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South Wigston Residents' Forum - Wednesday, 8th November, 2017 7.30 pm

Venue: Fairfield Community Primary School, Cheshire Drive, South Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 4WA

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Local Policing Issues


There is an ongoing investigation on the Hillsborough Road information received.

Residents were informed that the shop to sell alcohol is not to be a 24-hour outlet. The licence has been granted up until 10pm. It is not to be an eating outlet.

Bricks were reported to have been dumped in a gutter on Kenilworth Road for the past nine months. Councillor Boulter stated he had not seen any bricks dumped at this location.

A drive way by the shops is being used as a shortcut into Gloucester Crescent and Cumberland Road. A blind spot has been reported there which it was felt may lead to a serious accident occurring.


Councillor Boulter is to check this issue and report back to the Forum.

Anti-social behaviour has been reported around the Crispy Chicken Food shop, the Doctor`s surgery and on the front by Bassett Street. Warning letters have been issued to a few individuals about this. Breaching a warning letter may lead to a criminal record and intervention by the Youth Offending Service.

Speed checks have been conducted on Gloucester Crescent by volunteers and a Police Officer, Councillor Boulter informed residents that this Forum had purchased the camera being used. The camera is one approved by the County Council, the new prison is helping to keep data on traffic movement for evidence,

A resident observed that if there is proof of an increase in traffic speeding the Council could help to do something about this. It was stated that Sturgeon Road is City, it may make a difference on traffic calming but it needs to be recognised the back end of South Wigston College is an emergency service route.

On the Saffron Road the average speed may be low but incidence of speeding was said to be quite high.

Big lorries were said to be using Dorset Avenue as a cut through from early morning to 7pm.


Councillor Boulter was requested to ask the County Council to put traffic calming measures in place on Gloucester Crescent. It was noted that the last time this was requested of County, it was refused.


Councillor Boulter stated he will raise the issue of speeding and traffic calming requests at County and bring back a response to the Forum.

Residents stressed Gloucester Crescent and Tigers Road end have all experienced excessive speeding.

The Police requested residents report dangerous and illegal driving. A specific form can be accessed to do this. It needs to include the vehicle registration number. This number is placed on the Police computer. A letter is then generated to the offender.

Halfway between the three local South Wigston roundabouts, it was reported that hundreds of vehicles are speeding at anything from, thirty to sixty miles per hour.

Highways have been contacted and requested to switch back on the street lights. Two residents reported their cars were broken into during the lights switch off.

Drug canisters have been spotted on the pavement corner by the petrol station on Blaby Road.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 18.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 13 September 2017 and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 91 KB


The draft minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as a true record subject to the amendments received. It was commented that the amendments were about accuracy and were supported by a number of people who were at the previous forum meeting. The amendments were proposed by one resident and accepted by the residents.

In response to a question as to whether there has been a discussion as to who is to chair the South Wigston Residents Forum meeting , the Chair responded that he was chairing the meeting and not the Forum. Once a review of the forum was complete this would be clarified.


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A new community centre for South Wigston

This item is on the agenda for discussion. A paper outlining information about the community centre was received to support tonight`s discussion

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Cutting of Blaby Road Park hedge and crack on the left-hand side of path

The hedge has been trimmed and the Depot is unaware of the crack and have received no reports about it.

Waste Survey Consultation Feedback

There was a meeting to discuss the Waste Survey on; Tuesday 9th November 2017.Further work is to take place next week. The car park is to be visited. There is a report coming on December 5th 2017.It will cover how much revenue is to be saved. A proposal will then be put forward and a consultation is to come next year to consult with residents.

Change to buses servicing the Fairfield Estate

This item forms a substantial item for discussion tonight.

Review of the Resident’s Forum Consultation- 3 Questions

A written report on feedback received from residents following the consultation which took place September 13th 2017, is attached with tonight`s Forum papers. It was circulated to South Wigston residents electronically. Three responses were received.

Residents were advised if they wish a further opportunity to complete a consultation card to, contact the Community Engagement Officer for a copy.

Christmas Capers

Funding for Christmas Capers is not to be taken from the Residents Forum monies. Its funding will be managed by the Town Centre Manager who will at intervals provide update reports on this.


A report on Christmas Capers is to be brought to the next Residents Forum.

Council Budget Options 2018/19 and 2019/20

A question was raised asking for clarification on what deadline the Council have when it knows what savings are to be made, The Chair stated some of the information can be brought to the Forum and some not.

Government expects turnover over a four-year period to be reduced by £1.8 million. 700k has already been saved. There is a list of about ten things which can be changed. A report is to be received by the Council on December 5th 2017. Some of the contents is non-contentious and some is internal. Waste is contentious and will be consulted on borough wide. The detail is not yet known as to what is coming to Council. Councillor  ...  view the full minutes text for item 19.


Changing the Forum - Feedback Report pdf icon PDF 2 MB


Residents questioned when will a decision to the change of the Forum go to the Council, to which committee will it be reported and will residents be able to attend?

On the matter of grants funding the Chair stated the Council gives money in different ways. Members and Officers are discussing ideas. There is a five member panel reviewing grants. A report on this is to go to full Council on 5.12. 2017. This may then lead to a meeting in February 2018 where the report would go to the Policy, Finance and Development Committee. The request of residents to be consulted is noted but there is not a guarantee. A suggestion was made that residents put in their response to the previous three consultation questions which had a deadline of October 2017.A request was made for the responses made by Oadby and Wigston Residents Forums with South Wigston Residents. The Chair consented to this and requested residents contact the Community Engagement Officer if they wanted a copy of those returns.


