Agenda item

Items Raised by Residents


One resident enquired about the large plastic bins which have appeared across the Borough and it was suggested that these were a fire risk. It was noted in response that metal bins can get rusty and so there are pros and cons of different materials for bins.


At this stage in the meeting, William Gunning Park was addressed as a site where lots of drug taking is occurring, and lack of police presence was identified as a concern. Cllr Boulter enquired whether any residents were part of Neighbourhood Watch schemes, and said that in the next meeting, the Police’s Neighbourhood Link scheme would be introduced. Potential solutions to the drug taking and littering of paraphernalia, such as lowering the height of bushes so that activities cannot be attempted to be hidden.


Action: Police and ASB staff at Oadby and Wigston Borough Council to be identified about residents’ concerns at William Gunning Park.


It was noted that Police powers to deal with matters, such as E-Scooters was limited, especially when combined with the capacity of the force at the present moment.

One resident addressed loose branches at Fairfield School over the path to the side of the school.


Action: That this would be passed onto Cllr Morris who is a governor at the school.


At this point in the meeting, Cllr Adams introduced residents to the activities happening as part of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. This includes a community picnic at William Gunning Park on the Saturday of the Jubilee weekend. All are welcome. Also as part of the celebrations for the Jubilee, Cllr Boulter said that options for commemorative trees at Blaby Road Park would be explored and updated in the future meetings.


Action: Cllr Boulter to update on plans for commemorative trees at Blaby Road Park.


A question was raised to the Councillors about new properties in the Borough and the direction of growth to which Cllr Boyce responded that a new local plan was being worked on by Oadby and Wigston Borough Council, and that this would be communicated with residents. Currently, there were no major sites being identified in Oadby and Wigston. It was affirmed that local green spaces would not be built upon. Following a further question about the development of the old Arriva bus station, it was stated by Cllr Boyce that there was no final decision on this.


A question was asked about the introduction of parking charges within the Borough. Councillors responded to this by saying that charges and permits were considerably less than other districts, for example in Charnwood where it is a four figure sum. Cllr Boyce informed the forum that footfall in town centres has changed only slightly post-pandemic, and has only changed by 3% since charges were introduced. The Council wishes to increase the dwell time of those visiting the towns, so that when people do visit, they visit for longer.


Here, Cllr Boyce talked through how Council Tax rebates for residents had commenced- some Councils have not even started this process, yet Oadby and Wigston Borough Council has paid out £14,000 at time of meeting. Cllr Boyce also confirmed that Oadby and Wigston were submitting a bid, due 1st August for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund- which is the UK Government’s replacement of EU funding.


Cllr Boulter informed attendees about the Forum of the Senior Citizens Action Group which is for anyone aged over 55 in the borough. They have regular meet ups, talks and trips and anyone interested can contact their local Councillor, who will put them in contact with the organiser, Helen Lloydall.


Cllr Boulter said that there was an air quality monitoring box on Blaby Road, and this informed us that this road is not above the legal limit for air quality. By 2035, the Borough’s carbon footprint has to be reduced to 0. No waste vehicles can presently do this on renewable energy.


A question came from the public about the contrails caused by aircraft over the Borough and whether this impacts on the air quality of the Borough. In response to this, Cllr Boyce said that the Borough is on a flight path for East Midlands Airport in certain conditions, and there isn’t a lot that can be done about this.


A question came from residents about the EV charging at Countesthorpe Car Park. Cllr Boyce said that it is challenging to find suitable locations for EV charging and ensure that they are accessible for those who may not be able to access EV charging elsewhere. It was said that it is hoped that the car park would still be available for relevant community events.


R Levy introduced a volunteering event that was taking place at the Kings Centre in Wigston on 8th June, and all residents are welcome to find out more about volunteering opportunities in the Borough.


It was noted that it would be preferable for the Police to attend future Forums to be able to discuss key Policing issues. Speeding was identified as a key issue, and it was acknowledged that this was a recurring problem across the Borough. It was noted that speed monitoring signs do come at a large cost.


Action: R Levy to secure Police presence at future Forums.


As the meeting drew to a close, one resident thanked the Councillors and Officers for the work they do for the Borough.


The last point raised by a resident was leaves falling onto pavements and the danger this poses. It was said that they do get swept up, yet it is difficult to keep up with this due to changing weather patterns. Danger can be reported to Oadby and Wigston Borough Council via Customer Services.