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Oadby Residents' Forum - Thursday, 19th October, 2023 6.30 pm

Venue: Civic Suite, Brocks Hill Council Offices, Washbrook Lane, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5JJ. View directions

Contact: Mark Smith (Community Safety & Youth Officer)  Tel: (0116) 257 2675 Email:

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Police Update


Burglary Dwellings – There has been a small increase from the previous quarter (April to June – 5 reports in total), where there were 4 reports in July, 6 in August, and 1 in September. Unfortunately, no suspect(s) identified.


An Operation Order has been created as historically there has been a rise in House Burglaries during the next quarter (October to December) and additional officers will be deployed at high risk times of between 3pm & 10pm.


Burglary Other Than Dwelling – There has been a significant reduction where 3 incidents were reported (July – 0, August – 3, September – 0).


Theft of Motor Vehicle – There was 1 report in July, where a van was stolen, and no reports in August. Unfortunately, there were 7 reports in September, which were ‘keyless’ vehicles thefts where device used to obtain signal and take the vehicles.


On 01/09/2023 between 02:30hrs & 04:30hrs, 3 vehicles were stolen from Smore Slade Hills, Fox Hollow, and Cooper Gardens. 2 further reports on 12/09/2023 between 03:30hrs & 04:30hrs from Pipistrelle Way and The Pastures. On 16/10/2023 between 18:00hrs & 18:30hrs from Severn Rd, and another report on 22/09/2023 between 02:30hrs & 03:00hrs from Frome Ave.


1 suspect has been arrested for the report from Frome Ave, and vehicle recovered.


Anti Social Behaviour –

8 reports in July, where the main locations were :-

·       Coombe Park – 3 reports of Persons using / dealing drugs > Persons left prior to Police arrival.

·       The Parade – 2 reports of youths climbing on roofs of businesses and causing nuisance > Youths left location prior to Police arrival.

·       LIDL car park – 1 report of Persons using / dealing drugs.


11 reports in August, where main locations were :-

·       ASDA car park – 3 reports of Persons using / dealing drugs, and driving vehicles dangerously.

·       The Parade – 2 reports of youths climbing on roofs of businesses and causing nuisance > On Police arrival, youths located and advised re: behaviour.

·       Uplands Park – 2 reports of youths in vehicles causing nuisance / disturbance > Persons / vehicles left prior to Police arrival.

·       Coombe Park – 1 report of youths using / dealing drugs.


17 reports in September, where main locations were :-

·       Uplands Park – 5 reports of mopeds / motorbikes being ridden across the park > On 18/09/2023 about 18:00hrs, local beat team officers were on patrols and identified a moped on the park and recovered moped on Dart Close.

·       ASDA car park – 3 reports of Persons using / dealing drugs, and driving vehicles dangerously.

·       Kenilworth Dr – 3 reports of Persons using / dealing drugs, and driving vehicles dangerously.

·       The Parade – 2 reports of youths climbing on roofs of businesses and causing nuisance.


Close partnership working re: ASB with Tom Maccabe from Oadby & Wigston Council and Police patrols conducted at above locations re: ASB reports, where drugs and/or vehicle nuisance reported, persons are stopped and searched (results below).


Theft from Stores – 20 reports (July – 9, August – 5, September –  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service Update


This item was deferred due to no LFRS representation.


Chair's Updates


The Moorwoods The Chair has spoken with LFRS’ Operations Manager regarding problem parking in the Moorwoods. This was referred back to Wigston Fire Station who will now visit the area with a fire engine and place notices on vehicles that would be obstructing emergency vehicles attending emergencies.


Leicestershire County Council have now also agreed to empty the gullies along the Moorwoods on a P1 basis, meaning they will be attended and emptied on a 10 monthly cycle.


A resident noted that the official car park for the Sports Bar used to be behind the building but it now appears that customers opt to park on the street regardless, much of which is inconsiderate. An external staircase was installed several years ago which would enable people to access the Sports Bar directly from the car park, but this appears to have stopped since the car park’s became part of a garage. This displaced vehicles to the Wheel’s car park which caused some problems at the time. The resident is not aware of any planning notifications given that would have changed the parking allocations, or change of use, for the car park but this took place so long ago that it would be very unlikely that an answer could be found. Currently there is an average of 9 vehicles parked obstructively at the end of the Moorwoods each evening.


