Agenda item

Police Update


PC Andy Collins provided an update to residents concerning the current crime and disorder stats in the Borough. In the last three months burglary dwellings have almost doubled compared to last year. Cllr Haq suggested a seminar or similar be put on for residents regarding target hardening for residential buildings; PC Collins is happy to facilitate this and distribute a number of free packs containing items aimed at deterring burglary.


Theft from motor vehicles (cat converter) has seen 9 reported in the Borough.

ASB – no incidents in October, 2 Nov, 1 Dec. All dealt with by police and partners spoken to.


Theft from Stores – Decreased significantly on previous years.


Drugs related offences – Vehicles – 8 vehicles with cannabis. People – 16 people found with cannabis. This coincides with the Police’s drink drive campaign. A cannabis factory was found on Briar Meads, with 2 further potential factories being investigated. A resident asked for the signs of a building being used as a factory; it was highlighted that blackout blinds being shut all day, bright lights being used at odd hours, and the noise of large fans being used to mitigate the smell of cannabis from within the location. PC Collins noted that he is happy for his email address ( to be circulated to residents for reports of potential cannabis factories to be passed on to him.


Overall Oadby is very healthy from a crime and disorder point of view. Many of the perpetrators are thought to be travelling into the area from Peterborough along the A6, and this is being looked in to.


A resident raised queries regarding deliveries being left on, and stolen from, doorsteps. Advice was given about identifying a safe place or a neighbour where parcels can be left securely, and having a conversation with the delivery driver regarding this.


A Launde Road resident raised concerns with dangerous driving in the area at the Woodfield Road junction, including two lampposts having been brought down by vehicles in the last 5 years. Cars that have been parked on the road in this area overnight have also been struck by motor vehicles at this location, and buildings have also been struck on previous occasion. Police have confirmed they are aware of speeding in this area, with a speeding operation having taken place around the Manor Road extension – 73 tickets were issued over a four and a half hour period in this area in late 2022. The CSP is currently looking at purchasing speed activated signs to support police operations in this area. A resident suggested the installation of speed humps in this area but this would be a matter for the County Council. An additional matter of a parked car causing an obstruction at the corner of Launde Road / Uplands Road was raised which the Police will look into.


A query was raised regarding the use of loud fireworks and how the police enforce this; it was confirmed that the police do not take an active role in this unless they are being used in a dangerous / ASB manner.