Agenda item

Refuse and Recycling - Consultation


Councillor Bill Boulter spoke to this agenda item.


Key points to note are as follows:


The Residents attention was drawn to the circulated Refuse and Recycling consultation forms.


The County Council are responsible for disposing of waste, and the borough / district council are responsible for collecting it. The County Council has the final say on what Districts do with it and where it goes. Oadby & Wigston currently take all recycling back to our depot for sorting ready to sell on the open market: this brings in £200,000/£250,000 per year. On top of that the County Council pay districts for every ton of waste that is diverted from landfill: this is because the County has to pay for waste going to landfill at a current rate of £84 per ton. These recycling credits are worth about £170,000 per year to Oadby & Wigston. We used to get a further £80,000 for recycling garden waste this was cut by County Hall last year. The County Council is to set up a new recycling centre somewhere in the county, and all districts will be told to take their refuse and recycling to that. Future profits from the sale of recyclables will now go to the County Council. This decision by the Conservatives takes almost £500,000 out of Oadby & Wigston’ s £6,000,000 budget and will make our current refuse and recycling operation untenable.


  • By 2020 there will be no Government grant coming to this Authority.


  • The budget will need to be cut by £700k by 2020.


  • The budget cut is set at £700,000 this year; to continue with refuse and recycling change means finding a saving of £700,000. There will be cuts to frontline services.


  • The consultation paper has been circulated to all households in the Borough via Letterbox magazine. A postcode must be included on the consultation form to be valid. A further consultation will follow in the summer.


  • The vehicle fleet will also need to be replaced. This Borough has a 46% recycling rate and placing all recyclables in one container as some authorities are considering would not give good value, because of contamination.


  • Residents are requested to guide the Council on this decision making process. This may lead to Oadby Depot closing.


  • Recycling maybe contracted out of the County.


  • Residents were requested to complete the form and give it to Samuel Ball tonight or send the form off to Customer Services at Bell Street.


  • A Resident questioned what the cost would be if black wheelie bins were introduced. As yet this cost is not known.


  • Residents with large gardens were assured they would not be penalised as this is an authority for collecting not disposing of waste.


  • A Resident wanted to know why County Council were allowed to tell this Borough how to collect and deal with the disposal of .This was because the County Council is the authority with responsibility for this work. They issue the licence for all Borough Councils to collect and dispose of recyclables and waste. County Council basically wants to keep the money that comes from the waste. Borough and District Councils will have to take recycling to sites that the County Council dictates.


  • A Resident noted that on the civic amenity site has reduced hours the Borough will get more fly tipping and it will cost more to clean it up. Councillor Boulter noted the Borough pays out for fly tipping. A week on Tuesday a report is to be received by the Council on fly tipping.


The County does not charge for domestic waste but do for commercial waste being received at a tip.