Agenda and minutes

Wigston Residents' Forum
Thursday, 1st August, 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Offices, Station Road, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 2DR

Contact: Veronika Quintyne - Email: 

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Local Policing Issues


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. The Police attended the meeting. Officers; J Darby and A Haq provided a verbal update. At a future date, the Chairs of all the three Resident Forums and the Police will meet at planned intervals. These meetings will provide future residents Forum Policing updates.


Residents reported the following matters to the Police:

A number of Traders and Builders were reported to have blocked local pavements with their vehicles. The Police said they would visit vehicle owners who consistently block pavements.


The Police advised Residents to email concerns about traffic violations to  

Residents may also contact to report incidents.


Residents were encouraged to ring telephone number 101 to report non-urgent matters.


The Police`s Celebrate Safely Campaign will be launched around Halloween week in October.


The Welcome Trick or Treat or Not Welcome leaflets are available to collect from the Police. These leaflets can be placed in householders windows. This Campaign encourages people to stay safe and secure their vehicles from theft.


Shopkeepers may restrict the sale of eggs and flour to people. This is to stop some young people from using them as missiles against vehicles and pedestrians.


The Police are carrying out community work around Anti-Social Behaviour.


The Police are working with Shopkeepers on Bell Street to address trespassing on the rooftop areas.

The Safer land App is in use by Shopkeepers to communicate and share information about shoplifters and anti-social behaviour. Up to 100 shopkeepers are using this App.


Two Youths were placed on Behaviour Contracts. These Contracts help young people to stay out of trouble.


Five CCTV Cameras are now installed. The CCTV Cameras are located on Bell Street, Boulter Crescent and on Oadby Parade.


The Police continue to work with Youth Clubs, particularly over the holiday periods. This work encourages young people to stay out of trouble.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 90 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting were read for accuracy. They were accepted as a true record. Apologies for absence for tonight`s meeting were received from Councillors: J Boyce, D Loydall, H Loydall, K Loydall and P Fisher (Marketing and Insight Manager).


Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 30 KB




Case Pak dictate what can and cannot be recycled. Leicestershire County Council raises revenue from recyclables. This revenue amounts to some £400,000 annually.

Any glass collected is crushed and used to make sandpaper. There is an element of handpicking involved in the recycling process. Shredded paper is to be collected and placed in a bag for recycling.




Invite the Officers who attended to last Residents Forum to provide an update at the next Residents` Forum meeting. Ask if they have a video which can be shown on how recycling takes place at Case Pak.


New Build Housing


Some Residents expressed concern over a housing area named New Wigston Meadows as there is currently an area named the Meadows. A leaflet to be produced will explain why the housing area was given this name.


David Wilson Homes is to help develop the Kilby Houses. The development will receive access to Health Services. The Health Service has begun to put in bids for the provision of services.


Sainsbury Defibrillator Fitting


The Defibrillator which was previously going to be installed on the wall outside of Sainsbury Store in Bell Street, is now to be installed on the wall near to Elizabeth Court in Wigston. The cost of wiring is substantially less than the £2,000 Sainsbury Superstore was being charged for its installation.


Wigston Traders' Update


The Wigston Traders Association is being formed. The Chair explained that many local shop premises in Wigston are owned by landlords who reside overseas.


There is no news of anyone taking over the vacant Butcher`s shop based on the corner of Long Street in Wigston.


Pride of the Borough


Graham Lamb, the Pride of the Borough representative provided the following brief update to residents:


Pride of the Borough will not know whether the Town has won an East Midlands in Bloom award until September 18th 2019. Peace Memorial Park and Brocks Hill Conservation Centre are recipients of past awards.


Pride of the Borough now has 1,424 members signed up to the Loyalty Scheme. This is 25% more than at this time in 2018.


There are now 56 businesses offering discounts to Loyalty Card holders.

The Bedder Place, Buddies and the Cheesecake shop have all now joined the loyalty Scheme.


The Two Steeples restaurant gives a 25% discount on meals.


The Discount Membership Card remains at a cost of £5.00. The card can be purchased from; Oadby Library, Brocks Hill Conservation Centre and Customer Services on Bell Street in Wigston.


Pride of the Borough bought eight large planters. The Council bought one. There are also very large planters in Bell Street. Pride of the Borough is looking for volunteers to help water and care for the planters. Local businesses are caring for some of the planters. Rotarians have purchased plants for planters.


Pride of the Borough purchased plant bulbs. At the request of Residents, these bulbs are planted in various green areas in the Borough.


Pride of the Borough Litter-Pickers meets the third Saturday of each month from 9:30a.m until 11:00a.m.


A group named the Wombles litter pick in Oadby, Wigston and South Wigston. The Glen Parva area is also covered. The Local Council collects the picked litter the next day. Up to thirty bags of litter can be collected for disposal.


It was suggested that in line with the practice in other Boroughs and to generate income, residents and visitors be dissuaded from parking on grass verges. A sign endorsed by the Local Council and the County Council might help to create a more caring behaviour towards the verges.


