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Items Raised by Residents


St Wistan’s Church & Graveyard

The churchyard is closed due to a wall having fallen down. The Parochial Church Council needs to decide what to do with the building. The congregation currently meets at All Saints Church. Repairs will amount to some £120,000.

The Church Diocese has the final say on whether to keep it as a place of worship or not. The Chair has met with the Rector and others to discuss what is to happen. Even if the building is repaired it has no toilet or other facilities.


A suggestion was put forward to use the building for community work. Residents will have a say in deciding how the building could be used. The building could be converted to create housing.


The buildings structure is part Norman and part Victorian. It is a grade 2 listed building. Various options for its use are being considered. It will not be demolished. Some of the trees in the graveyard have died.


Bungalow at number 37 Newton Lane, Wigston

The bungalow is in a state of disrepair. It has become an option for compulsory purchase.


Replacing of domestic household bins from the centre of pavements and kerb edges


It was reported that household bins are being left in the middle of pavements and not put back away from the kerbside. It was stated that there was a letter printed in the Leicester Mercury about this issue. This issue has been taken up by the Local Authority’s management. An agreement was said to have been signed by the bin men to put the bins back from the centre of pavements, however some residents expressed the view that this agreement has been broken.


The practice of leaving the household bin right by the edge of the kerb was viewed as dangerous and of great inconvenience to pedestrians and traffic. It was stated that bin men have also been spotted taking single bin bags of rubbish out of dustbins.

Saturday closure of the Customer Services building on Bell Street Wigston

An incident occurred in the Customer Service Centre which saw staff verbally and physically attacked. The Local Authority took the decision to temporarily close the Centre on a Saturday morning for a trial period. Saturdays were also low use periods by residents. The attacker has been apprehended. Other ways are being addressed to provide a service to residents.


Remembrance Services taking place in the Borough

All Saints Church Remembrance Service takes place on: Sunday 10 November 2019 at 10:45am.


Peace Park Remembrance Service takes place at Peace Memorial Park on; Monday 11th November 2019. The service lasts for about 20 minutes. Refreshments will be served.


Age UK Armed Forces Veterans’ Breakfast Event

Age UK is hosting an Armed Forces Veterans breakfast event. This takes place on: Friday 8 November 2019. The venue is Age UK, 50 Paddock Street, Wigston. The event runs from 9:15am until 11:30am.

The Mayor’s Carol Service.

The Carol Service takes place on: Tuesday 26 November 2019 at 6.30pm.The venue is St Peter’s Church, Oadby.