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Note: Application for Premises Licence 


No. Item


Election of Chair

To elect a Chair for the duration of the ensuing hearing only.


Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies for absence from Members to determine the quorum of the hearing in accordance with Rule 7 of Part 4 of the Constitution.


Declarations of Interest

Members are reminded that any declaration of interest should be made having regard to the Members’ Code of Conduct. In particular, Members must make clear the nature of the interest and whether it is 'pecuniary' or ‘non-pecuniary'.



Application for a Premises Licence pdf icon PDF 216 KB

To determine an application for a premises licence in respect of the above.


A number of relevant representations have been received.


A copy of this Notice inviting the applicant and the person(s) who have made relevant representations to attend the hearing has been sent to all such parties.


Procedure at the Hearing


At the beginning of the hearing, the authority shall explain to the parties the procedure which it proposes to follow at the hearing.


A hearing shall take the form of a discussion led by the authority and cross-examination shall not be permitted unless the authority considers that cross-examination is required for it to consider the representations, application or notice (as applicable).


The authority will allow the parties an equal maximum period of time, to be agreed with the parties at the beginning the hearing, in which to exercise their rights set out below.


Documents Attached


The following documents are attached:


1.     Report of the Licensing Enforcement Officer

2.     Appendix 1 - Application for Premises Licence

3.     Appendix 2 - Representation from Environmental Health

4.     Appendix 3 - Representations from Members of the Public

5.     Appendix 4 - Plan of the Premises


Right of Attendance, Assistance and Representation


A party may attend the hearing and may be assisted or represented by any person whether or not that person is legally qualified.


Representations and Supporting Information


At the hearing, a party shall be entitled to:


(a)     give further information in support of their representation, application or notice;

(b)     if given permission by the authority, question any other party; and

(c)      address the authority.


Failure of Parties to Attend the Hearing


If a party has informed the authority that they do not intend to attend or be represented at a hearing, the hearing may proceed in their absence.


If a party who has not so indicated fails to attend or be represented at a hearing the authority may:


(a)     where it considers it to be necessary in the public interest, adjourn the hearing to a specified date; or

(b)     hold the hearing in the party’s absence.


Where the authority holds the hearing in the absence of a party, the authority shall consider at the hearing the application, representations or notice made by that party (as applicable).


Where the authority adjourns the hearing to a specified date, it will notify the parties of the date, time and place to which the hearing has been adjourned.

Additional documents:


Decision Notice and Record of Proceedings pdf icon PDF 175 KB app available
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