The County Council cuts the Borough`s grass seven times a year. The County Council lists the dates when the grass is to be cut. In 2020 as part of the County Council`s budget savings plan a form will be circulated to Residents. This form will consult on what matters are of importance to Residents and which matters are not. The Chair encouraged Residents to respond to this form.


Rural areas have grass cuts made three times a year. The corners receive a cut to promote safety.


Responsibility for cleaning street signs rests with the Local Authority. The responsibility for cleaning Road signs rests with the County Council.


The trimming of trees overhanging the road and motor homes is the responsibility of the County Council. To have over hanging branches dealt Residents were directed to contact the Oadby and Wigston Council`s Tree Officer. The Tree Officer can be contacted by ringing: (0116) 257 28961.




On the issues of dissuading people from parking on verges, the Chair is to take the suggestions up with the Local Authority and the County  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Introduction to the Council's Citizens' Panel - Now Live (Brief Update) pdf icon PDF 328 KB


The Community Engagement Officer provided the following update to those residents present at tonight`s meeting. The Citizen`s Panel is up and running since May 28th 2019.


The Citizen`s Panel is one way in which the local Council wants to hear the views and suggestions on services which affect the Borough and its residents.

Membership of the Panel is open to: children, young people, students, the employed and unemployed, faith, belief groups, business owners and those of diverse age and lifestyles.


Resident Forum Members present were directed to the Citizens Panel web page to sign up as follows   


Everyone present were encouraged to sign up to the Citizen`s Panel.


Chair's Updates


Capital Projects Update


There were no capital project updates to report.


Forum Budget Update pdf icon PDF 68 KB


The current Residents` Forum spending budget is £49,151.


Spending Requests


Greater Wigston Historical Society requested the sum of £200 to purchase archive furnishing and shelving.


Seven people voted in favour of awarding the funding. One person abstained from voting. There were no dissenting votes.


Greater Wigston Historical Society is to launch the opening of the Greater Wigston Historical Archive Centre on Friday 20th September 2019.


Items Raised by Residents


Parking on Verges and damaged to flower bulbs


The Public need to be discouraged from parking their vehicles on top of Crocuses planted in the verges.


Petition brought by a resident concerning the provision of help with utility bills


A resident brought a Petition to the notice of the Residents Forum. The Petition concerned Government making available funds to support families with the cost of utility bills where a family member is dying from Cancer. 10,000 signatures must be collected by the Petitioner before Government will consider the Petition. A copy of the Petition was available for residents present to sign.


Data Protection Information


The Chair reminded Residents that in order for them to be added to the Wigston Residents Forum database they must provide written consent to the Community Engagement Officer.


The condition of Trees at St Wistan Church


The question was raised regarding the state of trees at St Wistan Church. The Chair is to meet with the Verger of the Church to discuss this. Limbs of trees are dropping off.




The Chair is to update the Wigston Civic Society and the Greater Wigston Historical Society on this matter relating to Wistan Church and trees.


Arriva Bus Service


Discussion regarding the Arriva Bus Service concluded with the observation that bus routes will not be subsidised. Further discussion on the Arriva bus service is to take place.


Change in the layout of Wigston Swimming Bath Pool Lanes


A number of residents noted that they wished to see a change to the layout of Wigston Swimming Pool lanes.




The Chair is to discuss this matter with the Head of the Council`s Community and Wellbeing Service.


Access to the footpath from Glenmore to the Meadow


The footpath from Glenmore to the Meadow is locked off for access at the beginning of the school day. A fence has been built across the Railway line. .Residents wish to get the path reinstated. It was explained that the County Council is responsible for footpaths.


The condition of the road surface between Carlton Drive and Leicester Road


A Resident expressed concern as to the dangerous state of the surface of the stretch of road between Carlton Drive and Leicester Road .It was reported as very bumpy and uneven.




The Chair is to address the repair of the road surface with the County Council.


Letting of empty shops in Wigston


Residents wished to know what the Local Council can do to ensure there are no empty shops in Wigston. The Town Centre Manager is addressing this matter. Winchester Cathedral owns a group of shops in Wigston. A single person who resides in Switzerland owns shops on the Parade in Wigston. To improve the shops by putting up murals in the shop windows requires the owners` permission. There is to be a shop window competition hosted at Christmas.VE (Victory in Europe) Day will be used as another opportunity to host advertising in empty shop windows.


Celebrating VE (Victory in Europe) and VJ (Victory over  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Suggestions for Future Agenda Items


Invite a representative of the local Fire Service to attend the next Wigston Resident Forum meeting. The Fire Service will present on the service it provides.


Invite the Recycling officers who attended the last Resident Forum meeting to attend the October 2019 Resident`s Forum meeting to provide an update.


Date of the Next Meeting


Tuesday 15th October 2019. The venue is the Council Office, Council Chamber, Station Road, Wigston, LE18 2DR at 7:00p.m. app available
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