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Community Safety Partnership
Monday, 8th April, 2019 2.00 pm

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V Charlton               (Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner)

J Hewitt                  (Leicestershire County Council)

S Johnson               (Leicestershire County Council)

A Lennox MBE          (Oadby & Wigston Borough Council)

T Maccabe              (Oadby & Wigston Borough Council)

R Redford                (Oadby & Wigston Borough Council)



Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 132 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting, held on Monday, 11 February 2019, were declared true and accurate. The following items were highlighted however;


?   Page 1, Item 55: An update on the actions to L Patsalides in relation to her Crimestoppers presentation is still outstanding.

?   Page 2, Item 56: The support letter for the Future High Street Fund application was completed and submitted.

?   Page 5, Item 59: TM and MS will be meeting about the Youth Panel at a later date once more information is available.

?   Page 5, Item 61: The Chair requested a letter be sent to Turning Point regarding their representation at Partnership meetings and JAG meetings.



?   MS to draft a letter to Turning Point, to be approved by the Chair, regarding attendance at Partnership meetings.



Enforcement Workshop Feedback


Oadby & Wigston offered to host the first Enforcement Workshop, designed to encourage the sharing of best practice countywide, on Wednesday, 20 March 2019. This offer was based on the fact that the Council had undertaken several civil injunctions recently, including some not used elsewhere in the county to date. Closure Orders were also covered as part of the workshop.


18 delegates and speakers attended on the day, and feedback has been positive overall. The Chair expressed thanks to Dave Gill, Mike Cawley, Tom Maccabe, and the other speakers for their input on the day.


The only negative expressed is that the Enforcement Workshop was an OPCC initiative, but there was not representation from the OPCC on the day. It was agreed that this would be fed back for future events.



Hate Action Group Update


Over a year ago, funding for the ‘Change Makers’ accredited course was requested from, and approved by, the Partnership. As explained by V Quintyne, this 10 week course would enable the upskilling of community project leaders in the Borough, at no cost to the participants themselves.


Numerous invites have been sent out to more than 30 community groups in the Borough, and as of 31 March 2019 4 people have put their name forward for the course. V Quintyne is hoping for an additional 8 people to sign up to the course from June 2019.


Participants in the course need to be involved with an existing community group or voluntary organisation, and be aged 14 or older to take part. Participants must also be Oadby & Wigston based, or already be working within the area.


V Quintyne then went on to talk about the Hate Action Group chaired by Anita Chavda at Leicestershire County Council. Under the remit of the Hate Action Group, V Quintyne is working on a number of community cohesion projects in the Borough which the above mentioned Change Makers course can link in to.


In 2018 Oadby & Wigston was voted the fifth happiest place to live in the country, and this is being used as an anchor point to engage with different groups in the Borough. This work seeks to raise awareness of hate crimes and incidents, and increase the level of reporting for such incidents in the Borough. The Neighbour Hub on Boulter Crescent, Wigston was held up as a good example of a supporting organisation.


Hate Crime Awareness Week 2019 takes place in October and V Quintyne will be working closely with partner agencies to develop a programme of activities for this week. V Quintyne also spoke about working with the 5 biggest local employers to develop ‘Hate Crime Champions’ in the workplace, with associated performance measures to meet.


Councils across Leicestershire have been asked to aid in the creation of Hate Crime training packages.These would also incorporate elements of PREVENT as a working theme.


The Partnership also heard that Victim Support will potentially operate a hot desk at the Council, and that V Quintyne is currently undertaking a review of the Keep Safe Places operating in the Borough. It appears that some Keep Safe Places have had such a high turnover of staff that they are now not aware that they are listed as one, and additional places are to be sought.




VQ to send MS information on the ‘Change Makers’ course for circulation.


VQ to send MS a copy of the Hate Action Plan for circulation.


VQ to feedback at the next Partnership meeting on Keep Safe Places in the Borough.


Crime and Disorder Considerations in Planning Applications


The purpose of this agenda item is to look at ‘designing out crime’ in new housing developments in the Borough. This can include, but is not limited to, the installation of dedicated lampposts capable of hosting CCTV units as the costs are minimal compared to structurally testing, and converting, an existing column. Many retroactive proposals could be cheaper to implement upfront.


Leicestershire Police, Leicestershire County Council as the Highways Authority, the Borough Council’s Planning Officers and the Developer(s) for a new development proposal have a collective responsibility to consider these issues as part of new development proposals.


