Agenda item

LCC Update


SP provided the Partnership with the following update:




V3 of Sentinel has now launched. There have been a number of teething issues as expected but if any officers are having issues please raise these directly with Vantage via


Please remind staff that there are training videos on the system, so please ensure issues being raised with Vantage don’t relate to a training matter which may be able to be answered by watching the videos.


The vetting level from the police for use of Sentinel has been agreed at NPPV Level 1 and once written into police policy paperwork, will be passed to all partners to complete for all sentinel users.


Discussion was had at the ASB delivery group and the Senior Officer Group about a Sentinel Project Officer; those at the meeting were in agreement about funding this post again, an email is due to go out to all partners to confirm if they would be happy with this


The updated LLR community trigger policy has been agreed by all partners and information has been provided to all to be added onto each partner website so that the message to victims across LLR is the same.




In partnership with the City Council we have coordinated an integrated prevent project for KS3 which has been offered to selected city and county schools, funding for the work has been provided from the OPCC. The offer includes the Going to Extremes production from Alter Ego, Safe Space which is a peer leadership/training programme for young people and ParentZone which is an organisation that works with professionals, young people and parents to raise awareness of online safety.




The three year Draft LLR Hate Action Plan 2018-21 was discussed at the Hate and Prevent Delivery Group on 16 May. In partnership with the Police it has been agreed that we should devise a shorter smarter plan that identifies two key objectives which is focused on for 2018. This shorter plan will be taken to the next H&P DG meeting in August. All relevant papers for this area of work will then be taken for approval to the LSCSB in September.


The Diversity Workshop Pack has been revised for KS2 and will be circulated later this week, a joint pack with LLR partners has been developed so that there is consistency in our delivery across our sub-region. The pack comes with clear notes to help with the delivery.


Domestic Abuse


A Complex Needs Project Stake holder workshop will be held on 19 June 2018, to share learning from the project, which was funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government. The workshop is being attended by services that are key to the lives of complex survivors including housing, C&FS, police and health colleagues. The project provided holistic support packages for survivors with complex needs, including vulnerable BME survivors and those with mental health and substance misuse needs. Funding ended on 30 April 2018, so partners are exploring how they can maximise the impact of the project and seek a strategic way forward.


Leicestershire County Council are exploring practitioner needs and experiences in relation to Child on Parent Abuse. C&FS are participating in a service wide survey, the results of which will be used to shape Leicestershire County Council’s approach to families at risk from child on parent abuse (COPA). Leicestershire County Council are also feeding into academic research on young children using violence aggression, which is being taken forward by local specialist domestic abuse services.


Leicestershire County Council are currently carrying out pre-procurement activities a children’s domestic abuse service. The new service will go live on 1 October 2018. Further information will be shared with district colleagues later this month. District colleagues have assisted Leicestershire County Council in planning activities.


The Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland MARAC will be reviewed in autumn 2018. Partners will be asked to participate in workshops later this year which will be held to shape the local model.




·      SP to see if the help and support files for Sentinel which are currently stored on Dropbox, and aren’t accessible to many Councils across the County, can be migrated to Google Drive instead as it is readily available across each District and Borough.

·      MS to update the Council’s website with the revised Community Trigger documents and statements.