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R Day from Turning Point gave an overview of the organisations work in the Borough, highlighting that there is only 1 venue in Wigston that the service runs from, with all other work for Borough clients taking place at their main office in Eldon Street, Leicester. Turning Point offers a service out of the South Wigston Health Centre but this can only be accessed by clients who are also registered at the GP surgery there.


A session was ran out of the Neighbour Hub Community Flat on Boulter Crescent, but this was moved due to the space not enabling the level of confidentiality expected by Turning Point. It was recommended that Turning Point contact the Wigston surgeries directly around room availability in order to provide a ‘doorstep’ service for Borough clients as traveling to Eldon Street can be cost prohibitive.


Libraries were suggested as another possible venue but these are likely to offer room hire as a revenue generator, putting a barrier in the way of Turning Point offering a service from there.


It was raised by the Partnership that information from the NHS coming in to the Partnership is limited, and that Turning Point is a key link in this information coming through and informing the Partnership’s work. At present the local picture around substance misuse is not clear to the Partnership.


The Partnership heard that alcohol abuse is an issue predominantly in Oadby, and that service users from Wigston are mostly seeking support for cocaine addiction. It was clarified that Turning Point will work with anyone aged 14 – 90.


The current Turning Point contract will run until 2021, where a new service provider may be selected. This new service, regardless of supplier, will be a long term service. It was confirmed that Turning Point would be regularly represented at the Partnership’s meetings whilst they are still responsible for the contract.


The Partnership also heard that health related community safety issues can be put forward at the Borough’s Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB). The HWBB is currently awaiting a report on the major health inequalities in the Borough, with Oadby males likely to live 12 years longer than their Wigston counterparts.


Insp. Cawley stated that Sgt. O’Sullivan would be attending the next HWBB meeting.




A Perry from the OPCC asked to be provided with a copy of the Partnership’s Terms of Reference, and a list of core membership.




The Chair asked that the Borough’s Police Cadets are added on to the agenda for the Partnership’s next meeting to see what support the Partnership can offer them. The Borough’s group is comprised of 40+ young people and require funding to continue with their work, and make continuing valuable contributions to their community.

The main bottleneck for the Cadets is transport costs as their uniform is paid for centrally by the Police.


The availability of the Council’s ‘Community and Youth Grant’ was raised, with the application form being available on the Council’s website. The Cadets should be encouraged to apply for this funding themselves as they meet the funding criteria.




A Lennox to contact Sgt. O’Sullivan with the details of the next HWBB meeting.


M Smith to provide A Perry with the Partnership’s Terms of Reference and core membership.


Insp. Cawley to meet with the E Corns, Volunteers in Police Officer at Leicestershire Police, regarding the Borough’s Police Cadets.


Insp. Cawley to meet with R Gilbert, Finance Officer at Leicestershire Police, regarding Police Cadet funding.