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Health & Wellbeing Board - Tuesday, 12th July, 2016 1.30 pm

Venue: Council Offices, Bushloe House, Station Road, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 2DR. View directions

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Welcome by Chair

Councillor Jeffrey Kaufman


Chair, Councillor Jeffrey Kaufman, welcomed all attendees to the meeting. He confirmed that Oadby and Wigston Health & Wellbeing Board (HWBB) has recently gone through a re-structure.


Whilst the HWBB does not have any funding to support or deliver projects, the aim of this group is to bring key decision makers together from a range of local health providers to review local health data, share information on service provision and lobby for change.


Each planned meeting will concentrate on a particular area of health. This meeting has a focus on Dementia and Mental Health.


Attendees were asked to bring information about their projects or programmes that are taking place across Oadby and Wigston (or planned to take place), which aim to address these priorities.  In addition to confirming what outcomes will be achieved through the delivery of such programmes.


A ‘Partner Organisation Priorities’ form was handed out to each external attendee, in order to capture  organisational aims and objectives over the coming year;  in order to help map the priority of Mental Health and Dementia across the borough. 


Apologies for Absence


An apology of absence was received from James Naylor, Contract Manager at Parklands Leisure Centre.


County Health and Wellbeing Update

Ernie White - Lead Member for Health

Mike Sandys - Director of Public Health


Ernie White and Mike Sandys (County Health & Wellbeing Board) provided their County update. Topics included Transforming Health and Care across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland; the National requirements of the Better Care Fund; and an overview of the Leicestershire Integration Plan 2016/17.


The County Board thanked everyone at a local level for their current contribution. There is a need to improve integration with District and County, to provide more power at a district level as they are better placed to understand the needs of the community.


Difficulties at a County level as Health Grants being cut by 6% (1.6 million saving needed) without consulting with colleagues. Therefore Health & Wellbeing board reviewing its priorities to manage Health and Wellbeing with a need to manage reductions in public health grants.


The County Board realises there is a need to reduce emergency admissions and reduce the reliance on Hospital care by concentrating on identifying the most vulnerable residents and a greater need to support ethic minority communities.


Also a need to do more regarding signposting for people struggling to get help and advice. The County Board can press for better services and co-ordination and for providing up-to-date advice and an online list of services and charities that can help.


Copies of County’s presentation papers can be found in Appendix 1, 2 and 3.  In addition Mike Sandys forwarded a copy of the draft ‘Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy  2017 - 2022’ (Appendix 4). Comments to be forwarded direct to


Oadby and Wigston Priority 1 - Dementia/Mental Health (Key Actions)


Phoenix Therapies and Training provides over 25 years experience to improving mental wellbeing. They provide a stress relief toolkit to maintain positive outcomes and reduce mental health issues in communities. The aim is to teach people skills on how to be happy and successful and feel positive in situations, offering a working relationship with clients. They focus on helping people who are scared to build bridges between needing medical services and access to them. They also train professionals to improve the help they give to patients. The main aim is to take pressure off GPs and the Cedar Centre, providing early intervention and support.

Copy of the presentation can be found at Appendix 5.


Introductions – Around the Table Discussion


Nic Thandi – Alzheimer’s Society


·         The Alzheimer’s Society runs dementia support groups across Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland.

·         Offers support information programmes and community programmes and provides support and activity groups.

·         Provides early onset groups, members of the public need to book onto these groups.

·         Set up Dementia Action Alliance which focuses on supporting people with dementia and their carers.

·         Main aim is to prioritise links with GPs, work to engage with other communities, being realistic about utilising communities.


Suzanne Lucas – J&S Day Service


·         J&S Service offers day services for people with dementia, opening on 15th August in South Wigston.

·         Offers support and advice for carers.

·         Focuses on the critical end of dementia.

·         Taking referrals through Adult Social Care or self funded. Can meet 15-20 people per day.


Helen Loydall – Senior Citizen Advice Group


·         Senior Citizen Advice Group provides forums with various speakers regarding dementia, approximately 60 – 70 attend each forum.

·         Sends information via mailing list to residents, 900 residents on register.

·         Organises the annual Young at Heart day.


Sharon Rose – C.C.G. 


·         Clinical Commissioning Group is creating work plans with GPs to work on dementia.

·         Trying to identify patients with dementia, increasing numbers on register diagnosed with dementia.

·         Commissioning services from Leicestershire Partner Trust.

·         Offering Better Care Together – can allocate patients to a social worker.

·         Looking at ways to offer a practical support with difficult patients.

·         Question arises on struggle to contact CCG and a need for information early on without waiting for diagnosis.


Lynn Redfearn – Rethink, Adult Mental Health


·         PCT funded – to look after careers dealing with mental health issues, help to signpost them to receive support.

·         Provides support, caring and coping groups.

·         Trying to prevent admission to hospitals.

·         Provide support groups at Cedar Centre.


Jane Morris – Boulter Crescent Project


·         ADHD & ASD support, planning to set up groups in community flat.

·         Public Health funding Incredible Editable Project – growing vegetables outside Boulter Crescent for tenants.

·         Boulter Crescent available as a venue, free of charge.


Avril Lennox – Health & Leisure O.W.B.C


·         Commission funding drawn down to provide a range of physical activity projects across the borough, including Sportivate programme aimed at young people experiencing mental health concerns. In addition to health walks for dementia patients and physical activities  ...  view the full minutes text for item 12.




Oadby and Wigston Health & Wellbeing Board:


Aim to gather information to create an online information portal for health professionals and members of the public, in order to provide signposting to appropriate local services.


Dates of Future Meetings

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 - Diabetes/Healthy Weight

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 - Substance/Alcohol Misuse

Tuesday, 4 April 2017 - Annual Health Summit to Review Priority Outcomes


The Chair confirmed that each HWBB meeting will have a key focus, with the last meeting in April acting as the O&W Annual Health summit to review outcomes and set future priorities. A core list of Members will attend all meetings, with specialist health professionals invited to selected meetings where they can feed into the HWBB 2016/17 priorities based on their specialist area. 


·         Tuesday 11 October 2016 – Diabetes/Healthy Weight

·         Tuesday 10 January 2017 – Substance/ Alcohol Misuse

·         Tuesday  4 April 2017 – Annual Health Summit

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