Committee details

Health and Wellbeing Board

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference


1.0        Purpose


         To provide an annual Health Summit and regular Board meetings (three per year in line with identified local Health & Wellbeing priorities). To bring key decision makers together from a range of local health providers to review local health data, share information on service provision and lobby for change.


2.0        Functions


·                    To review and increase understanding of local health information and data for Oadby, Wigston and South Wigston

·                    To promote partnership working throughout the Borough and encourage understanding of the different agencies roles and responsibilities

·                    To provide an opportunity for partners to update on their services, to raise questions and lobby for change

·                    To promote local health services via the Active Oadby & Wigston website and other media opportunities including Letterbox


3.0        Health & Wellbeing Priorities


·                    Local health and wellbeing priorities will be determined annually following the April Health Summit. Individual health focused meetings will then be held throughout the year.


4.0        Membership


·                    Members will include local Councillors and representatives of organisations from all sectors that work with residents of Oadby, Wigston and South Wigston to improve health & wellbeing outcomes  

·                    Members will be invited to attend Board meetings and are expected to give notice if they are unable to attend


5.0        Accountability


·                    The Chair of the Board will be a Councillor appointed at each AGM of OWBC annually.

·                    The lead Council Officer is the Head of Health & Leisure Service


6.0        Frequency


·                    Oadby & Wigston Borough Council (OWBC) will host an annual Health Summit on behalf of the Oadby and Wigston Health & Wellbeing Board

·                    In addition, there will be three (quarterly) Board meetings in line with the local health and wellbeing priorities


7.0        Reporting / Strategic Fit


·                    The Board will report regularly to the OWBC Service Delivery Committee

·                    The strategic fit is with OWBC Corporate Priorities / County Health & Wellbeing Strategy / Sport and Physical Activity Commission Plan


8.0        Budget


·                    There is no dedicated budget to support or deliver projects


9.0        Communication & Partnership Working


·                    OWBC will maintain an up-to-date health partnership list. This list will be used to send out relevant communications to local health partners and also be available for partners to contact each other to develop joint working 

·                    Oadby & Wigston Borough Council's Health & Leisure Team will organise the regular Board meetings


10.0    Review of Terms of Reference


·                    The Terms of Reference will be reviewed as required


Contact information

Support officer: Kane Radford. Tel: (0116) 257 2672 Email:

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Phone: (0116) 257 2672

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