Agenda item

Items Raised by Residents


A query was raised around would the Council have a contact centre for the public to visit once Bushloe House closes. The Chair confirmed that a location would be available for pre-booked, face to face appointments with Council Officers, with Wigston Library being a potential venue. This was covered further detail in the Customer Experience Strategy Agenda Item.


The future of Residents’ Forums after the move to Brocks Hill was also questioned, with the Chair confirming that they will continue at an alternate venue within each settlement area.


A query was raised around ‘Warm Hubs’ in the Borough during the Winter months. The Fire Station will be providing one alongside the churches in the Borough. The Kings Centre on Bull Head Street will also be operating one, and there is an ongoing conversation around the use of the Council’s community buildings. Wigston Library is also being considered as a venue by Leicestershire County Council. It is unknown what the demand will be of these Warm Hubs by the public.


The reform of the Residents’ Forums proposed in 2017, and the existence of the mailing list for attendees was raised. It was noted that several officers who have previously facilitated the forums have left the Council, and some corporate knowledge has been lost. The mailing lists for the Forums are being updated, and attendees at tonight’s meeting are able to provide their email address on a signing-in form.


The Bell Street gate has been unlocked for seven weeks to date, with the padlock missing, and various services such as GroupFour and a window cleaner are now accessing Bell Street. This will be raised with the appropriate officers within the Council on the next working day following this meeting. The gate does belong to the Council, but the pedestrianised area of Bell Street falls under the control of Leicestershire County Council.


The Star and Garter pub on Leicester Road has installed a fence along what is thought to be the pavement, limiting pedestrian space when cars are parking against it, signage denotes the area against the fence as ‘Customer Parking Only’. It is unclear if planning permission has been granted for this, and will be raised with the appropriate officers at the Council the next working day following this meeting. Leicestershire County Council Highways will also be alerted to this.


Freer Park has had its tyre swing replaced which has been noted as a positive update.


An attendee noted a ‘near fatal accident’ was avoided outside Water Leys Primary School where a child was nearly struck by a vehicle reversing into the school’s driveway. The pavement outside the school has been measured at 1.25m by the attendee, stating that the path is too narrow for how busy it is at the start and end of the school day, and struggles to accommodate double-pushchairs. It was asked if the road could be made one way. It was noted that this falls under the remit of Leicestershire County Council Highways, and may require cooperation with the school to potentially move their fence line back to accommodate a wider pavement. The County Councillor for the area will also be made aware of this.


Dropped curbs in the same area as noted above appear to be missing at sensible intervals for individuals in wheelchairs, mobility scooters, or with pushchairs to be able to cross the road safely or without significant detour. Leicestershire County Council Highways will be made aware of this to look into. A dropped curb on Repton Road was also raised as a concern for safety, as it has a significant drop compared to the rest of the Highway; this also falls under the remit of Leicestershire County Council Highways.


Concerns were also raised around an individual in the Burleigh Avenue area who regularly parks numerous cars, flatbed vehicles and trailers around the area to the frustration of residents. This has been reported to the Council and other agencies on a number of occasions, but through investigation no action has been able to be taken. Cllr. Loydall noted that reports, with accompanying evidence, need to be made to the relevant authority with the power to take appropriate action which is not always the Borough Council.


Traffic light sequences at the junction of Station Road and Pullman Road, and the congestion they cause, was raised at tonight’s meeting too. It was confirmed by the Chair that this issue has already been reported to Leicestershire County Council Highways for investigation. It was noted by the Chair that as part of the planning application for HMP Fosse Way the traffic lights, and overall traffic, between the site of the prison and Bull Head Street would be looked at, however it has since transpired that this was never actioned. With the planning application for an additional building at the prison site now present at Blaby District Council the opportunity has arisen for this condition to be reviewed, and reinstated.


Air quality / pollution monitoring devices are also present in the Borough, with one currently sited outside the cycle shop on Blaby Road, South Wigston. These are being monitored at present as a means to address ‘Children’s Wheeze’ in young people. None of the levels are currently high enough to warrant an air quality enforcement area.


A question was asked regarding a tree intended for planting to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee which was awarded funding at a previous meeting of this forum; this will be reviewed at the Council meeting on 15 November.


An attendee raised a concern around the condition of Oadby Cemetery, noting that it is “a tip” at present. Some of the issues raised around the absence of footpaths in the cemetery were noted to be linked to the limited space there, and the need to remove some pathways to suit additional burials. It is believed that Oadby Cemetery currently has five years of space left before it is full. Options are being looked at across the Borough regarding cemetery space, with some graves over 100 years old to be reviewed for reinstatement where possible.