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South Wigston Residents' Forum - Wednesday, 8th June, 2016 7.30 pm

Venue: Fairfield Primary School, Cheshire Drive, South Wigston, LE18 4WA

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The minutes were endorsed by the residents as, a true and accurate record of the last meeting. They were signed by the Chair.


Green Spaces


Before the presentation, the Chair wished it to be formally recorded that the Council appreciates the involvement of residents on this issue, notes the Council`s joint work with the community on this, and supports the proposed submission for designation of Local Green Spaces in South Wigston.

Adrian Thorpe, the Council `s Planning Policy and Regeneration Manager, outlined the Council`s position on Local Green Spaces. He provided background information on the Council`s role in designating Local Green Spaces in the forthcoming Local Plan. It was emphasised that Local Green Spaces are areas which can contribute to positive social, economic and environmental benefits, improving public health, well-being and quality of life.

A presentation on Local Green Space focussed on the Saffron Road Area. The presentation was produced by the Saffron Trees Action Group.?Residents were requested to help protect local trees and the identified Local Green Spaces by supporting the proposed submission.

The presentation showed photos of the tree landscape in the area and the open space that is being proposed for protection as Local Green Space. Some residents have already written to Adrian Thorpe in support of the designation of Local Green Spaces in South Wigston.?

A submission time frame for getting the letters on green space support is to be extended over the next couple of weeks.?Marbled White butterflies are based in this area, therefore important to keep this in mind. More trees are to be planted in the future.

A resident raised a question as to how many trees need to have a tree protection order applied in order to create an identified protected green area. There is no required number.?

The Chair raised a motion with residents on the proposal put forward by the presenters T Sumpter and M Ray that the Forum was in support of the proposed submission by Saffron Trees Action Group for the designation of Local Green Spaces in the area in the Local Plan.

Thirty two residents voted in favour of the motion. There were no dissensions or abstentions

The Chair wished it to be recorded that the Council was appreciative of the joint effort between local people and the Council on the issues of identifying Local Green Spaces.?

A single A4 sheet listing some facts about trees was circulated at the meeting.


Adrian Thorpe will respond to these submissions in due course.


Circulate the slide presentation with the minutes.


Local Policing Issues


Police Community Support Officers, PCSO 6678 Joshi and PCSO 6118 Parnaby.provided an update on South Wigston crime. This covers the past three months and are recorded as follows:

                                                                    Last 3 months                       Previous 3 months

Burglary Dwelling                                           4                                                       4

Burglary other than dwellings                      5                                                       6

Theft of Motor Vehicle                                   1                                                       0

Theft from Motor Vehicle                              2                                                       5

Robbery                                                             1                                                       0

Other Crime Issues:

A stolen car was returned to the owner. The thief was apprehended and arrested for attempting to assault a Police Officer in the course of this return.

There was one robbery on Blaby Road. Enquiries are ongoing.

One racist incident reported. An Asian male was followed and assaulted. This is being investigated as a priority.

There are no major anti social behaviour issues in the area.

The Police are working to eliminate illegal cannabis production. There have been two previous incidents of cannabis being grown. A further Cannabis drug factory was discovered in South Wigston. The Police have closed it down.

The Chair expressed thanks to the Police for the update.

Kennedy House New Occupants

The Leader of the Council informed residents there are approximately 57 or 58 single, male asylum seekers /refugees in Kennedy House. There are no female occupants.

The house is owned by the Shaw Trust. It has planning permission as a resettlement centre. It is managed by G4S.

The Police visit Kennedy House almost daily. No incidents have arisen in relation to the new occupants taking up residence. Some of the occupants have previously worked for the British Government, whilst in their country of origin.

Kennedy House ceased being a residence for homeless men some eighteen months ago.

A multi agency forum has formed in South Wigston to offer support, advice and guidance to the occupants. The Voluntary Sector is providing assistance to the occupants in relation to such issues as the learning of conversational English.

In relation to Public Sector Housing allocation, the two year residency criteria for local housing applications would apply to Kennedy House occupants in line with Council Policy. The chief executive is to liaise with charities with regards to the food bank.

Speed Monitoring Device

Councillor Boulter noted the Speed Monitoring Device is sited on a lamp-post. It measures speeding traffic. Oadby and Wigston Council is waiting for the County Council to sonic test this device. Wigston also has a speed monitoring device in situ. Oadby residents are contemplating the usefulness of having one installed based on the implementation in Wigston.

The Speed Monitoring Device has currently been removed from Dorset Avenue to Saffron Road. It will be returned to Dorset Avenue in approximately a year`s time. The battery is not solar powered. It is replaced at key intervals.

