Agenda item

Vaccination Local Update

Jennifer Mackenzie, Community Health Improvement Officer, Oadby and Wigston Borough Council


J Mackenzie provided an update of the vaccination uptake in Oadby and Wigston.

Oadby North and East have the lowest uptake at 76.7 %, and Wigston Harcourt and Little Hill has the highest at 86.2 %. The age group of 25-29 has the lowest uptake at 59.1 % across the Borough. Highest uptake for age is 60+.

After identifying the low vaccination uptake in the area across all age groups. The Community and Wellbeing team and other members of council distributed leaflets and posters to all the business and organisations on South Wigston high street and leaflets drops to houses in the local area. A vaccination site in South Wigston was held in August, hosted at North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College with a total of 571 people vaccinated over the course of 3 days.

The Community and Wellbeing team are also supporting Leicester County Council in hosting the vaccine testing van across Oadby and Wigston. The vans perform on site testing, distribute take home kits and welfare packs. Take up has been positive in Oadby and Wigston. Dates of the vans are detailed in member bulletin.

Ongoing work includes regular pop-ups in public areas focused on Covid-19, testing, vaccines and providing accurate information. The Councils and Active Oadby and Wigston social media channels support a variety of Covid-19 information campaigns. Health and wellbeing, Covid 19 and vaccine information has been distributed in housing blocks and flat communal boards and areas. Covid-19 advice and information is updated in our community newsletters. The Community and Wellbeing team are hosting a Covid-19 and Vaccine information pop-up in Wigston on the 20th October in response to recent letters in the post. Information is also disseminated through Community Health Champion Programme.

Cllr Lily Kaufman asked if the booster vaccination was included in the statistics. – J Mackenzie responded that they do not have the data of the booster vaccines yet.

Cllr Boyce noted that with the vaccination clinic in South Wigston, the statistics do not represent an increase in vaccine uptake and that the Borough has a real problem with vaccination. - J Mackenzie responded that people could come from anywhere for the vaccination clinic in South Wigston. Chair asked regarding the low vaccine uptake in Oadby North and East whether it is the students who are unvaccinated. ACTION: J Mackenzie to confirm uptake for ages. Cllr Boyce suggested that we need to target younger people as the data shows they have low vaccine uptake. Suggested if anything could be with schools in the worst Covid 19 affected wards. S Renton stated the difficulties for setting up a pop up vaccine site including the logistical difficulties. Commended work J Mackenzie did with other partners. S Jagot noted that chemist in Oadby provided vaccines. Chair suggested we contact the chemist and shops in Oadby north and east. Also suggested about the pharmacies in South Wigston and what contribution they may be able to add to vaccine uptake. ACTION: J Mackenzie and S Renton to contact the chemist and shops in Oadby north and east. Cllr Rosemarie mentioned she had received vaccine out of the Borough, was this reflected in our vaccination statics because she lives within Borough. J Mackenzie said it did. S Renton noted that the booster was well received in the Kube.