Agenda item

Items Raised by Residents


A short presentation was offered to promote the work of Pride of the Borough who, amongst a range of green space maintenance activities across the Borough, look after selected planters in the Borough. Volunteers are always needed to help with this, in addition to work mornings which take place on the third Saturday of every month. More information can be found: Specific funding is available for South Wigston to contribute to the environment of the surrounding area.


A short presentation was M Walters, from Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service. M Walters and his team have been working with partners, such as the Council and Police to improve education regarding fire safety- in particular amongst younger generation. Locally, M Walters identified that there had been a rise of fires during the Summer, but this was to be anticipated due to hotter weather. Education remains of paramount importance.


Residents drew concerns to off-licenses in South Wigston selling alcohol to underage individuals. To this, B Clark-Monks established that the Council has a robust Enforcement Officer who is able to attend to such issues when reported to the Council.


A representative from Wigston Civic Society introduced the Forum to a talk is taking place at this location on Thursday 27th September (at 19.15pm) on Buildings and Architecture in Leicester from Roman Times to the Present; tickets are £5.00 and more information, residents can visit: or email This is taking place at Memphys Hub, which is also where the Greater Wigston Historical Society now have their meetings.


One resident remarked upon the poor quality of the play equipment at William Gunning Park. Cllr Boulter informed the Forum that there is a rolling programme of maintenance of park equipment to deal with issues of the play equipment. If there was to be further housing development near the park, money for that development could also be spent on improving the park. It was noted that outdoor gym equipment is available at Willow Park, should there be anyone interested in using this. All equipment across all parks is checked on a weekly basis.


One resident asked about the lack of cycle lanes and footpaths for those travelling to local schools. Cllr Boulter informed that the construction and maintenance of such paths would be Leicestershire County Council.


Many residents of the Forum agreed that speeding on Gloucester Crescent and Dorset Avenue was dangerous and problematic. Many residents were angered by the persistence of this issue. Cllr Boulter said that speed monitoring equipment had been requested from Leicestershire County Council, using his personal budget. Residents were concerned that action needed to be taken to further deter speeding motorists.

Action: Cllr Boulter to ask Leicestershire County Council for more support to deter speeding motorists, in particular on Gloucester Crescent and Dorset Avenue.

Update: Action completed and Leicestershire County Council to open investigation- yet no guarantee of any subsequent speed deterrent measures.


Residents also asked about speeding and poor quality of footpaths on Norfolk Road in Wigston.


Action: Cllr Boulter to look into speeding and footpaths on Norfolk Road.


The meeting concluded with agreement amongst residents to fund the work of Canal and River Trust and Paddle Plus, as per the earlier presentation.