A resident expressed the view that the monitoring device was a good tool for cutting down dangerous speeding.


Phoenix Therapies Update


An update was provided by a representative of Phoenix Therapies on work being done to date. This work has been funded by an award from the Residents Forum. The work is focussed on South Wigston residents.

A course was started three weeks ago. The location is the Bassett Centre Hub, Bassett Street, South Wigston. Eleven people have signed up to the Course. Phoenix Therapies thanked the Forum for providing the award for this Course.


A video is to be brought to a future meeting of the Residents Forum to support an update on the usefulness and impact of the course.


Oadby and Wigston Borough Litter Campaign


Due to ill health Colin Robertson was unable to attend the Forum to provide an in-depth update on the Take Pride Litter Campaign. Primary schools are being contacted to take part in the litter campaign.

Pride of the Borough stated that three businesses have joined the Pride of the Borough Scheme. Hunters have also joined the Scheme. It was requested to let the Chair know if anyone wishes to join the Scheme so they can be directed to the relevant contact point.

The Chair thanked Pride of the Borough for this update.


Pride of the Borough


South Wigston Traders' Update


The South Wigston Traders representative informed the Forum that, the Christmas Capers event on December 3rd 2016 requires volunteers.

TESCO in South Wigston is to host a fun weekend event from 23rd to 26thJune 2016.

Parklands Primary School is having a community Poly Tunnel installed. This should be in situ by September 2016


Chair's Updates


Capital Projects Update


Christmas Capers


Christmas Capers requested funding of £4,000. The traders do not make a profit from this event. Attendance at this annual event sees stall holders coming from as far away as Grimsby and Abingdon in Oxfordshire.

There are currently 35 bookings for stalls to date.

9 residents voted in favour of awarding the £4,000. There were no votes against and no abstentions.



Requests for Spending and Update on Forum Budget


St Thomas Church Young Peoples Group

Saint Thomas Church in South Wigston is to set up a youth club provision for 6 to 7 year olds. The Group requested a start up award of £400.On a vote for this proposal. The majority of residents were in favour. There were no votes against and no abstentions.


Items Raised by Residents and Suggestions for Future Items


Speed Awareness Monitor On Dorset Avenue

The Speed Awareness Monitoring Device on Dorset Avenue has now been moved to Saffron Road. The monitor is battery operated. It does not work by solar energy.

Wigston also has one of these devices in Situ. Oadby is considering, based on the usage in Wigston whether one should be purchased. The Device will be returned to Dorset Avenue in a year`s time. It is to be noted that some residents view the device as a sound deterrent to speeding traffic.


An update on the effectiveness on the use of the Speed Monitoring Device is to come back to the Forum at least twice a year.

Care Of Trees On Blaby Road Park (Amendment)

A resident reported that the trees on Blaby Road Park are not well looked after. Some still have ties around them which need releasing. Posts also need removing. It was noted that there is nothing to prohibit voluntary public action on releasing the ties on the trees. The Chair emphasised it is preferable people join the tree protection volunteering scheme in addressing such issues. The Chair noted this is the job of the Tree Officer and a Tree Strategy for the borough is to be developed.?A resident enquired about the cost of felling a tree. The Chair clarified that if an application comes to the Council to fell a tree, it costs money to assess if the felling is needed. This is part of the Tree Officer`s role. Some cherry trees are protected, but not all.  Anyone who is unsure whether a particular tree is protected would have to write to the Council to find out.  There is no Council Jurisdiction to fell trees on Ministry of Defence land.


Councillor Boulter is to pass on the observation that the trees require some attention to remove ties and stakes to the newly recruited Tree Officer

GraffittiOn South Wigston Railway Bridge

Rail Track has been notified of the graffiti on the railway bridge. Graffiti on Aylestone lane has also been reported. The Council is not allowed to remove graffiti on the railway bridge. A Rail Track officer is looking at having murals placed on this bridge.

Fly Tipping On Clifford Street And Leopold Street

Fridges have been fly tipped on Clifford Street and Leopold Street. Residents have been informed the area of fly tipping constitutes a private road. This is a road way behind the shops.


The Council is to address what is to be done with regards to the fly tipping.

Countesthorpe Road -Recycling Is Overflowing

There is a fridge dumped at the back of the Bassett Street area. The Council noted this fridge is to be moved by Monday 13th June. There is a chair dumped at the back of the shops. Environmental health is to look into this.

Where there is fly tipping on front and back gardens of private property, the Council has no jurisdiction to act. If the Council does act re  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9.


Date of the Next Meeting


Wednesday 07 September 2016

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