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Minutes of Previous Meeting


ASB Officer Introduction


The Chair raised that the process for reporting ASB on the Council’s website is not clear, and that members of the public had been directed to report ASB via the Community Trigger form found within the Partnership’s page on the website.


TM and MS clarified that the Community Trigger form is not a ‘first port of call’ for reporting ASB to the Council, and that this is made clear on the relevant pages relating to the Community Trigger process on the Council’s website, as well as on the Community Trigger form itself.


MS also noted that an article has been submitted for inclusion in the winter edition of ‘Letterbox’ highlighting the Community Trigger process and its correct usage. Letterbox distribution will begin on 26 November 2018.


Partners also heard that TM is currently updating the ASB related pages found on the Council’s website, and that these are now referenced by the Community Trigger pages on the website in order to avoid confusion over how to report ASB to the Council.


Sentinel Issues Update


The Chair asked for a report to be prepared for the next meeting of the Partnership establishing if value for money with the Sentinel system is currently being achieved; this is in relation to the annual fee the Partnership pays in order for Council officers to have access to the system, and fulfils the Partnership’s governance role relating to the system.


AL noted that since TM had been confirmed in to post the Council’s usage of Sentinel to record cases of ASB reported to it had already increased, surpassing the previous 12 month period. It was clarified that this is not indicative of an increase in ASB in the Borough, but shows better recording practices.




TM and MS to prepare the above requested report on Sentinel usage for December’s meeting of the Partnership.



It was noted that the report from KC on service development referenced in the previous meeting’s UAVA / KIDVA update has not been received by MS as per the action stated.

Partners also heard that the ‘Trauma Teddies’ referenced in the update received at the previous meeting still require a fire safety test before they can be distributed.




WG to conduct a fire safety test on the ‘Trauma Teddies’.


SLF Update

Due to apologies received for this meeting, it was not possible for Partners to receive the stated update on Sport England funding from RL. This will be deferred until December’s meeting.

CSP Publicity


MS stated that, following a request from Partners for articles relating to the Partnership’s work to be included in the winter edition of Letterbox, no articles had been submitted to him. The Celebrate Safely campaign and the Partnership’s annual survey do have articles that will be included in the upcoming edition however. The Chair asked that all Partners be provided with the next Letterbox publication timeline once it is made available.




MS to circulate Letterbox deadlines to Partners once available.


MS to check with Democratic Services that JR and AL are included on the CSP distribution list.


Following the above discussions the minutes of the previous meeting, held on 13 August 2018, were agreed to be a true and accurate record.

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