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Community Safety Partnership
Monday, 10th December, 2018 2.00 pm

Venue: Council Offices, Station Road, Wigston. View directions

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An apology for absence was received from Mark Smith (OWBC), Avril Lennox (OWBC), Jo Hewitt (LCC) and Lydia Patsalides (Crimestoppers).


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The minutes of the previous meeting held on 08 October 2018 were agreed to be a true and accurate record.


Crimestoppers Presentation


An apology for absence was received from Lydia Patsalides, therefore the presentation stood deferred to the next meeting in February 2019.


Annual Community Safety Survey


An apology for absence was received from Mark Smith, however a verbal update was provided by the Chair in his absence.


It was confirmed that this year’s survey had gone live on Survey Monkey on 26 November to coincide with the distribution of the winter edition of Letterbox magazine, which contained a printed version of the survey. Responses can be submitted via the detachable Letterbox form, a printable form on the Council’s website, or electronically. Different ‘collectors’ had been set up on Survey Monkey in order to chart which electronic return route proves the most effective, whether that be the Council’s website, Facebook, Twitter or Safeland. Each route has a dedicated Survey Monkey web address that Mark will distribute to partners for promotion. This year’s survey contains the same questions as last year which will have the benefit of enabling a direct comparison of the data collected. This is the first time this has occurred since the inclusion of references to ‘Ward’ rather than ‘Settlement Area’ on the survey.


The survey will remain open until midnight on Thursday 31 January 2019. The results will be made available to the next CSP meeting in February 2019.


It was confirmed that the Council now has a centrally funded Survey Monkey account which means that the original budget allocation included in the CSP Delivery Plan 2018-19 has been freed up for additional projects.


It was confirmed that Leicestershire Police had re-tweeted the link to the survey on its Twitter page. MC suggested that a clearer picture of the major concerns of residents might emerge from the survey data if consideration could be given to making it a more flexible year-round exercise. This was because the survey is currently conducted over similar periods of time each Winter, which only provides data at a snapshot in time and is also likely to reflect particular seasonal issues.


2018-19 Delivery Plan Monitoring Return


It was confirmed that the Delivery Plan Monitoring Return had now been submitted to Liz McDermott at the OPCC which included all data supplied by partners. Unfortunately updates from Leicestershire Police were not received in time for submission; however the document would be resubmitted as and when these updates are received. MC confirmed that this would be urgently progressed.


Sentinel Usage Review


It was confirmed that Sentinel training had been completed by all relevant Council Officers on 21 November 2018, including training for enhanced and admin users of the system. It was expected that this should result in increased usage. Minimum standards for the Council’s use of Sentinel have now been prepared by TM and were awaiting sign off from the Head of Law & Governance. Line managers of Sentinel users are expected to review the effective use of the system as part of the Officer’s bi-monthly 1-2-1 reviews and annual appraisal.


The Sentinel usage figures for the period 01 April to 30 September 2018 were confirmed as follows:


·         22 cases logged by the Council, an increase of 14 from the same period in 2017/18. TM joined OWBC at the end of August 2018.

·         Under investigation = 10

·         Open = 3

·         Submitted for Closure = 9

·         Closed = 0

·         176 cases in total, an increase of 51 for the same period in 2017/18.


The Chair noted that the cost of having access to the Sentinel system was significant, therefore it was pleasing to see its usage being increased.


LFRS Update


There was no representation from LFRS at the meeting, therefore no substantive update was available. MC confirmed that the Police had been working jointly with LFRS on the Celebrate Safely campaign and joint resources had been provided for the recent Halloween and Bonfire Night events in the local area which worked well.




Police / JAG Update


MC distributed a summary of the latest crime figures, which showed that locally crime had increased slightly (in line with the wider local and national picture). Burglaries however had fallen significantly, which was attributed largely to the success of Neighbourhood Watch and Operation Behold. Criminal damage figures are at a similar level to last year, whilst theft from motor vehicles has seen a concerning increase. In particular thieves appeared to be targeting tools, but not all cases were typical breaking-and-entering scenarios, as reviews of CCTV footage often showed owners were simply failing to check that their vehicles were correctly locked. Therefore it was felt that raising awareness and reminding owners to check their vehicles was an important factor in trying to bring this back under control. Shoplifting had also decreased, which showed that retailers working together and sharing information to create a hostile environment for offenders was effective.


MC reported that the demands being placed upon the 101 telephone service are continuing to increase which is creating concerns around capacity. Unlike the private sector where callers acknowledge the likelihood of being placed on hold whilst waiting to speak to somebody, people expect 101 calls to be answered instantly as if they were a 999 call. Therefore channel shift is being actively looked at to try to move more reporting online and relieve some of the pressure on the 101 service. One of the current problems with online reporting across different Police areas is that there is a lack of consistency, but a standardised online reporting tool is now being looked into. There is a concern that if demand on the 101 service begins to exceed capacity, people will lose confidence and crimes will go unreported.


