to cover peak hours. This would avoid having to provide two buses. Centre bus is subsidised by the City and it goes up to Leicester general hospital. The Arriva Bus Depot is up for auction.



Request information from Arriva Transport bus service on what the future plans are for bus provision in the South Wigston area.



Closure of the Records Office on Long Street

The Records Office is to be moved to County Hall. The building on Long Street will be vacant. This might take 6 years if Capital Programme monies cannot be found.


Community Safety Partnership Survey 2019-2020

Residents were reminded to have their  ...  view the full minutes text for item 27.


Suggestions for Future Agenda Items


There were no suggestions received for future agenda items.



Date of the Next Meeting


Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at 19.00 PM. The venue is South Wigston Methodist Church Hall, Blaby Road, LE18 4BP. app available
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