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Information about Health & Wellbeing Board

Oadby and Wigston Health & Wellbeing Board


Terms of Reference


1.        Purpose:


To work collectively with health professionals and key partner organisations to reduce health inequalities across Oadby and Wigston, in line with local, regional and national priorities.


2.        Functions:


·         To arrange regular Board meetings and provide an annual Health Summit to bring together wider health professionals and key partners focused on improving local health and wellbeing outcomes.

·         To oversee a set of partnership sub-groups, which focus on addressing the identified health inequalities in Oadby and Wigston.

·         To check and challenge.

·         To regularly review local health data and implement changes in order to improve health outcomes for local residents.

·         To promote information sharing and improve public awareness of key health and wellbeing issues relevant to Oadby and Wigston.

·         To improve communications with local partner organisations.

·         To ensure resources available are targeted appropriately.


3.        Oadby and Wigston Priorities:


To implement the recommendations outlined in the ‘Exploring Health Inequalities’ document in a joint partnership action plan, in order to reduce health inequalities.


4.        Board Membership:


The Health and Wellbeing board will consist of members from Public and Third Sector organisations


Board Membership


·         Chair

·         GP (Primary Care Network)

·         GP (East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG)

·         Council Officer x 2

·         East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG management lead

·         Councillors x 7




Other attendees for the board will include representatives from:

·         Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

·         Local Police

·         Council departments

·         Local Area co coordinators

·         First Contact

·         Public Health

·         Adult Social Care

·         GP Practice Manager

·         Education / School Support

·         LPT – District Nursing

·         Children and Young Families


Additional representatives may be invited to attend at the discretion of the board.



A quorum shall be made of the Chair plus at least one GP representative and one Council Officer representative.


5.        Frequency:


OWBC will host an annual Health Summit on behalf of the Oadby and Wigston Health & Wellbeing Board. In addition, there will be three (quarterly) Board meetings annually.


6.        Reporting / Strategic Fit:


The Board will report to the OWBC Service Delivery Committee twice per year.

The strategic fit is with OWBC Corporate Plan and Priorities / County Health & Wellbeing Strategy.


7.        Budget:


There is no dedicated budget for the Oadby and Wigston Health & Wellbeing Board.


8.        Communication & Partnership Working:


OWBC will maintain an up-to-date contact list of Board members and wider health professionals/organisations. This list will be used to send out relevant communications.


9.        Review of Terms of Reference:


The Terms of Reference will be reviewed as required.