Residents requiring a copy of the Oadby and Wigston Resident Forum consultation returns are to contact the Community Engagement Officer if they require a copy.


The Local Plan Update pdf icon PDF 33 KB


The Local Plan is now out for consultation for six weeks. The Plan contains policies that drive as well as shape sustainable development .The vast majority of new build houses will be in Oadby. There will be about 5,500.

The sports ground is to be developed. Newton Lane will go up to 1000 houses. The Plan is up for discussion. There is to be 2,500 new houses for South Wigston. Residents can read the Pre submission Draft Local Plan and the supporting evidence based documents on the Council`s website or access it via Customer Services in Bell Street, Wigston Library ,Oadby Library and South Wigston Library.

It was questioned whether a new drawing was available from Highways for South Wigston. There is a strategic growth plan including the A46 expressway. This will run from a new entrance to the A1and relink with the A6 at Quinneborough. City, County and District is to plan properly and there will be consultation in the new year.


Arriva Bus Company - Change of Bus Route for the 49 / 49A Service


With the removal of the 49a bus service, residents are experiencing difficulty accessing the hospital and health Centre

The initial South Wigston Residents Working Group was liaising with the previous Arriva Manager. Some helpful suggestions had come out of this connection. This relationship was proving helpful but he has now been removed from the job. A new Manager, named Clare Soaper has been hired.

It is the Group`s intention to work to get the bus route reinstated. Arriva is owned by a German consortium. The Council does not subsidise bus routes and has no jurisdiction over them. A number of buses are facing cuts.

It was expressed that, if the number of bus routes are thought not to be viable, they will face cuts. Over the last ten years most of the County Council transport subsidies have gone.

The Circular buses are the only ones which go to the Hospitals. They are not allowed to travel the same routes as Arriva.

Councillor Boulter is working with residents to establish a working Group. The intention is for this Group to meet and reflect the feeling of the area to Arriva of the impact of bus route cuts. This evening two residents volunteered to join the working group. Four residents plus Councillor Boulter make up the current working party. A date is to be agreed for meeting with the Arriva Manager Ms Soaper.

It was also expressed that the 44a bus route will not be extended. This is due to low usage.


South Wigston Community Centre - Elliot Hall


A presentation paper outlining information about Elliot Hall, a building to be used as a community centre for South Wigston was discussed with residents. The residents posed questions and made observations about the proposed project.

The presentation paper stated the following:

Elliott Hall better known as Thistle Needle work factory based on Albion Street in South Wigston has been converted into a youth and community building for all people within the community to use at a hire charge.

The building has two floors. The top floor being the biggest, contains a new kitchen, games room, a new stair lift leading to the lower floor to cater for all needs.

The lower floor contains male and female toilets with disabled access toilets. The lower hall leads to a changing room and a small kitchenette.

The building has been fitted with cctv and intercom for the safety of all using the building.

The building will be used for different groups. To date the following groups have confirmed they will be using Elliott Hall.

Wednesday and Saturday -Hope Hearts working with people who have learning difficulties, ages from 6 till 20.

Tuesday and Friday Step Out Youth Group - running activities for the youth of South Wigston and the surrounding area.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Dance lessons, Jazz, Ball, Latin for all ages.

Wednesday Photography classes will be running.

Mornings will have classes for young and older people in way of sports activities run by Get Doing.

Elliott Hall has limited its open hours from Monday to Saturday from 9am till 10pm and Sundays 10am till10pm. Setting up can be done before these times but activities cannot be set up before these times.

Elliott Hall has room for four cars, but people have been advised to use public car parks on Station Street and Countesthorpe Rd Car Park.

The following points arose from the discussion:

The Project is supported by Leicestershire County Council. It granted funding for the fitment of the new kitchen.

There is a project to work with young people to know how fresh produce is grown.

A bid for funding is currently with Oadby and Wigston Borough Council.

The building is leased and ownership is held under a trust. A builder is carrying out renovations.

Bassett street Library is closing down.

There is no completion between Elliot Hall and Bassett Street building.

The previous planning permission given for a nursery was not deemed more work was needed. The plan was to extend in both directions outside. Another application did not have the external problems but as it would not go back to a commercial use, it fell through.

A comment was made that the Planners should have taken on board the building is in the middle of houses and there is also only space for four to six cars.

There was not much consultation with residents and it appears there may be a problem with parking and the road is difficult to drive down. If the Forum had  ...  view the full minutes text for item 23.


Capital Projects


Litterbin on Saffron Road

The purchase and installation of a litterbin on Saffron Road was agreed, following discussion on where the most appropriate would be to place the bin it was noted that: there is a litterbin on Tigers Road corner and one on the lamp post by Crete Avenue


It was agreed that Councillor Boulter would liaise with the Street Furnishing Officer to identify where this litterbin should be placed.



Chair's Updates and Questions


The funds for the following items are about to be released:

·      South Wigston Market Traders Community newsletter.

·      Sep Out Young People`s Group.


The following schemes are now complete:

·      Civic Orchestra Commemorative Event.

·      Oadby and Wigston Civic Orchestra Plaque at the Train Station.

·      Grant for Step Out Project.

·      Oadby and Wigston Community First Responders Reflexive Jackets


PWC Circuits Factory

·      On the issue of two litter bins to be ordered for Canal Street and Countertop Road it was confirmed that these litterbins are not to be ordered.


Date of the Next Meeting


Wednesday March 7th 2018 at 7.30pm

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