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Chair's Updates


Electronic Notice Board Access


On the question previously raised as to how residents can place a notice on the town`s electronic notice board, the Chair stated; residents need to contact or ring him on 0116 25722706. Mark is the Town`s Business Manager. Charities can place an advert free of charge. Businesses are charged a fee.


Request for a Community Notice board in Bell Street Customer Centre

On the question of a second notice board accessible to residents being placed in the Customer Services Centre in Bell Street, the Chair stated Customer Services is addressing this. A notice board is to be erected which will not be obscured by the shutter.


Sale of the Co-op Building


The Co-op building has now been sold to Edinburgh Woollen Mills. Work is progressing to fill the Lord`s Electrical shop and Heard the butchers..


A resident expressed thanks to the Chair for his continued effort in working to have a post office returned to Wigston.


A Seat for the Pharmacy Bus Shelter


A seat for the bus shelter next to the pharmacy on Station Road is being ordered at the same time as the bus shelter for Oadby. This is to maximise the Council`s finance ordering process.Order of a bin near to Horsewell Lane Bus Shelter


Residents agreed to a bin being placed next to the Horsewell Lane bus shelter. The bin costs £400.


A Defibrillator to be placed in the Sainsbury Store


The Chair is to discuss the placing of a new defibrillator within the Sainsbury store. A defibrillator costs about £1,250.The purchase was agreed by the residents in principle. This is to be discussed at the next Resident Forum meeting. Instructions for use accompany the defibrillator.


Glenfield Hospital Children`s Heart Unit Closure


Glenfield Hospital Children`s Heart Unit is to close. The Chair stated if residents are not in agreement with this they need to make their objections known by requesting the Council write a letter noting their concern. The majority of residents voted by a show of hands for the Council to write a letter on their behalf expressing concern to the closure.


Consultation on the Accommodation Strategy for Older People-2016 to 2026


Leicester County Council is running an electronic consultation on the Accommodation Strategy for Older People -2016 to 2026.Residents were encouraged to view the website and express their view. The deadline for having your say is midnight of Friday 23 September 2016.


Consultation on Highways Planning by Leicester County Council


Leicester County Council is to consult on highways planning until September. There is to be an expected £10million saving in the 2017 budget.


Memorial Service in Memory of Victoria Cross holder William Ewart Boulter


Thursday 14 July at 12 noon sees a short twenty minute memorial service at the bottom of Bell Street. This is in remembrance of William Ewart Boulter who was awarded the Victoria Cross in France in 1916.

A tree is to be planted and an interpretation memorial board erected in his honour. Everyone is welcome to attend the event.


Continued Consultation on Pedestrianisation of Bell Street, Wigston till August 2016


The County Council consultation on Bell Street Pedestrianisation goes on until August 2016.


Residents were encouraged to express their views in the consultation. Full pedestrianisation means cycles cannot be banned from being ridden under County Council rules.


The Bollards have been knocked over. There is only one more bollard in stock. Should this last one be damaged the Council will place a gate at the end of Bell Street which will only be accessible to emergency vehicles and the Farmers` Market.


Marone Square Refurbishment


Residents were asked for their thoughts on the refurbishment of Marone Square. It is proposed to :remove the tall walls which are contributing to anti-social behaviour, create a picnic area with seating, create a space for young children to play on anti vandal proof games such as a hopscotch and add a basketball hoop for older children.£5,000 was suggested as the sum for this refurbishment. Residents agreed to £5,000 being spent on this refurbishment from the Forum fund if the Council could not fund the whole scheme.


Future Town Budget Savings


The Chair noted the Council will need to save at least £860,000 in the 2017 budget. In 2018 the saving will be around £260,000.The Council will consult residents on how much and why.


It was noted that business rates go to the Council but they do not make up for the budget cuts in Government subsidy..


The LED Lighting Programme


The LED lighting programme is going forward shortly. There is still a street light curfew in Oadby and Wigston. The street lighting is controlled by a computerised system which switches the lights on and off, including individual lights.


Concrete lamp posts are to be replaced as part of a separate programme.



Leicestershire County Council Grass Cuts in 2017


Grass cuts are to be reduced to three in 2017.This is a County Council duty to cut Highway verges.