S Day highlighted that as part of his role he can make recommendations on planning applications, as well as request on and off site developer contributions for capital projects to mitigate the impact that a new development has on policing infrastructure, provided those requests are in accordance with the relevant Planning Legislation.


E Morgan confirmed that the Borough of Oadby and Wigston New Local Plan will be adopted imminently and therefore the Council’s new policies could not be amended. However, there are currently procedures in place to engage with Leicestershire Police on new planning applications. E Morgan confirmed that he would ensure that the issues and concerns raised as part of this discussion would be passed onto relevant Officers.


All partners present agreed that this was a matter that requires further consideration. .



JR to take the conversation back to relevant meetings at County Hall.


SD to actively recommend the inclusion of lamppost power spurs to developers.


EM to speak to RR regarding a brief report for the Partnership on planning applications.


2018-19 CSP Budget Report


M Smith informed partners that the final 2018-19 OPCC monitoring deadline is 31 May 2019, and requested that in light of this all monitoring updates for October to March, against tactical actions contained in the Partnership’s 2018-19 Delivery Plan, are submitted to him during week commencing Monday, 29 April 2019.


M Smith then confirmed to partners that the Partnership ended financial year 2018-19 with an underspend of £19.65 from the Council’s contribution to its budget. 100% of the OPCC’s contribution to the Partnership’s budget has been spent.


An underspend of £1,647.00 comprised of Home Office funding relating to the delivery of PREVENT training also remains, although this will be carried forward with the same attached criteria for 2019-20.




All Partners to submit their final 2018-19 monitoring returns to MS from week commencing 29 April 2019.


2019-20 Delivery Plan


On Thursday, 4 April 2019 M Smith circulated the first draft copy of the Partnership’s 2019-20 Delivery Plan to partners for review and comment. Some partners have already fed back to M Smith with suggested amendments to the draft plan, but overall feedback to the tactical actions and priorities contained within it is positive.


M Smith requested that partners provided him with any additional comments on the plan by no later than Friday, 26 April in order for a second draft to be prepared, and then circulated to partners for adoption. It was agreed that M Smith would send the draft plan out to partners again with a reminder of the agreed deadline for feedback.




All Partners to provide MS with feedback on the draft plan relevant to their service area by Friday, 26 April.


MS to circulate another copy of the draft plan to All Partners.



2018-19 Community Safety Survey Findings


Completion of the findings report for the 2018-19 Community Safety Survey, intended to be published at the end of March 2019, was delayed due to year end commitments, and additional work on the draft 2019-20 Delivery Plan. M Smith will be able to circulate a completed version of the report by the end of the month.




MS to circulate the completed report to All Partners by the end of April, and make the report publically available.



LFRS Update


Due to LFRS missing a number of recent Partnership meetings, including this one, without sending apologies the Chair requested that a letter be sent to W Gale raising concerns about the regular absence of LFRS as a statutory partner.




MS to draft a letter to WG, to be approved by the Chair, regarding attendance at Partnership meetings.


Police / JAG Update


Insp. Cawley went through the current crime data for Oadby & Wigston with partners. The data shows that;


§  Total Crime in the Borough is up, but this is in line with the national average.


§  Criminal damage in the Borough is consistent with the previous year’s figures.


§  Burglary in the Borough is down, in line with the national average, but has reached ‘baseline’ figures so any meaningful change to burglary figures will likely appear as a ‘spike’ on next year’s reporting. This is due to the amount of work around burglary undertaken in 2018-19, the growth of Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the Borough, and the ongoing distribution of forensic marking kits.


§  Residential Burglary has reduced in the Borough, and has, as per the above, reached ‘baseline’ figures.


§  Possession of Weapons in the Borough remains consistent with last year’s figures, although these figures are related to proactive policing and an increase in searches will increase the figures.


§  Shoplifting in the Borough is down, with the use of the Safeland app, and the roll out of Retail Watch schemes credited with its reduction.


§  Theft from Motor Vehicles is up, although this is mostly due to vehicles being left unlocked by their owners.


§  Theft of Motor Vehicles is also up, although these are small numbers and linked to organised crime.


Partners asked if the wider use of CCTV cameras will impact upon the figures. The response given is that CCTV will deter crime, although mostly in the town centres within the Borough. Convoy data collected through the cameras can assist in investigating the theft of motor vehicles however.


It was also raised that members of the public perceive the lack of street lighting as a factor in crime. It is the opinion of Insp. Cawley that a change to street lighting will only change the type of crime that is occurring as intelligence shows burglaries are not taking place at the times the street lighting is switched off. Street lighting being on serves only to reduce the fear of crime, and there is no evidence that supports the lights being on correlating to a reduction in crime. Where the argument that crime has reduced now the lights have been turned back on in Oadby is utilised, the public should be reminded that a number of different initiatives were put in place at once, and all contributed to crime reducing.


Sentinel Usage


M Smith gave a short update on Sentinel usage in the Borough based upon data sent through to him by T Maccabe in his absence. The Partnership heard that;


§  Since 1 January 2019 the Council has created a total of 27 new reports on Sentinel.


§  The most common disposals issued by the Council in 2019 to date are ‘No Further Action’ (6 cases), Verbal Advice (4 cases), Advice Letters (2 cases), and the implementation of Closure Orders (2 cases). Other disposals have also been utilised under the incremental approach at the discretion of the responsible Officer.


§  The most common types of anti-social behaviour reported to the Council in 2019 to date are ‘Verbal Abuse’, ‘Noisy Neighbours’, ‘Games in Restricted/Inappropriate Areas’, and ‘Taking Drugs’.


Unfortunately in the absence of T Maccabe no additional context to the above was able to be provided. Sentinel usage is now a standing item on the Partnership’s agenda however and T Maccabe will be in attendance at future meetings to provide meaningful updates to partners.


Partners asked if any incidents of hate crime had been reported to the Council to date, and if so, how many. M Smith stated that based on the information made available to him there have been no reports of hate crime made to the Council in 2019.


IMPACT Team Update


Due to apologies received a meaningful update on this agenda item was unable to be provided. J Robertson did note however that an update is available, and will be forwarded on to M Smith for circulation accordingly.


J Robertson also highlighted that Oadby & Wigston already has a really good ‘buy in’ to diversionary activities, and that as a result of this the number of first time entrants to the criminal justice system in the Borough is under half the national average.




JR to forward the IMPACT Team update on to MS for circulation to All Partners.



CCTV / City Watch


M Smith gave the Partnership a short update on the CCTV upgrade process, highlighting that the 5 new units have been installed and powered on, and that Officers from the Wigston Beat Team have already utilised them (with the support of Rapid Vision) as part of an investigation in to a crime in the area.


M Smith confirmed that appropriate CCTV signage and fittings have been ordered, and that a sign will be placed on to every street lighting column earmarked for conversion, as well along any streets where the new units will have line of sight. These have been ordered from Nuneaton Signs, who provided the Neighbourhood Watch and Retail Watch signs already positioned around the Borough, and are intended to be both hardwearing and durable.


M Smith noted that the Council’s IT contractors, Steria, have confirmed that the CCTV software cannot be installed on a corporate machine despite this always being the intention. As a workaround, the laptop agreed for purchase by the Partnership for use by M Smith as part of the 2019-20 Delivery Plan will be used as the Council’s means to access the CCTV units remotely with the accompanying software. This is possible as the laptop will not be classed as a corporate machine, and access to the Council’s systems on it will be via the Citrix web portal.


It was asked if the laptop will be freely available to the Police to access the CCTV units as required, to which it was confirmed that a separate access arrangement and method will be put in place on the Police’s own systems to ensure that access is not restricted. As noted, the laptop will be an asset of the Partnership for use by M Smith.


LCC Update


No update given due to apologies received. Item deferred until the next meeting of the Partnership.




S Mahay provided the Partnership with an update on the KIDVA project as it enters its last month of operation in the Borough. As part of this update is was confirmed that the project had worked with 51 adults, 112 children, and 4 family units.


S Mahay gave thanks to the Partnership for its support of the KIDVA project throughout its duration, and confirmed that WALL are developing a replacement project proposal for schools. This replacement project is likely to be run in partnership with Harborough as the only other Council to have previously funded the KIDVA project.


The replacement project will look at providing a dedicated worker for schools in the Borough, operating a drop in service focusing on early intervention. This is suggested a many of the previous KIDVA referrals were received from schools. The project is based upon a ‘ready to go’ programme prepared for schools that requires a partner to deliver it.