Moorwoods residents met with several Councillors earlier in the year to discuss the problem parking. It is very clear that the parking enforcement is the responsibility of LCC but their working hours do not coincide with when the issues are occurring. Shift work was discussed as a temporary solution regarding the parking enforcement officers which the Council will seek to raise with LCC.


Fludes Lane – Work has commenced this week on Fludes Lane, with the potholes to be filled in this year. Cllr. Haq stated that the Council has agreed to carry out the work over the next years, starting with the most affected areas, until the two sections of Fludes Lane discussed at the previous meeting are fully resurfaced. A query was raised regarding the broken bridge on Fludes Lane; a resident stated that they have raised a formal complaint via the Council’s website regarding this, followed up with a phone call, and has yet to receive a response – this will be looked in to. The ownership of the bridge is believed to fall under OWBC as noted on Page 6 of the Minutes of the last meeting. OWBC Legal Dept to be asked for an update.


Severn Trent – Were invited to the meeting on numerous occasions but there has been no response.


Arriva – Were invited to the meeting on numerous occasions but there has been no response. Cllr. Kaufman however has managed to meet with Arriva separately on behalf of the Council. Copse Close will come back into service at the request of residents, and Arriva will improve their PR and messaging regarding the service  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


Items Raised by Residents


Dog Bins on New Estate Bordering Shady Lane

OWBC Planning approached for response.


Rubbish Behind Boots, Oadby

Private land but hopefully to be resolved once works commence on the building.


Vacant Building on the Parade, Oadby

OWBC Planning approached for response. The Chair believes that a planning application has been made to convert this building in to flats.


Shrubbery on Uplands Park, Oadby

Corporate Assets have been out to Uplands Park on 6 October 2023 and have confirmed that the shrubbery in question will be cut as part of the winter maintenance schedule. Residents have noted that this has been a persistent problem and there are now significantly sized Ash saplings growing in the area, some of which are 7ft tall. The intentional shrubbery is now being choked by weeds. Mark Smith will double check that the hedges are included in the term ‘shrubbery’ within Corporate Assets’ response. The gardens to the end of Moss Way that back on to the park should also be checked. Littering around Uplands Park has also been noted as an issue, with a request for street cleaning made. There is no weekly schedule of street cleaning, with a pavement sweeping machine doing rounds in the Borough; details for ‘Litter Line’ to be included in the Minutes for this meeting at the request of the Chair. The Litter Wombles were also mentioned as a team of volunteers cleaning the Borough who could also be alerted to the location. Residents expressed thanks for the litter operatives that work in Oadby Town Centre. Cllr. Haq noted that there is also a road sweeper that covers the Borough. Residents noted an issue with weeds in the gullies around the Borough as well; this falls under the remit of LCC Highways who undertake an annual spray of weedkiller. The County Council historically sprays weeds at the end of July, start of August but this year appear to have sprayed earlier in the year which may have contributed to the current growth. This summer was so wet that a lot of the weedkiller is likely to have washed away. Cllr. Alam notes that he and Cllr. Ghatoraya have been in contact with LCC Highways regarding growth on to the highway and notes that the schedule of work is available online.


19 November – Oadby Christmas Lights Switch-On.

Parking charges have been suspended on the day of the event at the request of the Oadby Traders, with support from Oadby Councillors.


Planning Application for the Rear of Oadby Grange

Planning Officers have approached the Applicant with a number of questions regarding the application which has now delayed the process. The Council is ensuring that they have done everything required of them should the Application go to Appeal.


Ellis Park

A resident queried the old swimming pool building and what is happening. The Council has accepted an offer made on the building but, due to the covenant in place, is waiting for a response from the charities commission. Planning applications are  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9.


Suggestions for Future Agenda Items


Severn Trent to be invited to the next meeting; LCC Highways to also be invited in order to discuss responsibility for gullies, drainage pipes etc.


Date of the Next Meeting


Thursday, 8 February 2024 – 18:30 – Brocks Hill Council Offices


Suggested that the meetings are no longer held in half term, and that the day of the meeting is varied to encourage additional participation.

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