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Items Raised by Residents


Celebration to Mark the End of World War 1


·         Church bells were rung throughout the Borough.

·         A request for celebrating the end of World War 1 by the playing of bagpipes at 6:00am was declined. This was in consideration of the proposed hour for ringing of bells and the potential impact on sleeping residents.

·         This was organised by Bruno Peat from London. He has since emailed to say he is considering playing the bagpipes in commemoration of VE (Victory over Europe) Day in two years’ time.


New Pavilion on Little Hill


·         The first dig for the new building takes place at the end of November 2018. The land conditions meant extra work on the land was required because it was not stable. The Pavilion will be open at the end of May 2019, it will hold up to 150 people.


Trees along the Cemetery Layby


·         The trees have been checked and found safe.


Creation of a new Unitary Authority for Leicestershire


·         The MPs for Leicestershire have collectively stated that in their view, now is not the correct time for this proposal. However, the Leader of the County Council wants to hear the public’s views and is therefore continuing to prepare for a consultation.

·         In the meantime, the Districts have said they will not conduct any further work on the scheme.

·         The Leader at County Hall had stated that OWBC has the highest Council Tax band, but neglected to mention that OWBC does not include any Parishes, therefore there is no Town/Parish Council precept, which is the case in the other Leicestershire authorities.

·         A Sunset Clause is a provision in a Bill that gives it an expiry date once it is passed into law. Sunset clauses are included in legislation when it is felt that Parliament should have the chance to decide on its merits again after a fixed period.

·         The Sunset clause states that if this proposal for a unitary authority is not settled by 29 March 2019 it will die. Further information can be found at

·         The results of a survey held in 2014 showed residents wanted Boroughs and Districts to retain autonomy. A unitary authority might mean; a cut in fortnightly waste collections and the introduction of car parking charges.

·         The Council will be including a survey in Letterbox in early December. Residents were requested to fill it in and return it.





Place the County Council Tax banding, like for like on the Residents Forum agenda for 2019.


Wigston Civic Society


Wigston Civic Society is celebrating its 40th year of existence. Its most recent project is the installation of an ‘Interpretation Board’ that describes the heating elements and the London Houses placed there by Henry Davenport.

Joining enables a person to provide comments on any planning or building issue. Anyone may join the Society, annual membership costs £9.00.


Defibrillator Training - Spring 2019


New training dates on how to access and use a defibrillator will be arranged for Spring 2019. Anyone interested in such workshops should contact the Community Engagement Officer at Oadby and Wigston Borough Council by email: phone 0116 2572468.


Establishing the Outsider Project-Leicester University


Leicester University is carrying out a major piece of research regarding how South Wigston has changed over the past sixty years. This will be compared to another serious study carried out sixty years previously in South Wigston. The research is looking at changes in the demographics, economy, businesses, jobs, education, community and other issues such as the life of the community and faith interventions.


The previous study, now famous all over the world will be used to make comparisons. Communities such as the one on Fairfield Estate and around Bassett Street will be explored. The study will work to leave a legacy of information in the Borough which can support future needs such as supporting funding applications.


For more information about the study contact: Dr Michael Dunning, Lecturer in Sociology, School of Media, Communication and Sociology, University of Leicester. Email:


Christmas Carol Service


The Carol Service organised through Councillor Boulter takes place on 19 December 2018, from 06:30pm until 08:00pm at the Council Offices, Council Chamber, Station Road, Wigston, LE18 2DR.