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Environment Working Group


The Chair gave a presentation on the work of the Environment Working Group. This was followed by two presentations on Recycling and Volunteering in the Borough.


The Chair provided a verbal Update. This was supported by a paper outlining details of the Council’s Environment Strategy and Action Plan. This Working Group has 18 priorities for action. These include:


·         Ensuring new Council buildings and Council housing properties are energy efficient.

·         Reducing the overall Council carbon footprint at the main Council offices.

·         Ensuring Council vehicles are energy efficient.

·         Promoting the purchase of new Ultra-Low Emission taxi vehicles.

·         Encouraging sustainable transport, including encouraging schools to take up Sustainable Travel Initiatives.

·         Reducing the use of paper and plastics.

·         Developing a procurement strategy to maximise use of sustainable materials.

·         Raising awareness of initiatives and opportunities to support and encourage a cleaner environment for our residents.

·         Providing educational opportunities relating to the environment and engaging with nature.

·         Formally designating Brocks Hill Country Park as a Local Natural Reserve

·         Managing our parks to protect the countryside, preserve the local landscape and nurture wildlife.

·         Increasing tree planting.

·         Supporting volunteers who are working to improve the environment.


An Oadby and Wigston Borough Environment Working Group has been established. To request to join this Group email:



Circulate the Chair’s Environment Working Group paper notes with the minutes.


Recycling and Waste Presentation


Following on from the Chair’s update on the Environment Working Group, officers Sallie Butt (Leicestershire County Council) and Jayshree Batha (Oadby and Wigston Borough Council) Officers provided an update on what can and cannot be recycled in the Borough. They presented on the revised and expanded list of what can and cannot be recycled. A question was raised on why local schools which produce some £2,000 worth of recycling cannot have it collected by the Local Authority. This waste goes into the general waste and into landfills.


Casepak is currently in the process of producing a video to show how its recycling plant sorts and grades recycled items. Once the video becomes available the Chair will request a copy to show at a future Residents’ Forum meeting.




S Butt stated she will provide feedback to the question raised as to why school recycling is not collected free of charge or its collection encouraged. It was suggested that this avenue of recycling could generate huge revenues for the County Council.




Circulate revised lists on what can and cannot be recycled generally and also over the 2019 festive season.


Volunteering Development


Oadby and Wigston Borough Council’s Marketing and Insight Manager provided the following update on volunteering in the Borough. A volunteering policy and strategy are in development. It will be completed by 2020.


Officers within the Borough Council are to be encouraged to carry out volunteering activities. Residents are to be encouraged to volunteer via the Council’s Citizen`s Panel. There are 1,800 students to be encouraged to take up volunteering opportunities across this Borough.


There is to be development of a scoping study. This study will outline a picture of volunteering in the Borough.


Exposure via Social Media will be provided through the work of the Marketing and Insight Team. It will identify groups offering volunteer opportunities in the Borough.


For more information on the policy and strategy contact:


There are currently 118 people registered on the Local Authority’s Citizens’ Panel. Residents were encouraged to sign up to the Citizens’ Panel if they have not already done so. To sign up to the Citizens’ Panel click on the following link.

Supporting documents: