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Items Raised by Residents and Suggestions for Future Items


Following a concern expressed by a resident that it was difficult to find space on the Council`s notice boards to put up a poster, guidelines were shared with residents on what size of poster can be attached to Council notice boards and for what duration.




Electronically, circulate the written guidelines forplacing and removing posters on the Borough`s notice boards to residents.


Wigston and Oadby Folk Club


Wigston and Oadby Folk Club is seeking funding to support its holiday club. The holiday club includes people who are carers and those using wheelchairs. The Chair suggested the Group contact to explore how best to request funding.

The Chair requested the Group return to the Forum with a presentation as to its purpose and what it does.


Placing of a Drop Kerb by the Wigston Library


A Resident requested the Council install a drop kerb by Wigston Library and organise the removal of leaf fall which is a potential slip hazard on footpaths.


The only slope is by the railings by the Cafe. Councillor Charlesworth made a note of this query.  Councillor Boulter is trying to have drop kerbs installed. The County Council has taken funds away from the budget for drop kerbs.


Council Tips and Garden Waste.


The garden waste tip in Wigston does not charge for waste. Oadby waste is run by the Council. This tip does not charge to receive garden waste such as: garden waste, wood bits. There is a charge for bricks, plaster, rubble and soil at the Oadby tip.


Car Wash by  the Old Royal Oak and Scraptoft Garage


The Council`s Enforcement Officer is addressing residents` concern re the Car Wash  by  the Old Royal Oak and Scraptoft Garage.


Access to View Original Planning papers


A Resident requested the Council allow the public to view original planning documents. The Chair stated the service is to provide paper copies of the originals.


Bell Street Interpretation Board.


The Bell Street Interpretation Board design has been completed.

The interpretation Board takes from four to six weeks for completion. It is to be installed in the new year.


Viewing of Planning Documents.


Planning department original documents are to be made available as a paper copy.


Maromme Square Development


Development is still in progress. A letter is to be circulated with a proposal asking for residents ` comments.


Europa Factory Building Renovation


The Europa factory building previously manufacturing clothing is being renovated. The building is not listed.


Admiral Sport Wear Factory


The Admiral Sport Wear factory building has received planning permission to be turned into flats .The building is now up for auction. There is to be no car parking on site. Parking is accessible in Central Avenue.


Hall Shop


The Hall shop is not to be demolished.


Recycling Green Waste and County Council Funding Withdrawal


The County Council`s decision to withdraw funding will mean the loss of £80,000 a year. Credits are going to be stopped for green and brown recycling. This will mean the loss of £180,000 revenue for the Council by the end of 2017

Options to address how this revenue loss can be mitigated will be shared with Residents.


The Council is not in agreement with County Council cuts. The decision taken on waste recycling revenue savings was a County Council one, not that of this Council.


In 2020 the Council will receive no funding from the Government`s Central Support Grant. This will be the case with all local authorities in the UK. Some business rates will be kept by local councils.


Districts will continue to collect the recycling waste and the County Council will direct as to where it is taken.


Peace Park Coffee Morning


Residents are welcome to attend Peace Park Coffee morning on, Saturday 19 November, 10am till 12.30pm.


CCTV Placed on Notice Boards


Once a month out of date posters/flyers are removed by the Council`s Clean and Green Team. There are no CCTV cameras on notice boards.




A notice is to appear in the Letterbox magazine to clarify the Council`s policy on the placing and removal of flyers/posters on Council Notice Boards.


Defibrillator in Sainsbury Store


Councillor Boulter is progressing the placing of a defibrillator in the Sainsbury store, in Bell Street. Placement requires a building which has long opening hours. A Resident noted Cross Street Church has a defibrillator.

A Resident suggested a map indicating where all Defibrillators in the Borough are located would be helpful. Maps placed on lamp posts showing their location would also be helpful.


Glenfield Hospital Heart Unit Letter Against Closure


A letter on behalf of the Residents was sent to Glenfield Hosptal and NHS England. It states opposition to the closure of the Heart Unit and its transference to Birmingham.


Oadby and Wigston Community Safety Partnership Wellbeing Survey


Currently the Community Safety Partnership is inviting residents opinion on what makes them feel safe, living, working and visiting in the Borough. There is no set deadline for responses. All residents are welcome to make a response in the survey by using the following link.


Wigston Christmas Lights Switch On


Wigston Christmas Lights switch on is: 26th November , 4pm till 7pm, in Bell Street


Carers of People with Dementia Support Group


Carers of People with Dementia Support Group meets at Sainsbury Community Room, In Sainsburys store, Bell street, Wigston, every Monday 6pm-8pm.

Contact: Suzanne Kirk - 07791158410 and Dave Cliffe - 07977015674.