Agenda item

Charging for the Collection of Garden Waste

Further information can be found on the Council’s website regarding the new Garden Waste Service by clicking on the link.


An update was provided by the Council`s Head of Customer Services & Business Transformation.


Residents were invited to ask questions. The Officer provided the background as to why the charging was introduced.


Communications and publicity has been distributed across the Borough.


From the 1 April 2018 the Council is to charge for garden waste collection. The Officer provided the background as to why the charging was introduced. The Council has decided to charge £35.00 a year for green waste. This is because funding is being reduced from Central Government on a yearly basis. This requires the Council to find additional revenue. In order to generate additional income the Council consulted the residents about their views on the following:


·         Charging for car parking

·         Charging for bin collections

·         Charging for collection of the recyclettes

·         Charging for collection of garden waste

·         Public conveniences and

·         Selling off Brockshill Centre

The result of consultation showed that residents prefer to pay for the collection of garden waste.

The Council looked at what the other Leicestershire Local Authorities are doing and noted the average charge was £35.00.

From 1 April 2018 the garden waste will be collected 12 months a year, fortnightly.

The new bins will have stickers to show the people who have joined the scheme.

The monies for generating garden waste will be substantial. Income from garden waste could reach £500,000 annually. This would mean not making a charge for services such as parking.

On the question raised about helping with payment hardship, the Council is looking at introducing a hardship support scheme.

It was confirmed that garden waste will be collected from 1 April 2018. The cost will be £35.00 a year.

Currently 4,550 households have signed up for this service.

All refuse sites owned by the County Council will remain open.


The Council used to sell our recyclettes but the company who bought them has gone out of business. This is a loss of £700,000 to £899,000. The Council was instructed by the County Council to take our recyclettes to CasePak.

The collections will be made on a fortnightly basis and collection will be made in a single clear plastic sack. No contaminated waste will be taken. A leaflet will state what can and cannot be taken and a sticker placed on the sack as to why it has not been taken, if it is contaminated.

General concern was expressed as to broken glass being placed in the sacks, which residents were informed are extremely strong.

A review will take place on the method of collection. Feedback will be received by the Council in June 2018.

A resident requested white bags are not placed in the gardens where snow fall might cover them.

From 1 April 2018 coloured bags can either be kept or returned to Customer Services, on Bell Street.


Bin collection for general domestic waste was noted to be a separate issue.

Council Members intend to keep the general waste collection on a weekly basis but no decision has been made so far.

A working group is to report to the Council Members in June on the general waste issue.

The residents will be consulted on the outcome before the Council makes a final decision.