The Chair highlighted that should WALL wish to retain involvement with the Partnership, they would be encouraged and welcomed to do so.


S Mahay also informed the Partnership that this week is National Stalking Week, and that WALL have been granted direct funding from the PCC to fund a Stalking Support Worker. An update on this work was requested.



SM to bring the new project proposal to the CSP Chair and responsible Officer.


SM to provide an update on the Stalking Support Worker post.


MS to seek a joint meeting with relevant CSP members at Harborough regarding the newly proposed project, and potential joint working.


SM to forward any relevant information to MS for circulation to All Partners.


SLF Update


R Lobel and L Pettitt provided the Partnership with an update on the newly named ‘Children & Families Wellbeing Service’ (“CFW Service”) following an extensive restructure that took place in 2018-19. The new service launched on 1 April 2019 and amalgamates four different service areas; Supporting Leicestershire Families (SLF), the Youth Offending Service (YOS), the Children’s Centres programme, and the Information, Support, and Assessment Teams.


Blaby, Oadby, Wigston, and South Wigston now form a single service area, located in the ‘West Side’ of the CFW Service’s county divide. Chris Thomas is the Head of Service for the CFW Service, Carly Turner is the Service Manager for the Youth and Justice roles, and Rebecca Woolock is the Service Manager for the Family roles. Louise Pettitt, Rachel Lobel, and Adrian Bakari will be heading up the services locally.


Rachel Lobel will take on responsibility for the Youth & Justice delivery in Oadby and Wigston, including the IMPACT Team and ASB related work. She will also be responsible for engaging with NEET young people and pre-16 children missing in education.


There will be 7 youth workers within Blaby, Oadby, and Wigston with a crime prevention remit.


The CFW Service will work directly with families, which include young people aged 0-19, intensively around issues in the home such as parenting, domestic abuse, anti-social behaviour, and substance misuse.


The ‘Wigston Magna Children’s Centre’ will now be known as the ‘Wigston Magna Family, Children & Wellbeing Centre’, and will continue to operate. The Bobbin Factory will be closing at the end of the 2019 Summer Term as the lease comes to an end. At present the 1st floor at the Bobbin Factory, originally used as the youth floor, is utilised solely by the college in term time, and can only be booked after 5pm by going through the college itself.


Referral routes in to the service are unchanged, and the existing ‘Request for Services’ form can still be utilised.


The Partnership notes that it is looking forward to the outcomes of the service.




LP to send Children & Family Partnership detailed to MS for circulation to CSP Partners.


LP and RL to have conversations with SJ at LCC to determine appropriate service representation at Borough meetings such as the CSP and JAG.


Any Other Business


Insp Mistry highlighted his current work on County Lines, noting that the Community Safety Agreement and associated toolkits were now available online. Leicestershire Police have prepared two educational videos on the subject, one for professionals and one for the public, as part of the toolkits. Partners were also reminded of the Intelligence Portal available to them to report concerns.


The Partnership also heard that there would be a County Lines Enforcement Week in May 2019. Additional training for partner organisations will be rolled out during this week utilising NPA staff, although it was pointed out by partners present that buy in from schools is increased through the utilisation of the third sector in delivering key messages to students.


Insp Mistry also spoke of work undertaken by Andy Cooper at North West Leicestershire where 95% of all of their taxi drivers have received training around recognising Child Sexual Exploitation. This has been expanded to County Lines training and a reference booklet (developed by C5 Consultancy) for taxi drivers has been proposed; Insp Mistry provided an example of this booklet for partners to review, and M Smith will speak with the Council’ Licensing Team regarding adopting a similar publication in the Borough. A further CSE training package is also being developed.


Insp Mistry is also developing a Closure Order guidance document for Councils and partners.


The Partnership also heard that the OPCC has announced funding for Knife Crime prevention. Partners are keen to see the Partnership bid in to this funding to support actions within the proposed 2019-20 Delivery Plan.




MS to speak with Licensing regarding the CSE/County Lines reference booklet.


MS to find out how many taxi drivers are licenced in the Borough.


MS to speak with VC regarding bidding into the Knife Crime prevention funding.



Dates of Next Meetings


The next meeting of the Partnership will take place on Monday, 10 June 2019. This meeting will be held in the Committee Room at Oadby & Wigston Borough Council at 2pm.