Agenda item

LCC Update


JH introduced herself to the Partnership, and stated that she would be covering the role of SJ who usually attends these meetings until April 2019. JH then gave the Partnership the update provided below which is included directly from her notes;




The Celebrate Safely campaign launched in September, and resources and a comms pack have been sent to each local authority communications team and community safety team. Presentations around ASB/Halloween/Bonfire Night will be offered to primary schools by the police and a poetry competition is being offered by LFRS to all primary schools to enter. The police have been asked to liaise with Local Authority ASB leads when presentations are booked in their area so partners can attend/link in if they wanted to.


Discussions continue around the possibility of funding a Sentinel Project Officer post. The proposed job description has been agreed by the partners at SOG and has now been passed to the police to decide on the pay scale for the post.


Two further ASB training sessions are planned for 5 and 9 October 2018 for Police and Partners that case manage ASB.




The Integrated Prevent Project for KS3 has been offered to selected city and county schools and inputs delivered over the next three weeks, commencing 17 September 2018, funding for the work has been provided by the OPCC.


The secondary schools in Oadby & Wigston that have requested to receive some of the resources on offer are Beauchamp College and Manor High School.


Two Prevent ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops are scheduled for 30 November and 5 December, an invite will be sent to all District and Borough colleagues with full details in due course. Sean Arbuthnot, Prevent Co-ordinator from the St Philips Centre will be delivering the training, it will be a full day course and delegate attending will receive all relevant training resources to help them deliver future Prevent training sessions within their local area.




The LLR Strategy Statement for Tackling Hate, Hate Action Plans and LLR Hate Communications Strategy were presented to the SOG on 14 September 2018 and the LSCSB on 1 October 2018. The LSCSB asked for some minor amendments to the statement and for it to be subsequently represented at the next board meeting.


National Hate Campaign Week will be taking place on 13-20 October 2018. Partners are currently compiling local activities that will feed into the LLR Hate campaign calendar/planner that will be circulated to all partners, as well as the comms pack. Attendees at the Hate and Prevent Delivery Group will be co-ordinating delivery of work within their Borough.

Domestic Abuse


Living without Abuse (LWA) submitted a successful tender and a new contract for children affected by domestic abuse which will commence on 1 October 2018. The Domestic Abuse Family Recovery Service will address emotional impact of domestic abuse, help families make sense of their experiences, build resilience and aid recovery, and will supportchildren and young people aged 4-19 affected by domestic abuse as secondary victims, and parents/carers of children and young people aged 4-19 accessing the specialist interventions.


The service will provide 12 week, one-to-one interventions with children and young people who have been affected by domestic abuse in their homeand group programmes for parents/carers to maximise the safety, resilience and recovery of children and young people accessing interventions, and support the family’s shared recovery.


The service will offer 48 specialist support hours per week LCC and LWA are working together to clarify single points of contact and confirm referral criteria. A communications update will be provided in October 2018.


The Child on Parent Abuse (COPA) pilotdelivered by FREEVA Jenkins Centre in Leicestershire comes to an end on 30 September 2018. FREEVA will be providing a detailed report which will assist LCC’s Children and Families Service to develop safe and appropriate responses for families at risk from COPA.


Specialist DA/SV training is available to practitioners working across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland as part of the TAN contract delivered by UAVA details of courses available can be found at

Leicestershire County Council have delivered a bid on behalf of LLR and District Partners to the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government to develop local specialist refuge provision for survivors with complex needs and offer support for individuals who are at risk of homelessness or insecure housing as a result of domestic abuse. An update will follow once the results are announced. Included in the projects will be specialist input for district housing partners to support an enhanced response to individuals at risk from domestic abuse.


A report including an update on UAVA went to LSCSB on 1 October 2018.


The Chair thanked JH for her update, but sought additional clarification around the Sentinel Project Officer role that was discussed at SOG; specifically the Chair would like additional detail around the financial implications of the role, and who from the Council was involved in the discussions around the role.




JH to forward the minutes of the SOG where the Sentinel Project Officer role was discussed to MS.