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Update from Oadby and Wigston Locality Group

Sue Renton, Health & Well Being Team Leader / Senior Social Prescribing Link Worker, Oadby and Wigston PCN / GP Surgeries



Sue Renton, Health and Well Being Team Leader / Senior Social Prescribing Link Worker, Oadby and Wigston PCN / GP Surgeries.


Chair highlighted there was an outstanding action from previous minutes with S Renton regarding home visits on vaccinations.

S Renton responded the action is on-going. It is a current focus for staff and it is being performed with Oadby and Wigston Primary Care Network (PCN).

S Renton introduced herself as Health and Well Being Team Leader and Senior Social Prescribing Link Worker for Oadby and Wigston PCN.

The PCN covers 5 surgeries across borough. Patient population of 45,000. PCN has now got a website. Went live on the 25th April.

Website details:

From a previous Health Summit in 2019, developed a working group to look at health inequalities in Borough. In the past, the group had planned a big event, but it was cancelled due to Covid-19. Despite this, partnership work continued and the enthusiasm of partners enabled the group to progress to a formalised group known as the Oadby and Wigston Integrated Leadership Team (OWLS). Work has included supporting food banks, prescription collections and befriending as a few examples. The aim is to support wellness of individuals and create a healthy community through collaborate working.

Partners include Oadby and Wigston Borough Council, Leicester County Council such as the Local Area Coordinators , Adult Social Care, Helping Hands, Police, Fire Service and more. 

In December 2021, the group developed a business development plan. This includes different working groups and leads. The working groups are as follows:

·        Tackling health inequalities is led by A.Dingley

·        Improving mental health and wellbeing is led by J.Blackett

·        Support and promotion of the Community Energy Champions in Helping Hands is led by L.Gill

·        Access to general practice is led by S.Renton

·        Increase physical activity is led by J.Mackenzie

·        Joint working, referral pathways and shared database is led by N.Swan

·        Increasing the number of Active Practices is led by L.Baginskis.

The working groups report on a quarterly basis.

The OWLS have made great progress. Successes include blue social prescribing programme, first mental health forum, new community energy champion, physical activity opportunities and active practices offering walks alongside their patients.

In summary, the Hub Club is a great example of what we are achieving. It is a clear demonstration of partnership work across sectors. Early stages attendance of 12-15 people. In future dates, there will be health checks, fire service workshops and more.

Chair asked how do we engage with the patients of the surgery that is outside the PCN?

S Renton responded there are two surgeries not part of the PCN; Spectrum Health and Cross County Medical Centre. T Staines is from Cross Counties is in attendance, work closely with them.

Chair raised concerns that Spectrum Health are accepting patients from outside the Borough. Asked is that something we should be concerned of?

S Renton said she cannot comment as not have any information on this. Recommended to contact Spectrum Health direct.