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Health & Wellbeing Board - Wednesday, 23rd January, 2019 1.30 pm

Venue: Council Offices, Bushloe House, Station Road, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 2DR. View directions

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Welcome by Chairman, Councillor Jeffrey Kaufman


The Chair, Cllr Jeffrey Kaufman, welcomed attendees to the meeting.


Apologies for Absence


Cllr Bhupendra Dave

Mary Flynn (Local Areas Coordinator South Wigston)

Lesley Green (Mental Health Forum/Oadby Food Bank)

Cllr Helen Loydall

Cllr Kevin Loydall

James Naylor (Everyone Active)

Debbie Preston (First Contact Plus)

Sharon Rose (Locality Manager, East Leicestershire CCG)

Dr Vivek Varakantam (East Leicestershire CCG and GP Lead for O&W)  


Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 182 KB


The minutes of the meeting of the HWBB held on 10 October 2018 to be taken as read, confirmed and signed by the Chair.


Actions from the Last Minutes


There were no actions outstanding from the last meeting.


Inequalities in Life Expectancy between Oadby and Wigston pdf icon PDF 11 KB

Additional documents:


Vivienne Robins (Consultation in Public Health) and Natalie Davison (Public Health Business Partner) gave a presentation on the current findings and concerns around the inequalities in life expectancy between Oadby and Wigston. A copy of the presentation slides can be found in Appendix 1. The full Life Expectancy report can be found in Appendix 2.


The presentation confirmed that Oadby and Wigston has the 4th largest inequality in male life expectancy at birth in England, at 13.5 years. The inequality in male life expectancy has been increasing over time. In 2010-12, the inequality in life expectancy at birth was 5.2 years, increasing to 6.3 years in 2011-13, 8.7 years in 2012-14 and 13.5 years in 2014-16. Nationally, the inequality in life expectancy at birth (based on national deprivation deciles) was 9.3 years in males in 2014-16


In females the inequality in life expectancy at birth has increased year on year since 2010-12. In 2010-12, the inequality in life expectancy at birth was 2.4 years, increasing to 3.6 years in 2011-13, 4.4 years in 2012-14, 6.7 years in 2013-15 and the latest data for 2014-16, shows Oadby and Wigston has an inequality in female life expectancy at birth of 9.5 years. Nationally, the inequality in life expectancy at birth (based on national deprivation deciles) was 7.3 years in females in 2014-16.


Vivienne and Natalie confirmed the data is updated annually. The data can provide a starting point, but they confirmed the inequalities agenda is complicated. They further confirmed that they are fortunate to have the support from the CCG and the Council’s Head of Leisure & Wellbeing as well as the Chair of the Health & Wellbeing Board in helping to drive this matter forwards. Public Health deliver a range of services including Health Checks at GP surgeries; one of the aims will be to improve the uptake of these checks.


A meeting on health inequalities will be held at the end of February by invitation only, invitees include local GP’s, health professional and those organisations it is felt can begin to address the inequalities identified. Feedback will be provided to the Oadby and Wigston Health and Wellbeing Board at its next meeting.


Update - Oadby & Wigston Priority 1. Ageing Well


The “Ageing Well” health focused meeting held in July identified a desire to set up a sub-group of like-minded organisations, to take forwards this agenda. As a result, a sub-group met on 7 November. A number of actions came out of this meeting to take forwards.


·         To investigate a central ‘living’ database for promotional purposes, which organisations can update as and when activities /services change. This piece of work is currently on going.

·         To make contact with Rutland CC about their information service.

·         To look into the wider delivery of the Letterbox newspaper e.g. GP surgeries and better distribution in flats and the Sheltered accommodation buildings.


Update - Oadby and Wigston Priority 2. Healthy Weight


The meeting held on 10 October 2018 was dedicated to discussing Healthy Weight. A number of organisations confirmed how they were addressing this important agenda, which included:


·         Community cooking programmes

·         Referring individuals to a dietician

·         Educating families about healthy food options

·         Encouraging individuals to take up physical activity

·         And signposting local residents to local sessions


The range of organisations also confirmed that they would like further support with promotion and educational opportunities for families. Funding is also ‘key’ in order to continue to address this agenda.


Oadby and Wigston Priority 3. Mental Health (Discussion/Workshop) pdf icon PDF 11 KB

Additional documents:


The Chair introduced priority 3; Mental Health. This is the Board’s final health focused meeting for this year. The aim of this part of the meeting was to gain some feedback from attendees on how they are currently addressing mental health issues locally; what the plans are for 2019/2020; what the challenges are; and what support they require from the HWBB.


Attendees split into 2 working groups; each group answered the above key questions in relation to Mental Health, facilitated by two lead Officers. At the end of the 40 minute Workshop feedback was provided by the two individual groups. The combined findings can be found in Appendix 1.


The Chair, Councillor Jeffrey Kaufman, thanked attendees for their input and ideas on Mental Health.


Any Other Business


The National Literacy Trust, last autumn, released a report detailing how children and young people’s mental wellbeing is related to their reading and writing experiences.


To find out more visit:


Future Meeting

·        Wednesday, 3 April 2019 – Annual Health Summit


The next meeting of the Health & Wellbeing Board is the Board’s Health Summit, details below:


·         Wednesday 3 April 2019 – Annual Health Summit


Meeting to be held at the Oadby and Wigston Borough Council Offices, starting at 1:30 p.m.

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