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Minutes of the Previous Meeting


The minutes of the meeting of the HWBB held on 14th January 2020 to be taken as read, confirmed and signed by the Chair.


There were a number of actions from the last meeting as shown below:


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Action: Cllr Adams to feedback re/ Arriva at the next meeting

This action will be deferred due to current issues with public transport.


Action: Mary Flynn to make contact with CAP to explore options for a bus to take groups of people to Parklands for exercise classes.

Community Action Partnership confirmed they wish to support the community to travel to PLC and indeed confirmed they do provide ad hoc transport for individuals to get to classes at PLC. This matter will be deferred until PLC is up and running.


Action: Explore options for Exercise Referral on prescription –to tie up a transport link to the Parkland’s referral scheme, or have a referral swim scheme/gym session at Wigston Pool & Fitness Centre, or at South Wigston High School in order to keep people in their local community. Kane Radford – to investigate this once the leisure centres are up and running again.


Action: Cllr J Kaufman to confirm what is available at Wigston Pool & Fitness Centre, and report back at the next meeting. Confirmation that this facility has a 25m 6 lane pool and large fitness activity area available both for members and none members. SLM confirmed their aspiration to work with South Wigston High School on facility development. Meetings have been held, however COVID-19 has impacted on progress. Research was carried out on S.W. and demographic collated to aid access to possible funding streams.


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Action: Community Engagement event. Mary Flynn to provide an update after the meeting. Kane Radford to be involved in the working group. Completed


Action: Charlotte Cooper and Jacob Humphries to keep up to date with staffing issues at Homestart Horizon, and support as required with volunteer recruitment. Completed


Other actions –: devise a lung cancer campaign, due to the results from data collected on males living in South Wigston. Develop a Health campaign /Events Engagement plan, via the new events working group, to be actioned in April 2020. Event postponed but Kane Radford to progress the campaign action.


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Action: Debbie Preston First Contact Plus to meet with Avril Lennox to increase the levels of participation of referrals with Oadby and Wigston. Meeting coincided with the start of COVID, virtual meeting to be held.


Action: Charlotte Cooper to update map with additional venues. Work towards

disseminating the document to ensure all gain use of the sites e.g. Website as a resource

(council and Active Oadby and Wigston). Completed


Action: Update on Selective Licencing:


The Council has formally approved the decision to cover the South Wigston Ward through a Selective Licensing scheme.


Due to Covid 19 there has been a delay in receiving and processing application due to the requirement to provide test certificates and the inability of tradespersons to undertake the correct tests. An extended date of 30 Nov has been set for the submission of an application.


The Council currently has 29 applications and is in the process of issuing its first draft licence which will be issued by the 26/6/20. Further information can be found on the council’s website.


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Action: HEALTH IMPROVEMENT TEAM CAMPAIGNS OWBC to promote this via social media. Completed

Supporting documents: