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Physical Activity Commissioning Plan for 2022/23

Andrew Dingley, Community and Wellbeing Manager, Oadby and Wigston Borough Council


Andrew Dingley, Community and Wellbeing Manager, Oadby and Wigston Borough Council.

A Dingley presented an update of the Health and Wellbeing Team’s remit for 22-23.

The framework that the work is delivered against is produced by Active Together, the aim of this is so that all districts deliver a consistent and cohesive approach across Leicestershire.

Sport and physical activity fits into our locality and wider strategic plans in a variety of ways, such as housing, conservation, food poverty and local plans. The Health and Wellbeing team will continue to support wider Public Health programmes such as Weight Management Service, Quit Ready and Pre & Post Natal. We will adopt a flexible response to transformational work and emerging opportunities identified through monitoring, evaluation and a learning culture.

Chair thanked A.Dingley for his presentation. 

Cllr L Kaufman also thanked A.Dingley.  She would like to know the numbers of participants. Cllr L Kaufman also asked whether A.Dingley was working with planning?

ACTION: A.Dingley to send over participant numbers for 21-22.

A Dingley responded that he and a Planning Officer sit on the Active Planning Forums,  a district wide group looking at involving health and wellbeing in planning discussions.  He also stated that feedback is provided on the Local Plan and that every plan that is proposed, the Planning Officer considers the health and wellbeing of the residents with the support of the Health and Wellbeing team.

L Gill commented that on Slide 3, A.Dingley said monitoring and evaluation was a learning culture.  L Gill raised concerns about how we are listening to our residents, questioned how we are adapting our actions to the feedback and voices.

A Dingley responded the team are delivering regular community pop ups, but we understand it is our responsibility to use different community connectors to do the listening for us. For example, A.Dingley mentioned Local Area Coordinators like M Flynn, who has a strong connection with community.

R Levy stated that the residents forums also provide a platform for residents to have a say. The team try to follow ‘you said we did’ framework to provide needs-led programmes.

L Gill agreed that engagement with the ‘gate keepers’ is paramount.  He mentioned that he appreciates the size of team, so would recommend using gate keepers to engage with different communities.

M Flynn agreed valid points raised about community connectors, but we are moving forward as the dialogue is working in the Borough. The Health and Wellbeing team always turn up to conversations, and people are taking ownership in the community now, such as the Mental Health forum. Events are being delivered like the uniform exchange, with every step of these events including members of the community.

L Mugridge highlighted our engagement events give residents an opportunity to voice their concerns and needs.

Cllr L Kaufman stated that hopefully soon, we will return to letterbox for those hard to reach residents.

Chair commented that it is often the same faces at every residents Oadby forum. Need to diversify.

A Dingley responded that the resident forums will be hybrid in future to allow for more to attend.

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