The Chair requested a view on whether the JAG was working effectively. BW confirmed that the meetings are well attended and enable effective face to face conversations to take place, as opposed to an inconsistent flow of emails. The view was that the types of cases being referred were entirely appropriate for the JAG to be dealing with.




CCTV / City Watch


The Highways team at LCC have confirmed a lower cost of £316.06 (+VAT) per lamppost conversion. This lower price enables available underspend from the CROW scheme to be used for fund the conversion of five ‘priority’ lampposts identified by the Council, Police, and LFRS based on community data. The priority locations are:


·         Bull Head Street, Wigston (near Farmfoods)

·         Bell Street, Wigston (near to Age UK)

·         Boulter Crescent, Wigston (near to block 123-126)

·         Wakes Road, Wigston (near North Street)

·         The Parade, Oadby (near Poundstretcher)


Conversion was now anticipated to take place early in the New Year. A growth bid has been submitted within the Council to fund the cost of converting the 43 remaining lampposts to host cameras, as well as to purchase an additional 18 camera brackets. No update has been received as yet from Rapid Vision regarding the firmware issues the cameras were found to have during their build (despite chasing). However, delivery is expected early in the New Year to coincide with the conversion works. LCC have confirmed that the Council can put the work out to tender if it wishes, as long as the work is carried out by an organisation which is a member of the Highway Electrical Association. There is a revised timeline for the works which will see all conversion work completed by the end of February 2019.


Appropriate signage and public notification of CCTV use, including the locations of the converted lampposts will need to be arranged. It is a requirement that the CCTV locations are made available on the Council’s website, but the Council’s Head of Law & Governance has agreed that a list of converted lampposts, with a disclaimer stating the redeployable nature of the CCTV, would fulfil this obligation.


The Chair stated that the Council was also looking at the feasibility of purchasing its own equipment (e.g. cherry picker) to enable the equipment to be moved by OWBC, rather than waiting for County assistance. MC advised that the process for redeploying the cameras needs to be efficient, otherwise there is the risk of a problem having moved elsewhere by the time it has been changed over.  


LCC Update


KC confirmed that the Celebrate Safely campaign is well underway, with 49 school presentations being offered to primary schools by the police across LLR. The Police contacted Local Authority leads when presentations were booked in so partners could attend/link in if they wished.


The Ask for Angela campaign is currently being promoted to tie in with the White Ribbon campaign and the 16 days of action. The press have expressed strong interest in these initiatives, with Sally having been interviewed for BBC Radio Leicester and East Midlands Today. On 04 December the website received 290 hits; as a result, partners are being asked again to make sure that their venues are up-to-date, as some venues contacted for interviews were not aware of the scheme.


On 05 December 2018 a PREVENT ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop took place which Veronika Quintyne from OWBC attended. This was a full day course at which delegates received all relevant training resources to help them deliver future PREVENT training sessions within their local area.


The LLR Strategy Statement for Tackling Hate, Hate Action Plans and LLR Hate Communications Strategy were presented to the SOG on 14September 2018 and the LSCSB on 01 October 2018. The LSCSB had asked for some minor amendments to the statement and for it to be subsequently presented at the next board meeting on 10 December 2018.


Across the Sub-Region from mid-November to end of January 2019 a Darker Nights campaign will be promoted to raise awareness and promote the Keep Safe Places Scheme. A social media toolkit has been developed by LCC’s Communications team and has been issued to all partners. A press release was issued on Black Friday to coincide with High Streets being busier.




There were no representatives from UAVA/KIDVA in attendance at the meeting, therefore no update was available.


SLF Update


A service review is currently being undertaken with a view to the new arrangements being rolled out on 01 April 2019. It is understood that practitioners will be largely protected under the review, but there is an intention to streamline the management side. There will be an East/West split in terms of workflow, with OWBC sitting within the West structure. It is hoped that the new structure can be presented and discussed at the next CSP meeting in February 2019.


A pilot will be taking place in Blaby District focussing on so-called ‘revolving door families’ and producing a multi-agency response.


The Oadby & Wigston team is currently fully staffed, although is working at close to capacity with limited scope to take on additional referrals. A good working relationship has already been established with TM, which is helping to identify which individuals are associating with known ASB offenders. It was also the intention to establish a link with the OWBC staff responsible for the new homeless facility at Belmont House, next to the OWBC’s Station Road offices.


Any Other Business


MS has been in touch with Sheona Urquhart about getting the Council registered with them as an ‘organisation’ following the Police’s effective use of the system. This would allow any user of the app in the Borough to see our posts with a badge next to them, showing its authenticity and adding weight to our messages. This would be particularly useful for severe weather or service disruption notifications in the Borough, as well as emergency planning applications and general publications/releases. 12 months membership costs £90.00 but Sheona has offered the first 12 months for free if we wish to pursue use of the system.


The full Community Trigger process was enacted at the end of October 2018 following a trigger request being made regarding a suspected car sales business taking place at a residential address. Whilst the outcome of the request cannot be publically divulged, MS would like to place on record his thanks to the officers and agencies involved in the process through to completion, enabling a satisfactory outcome and response to be made, especially as this was the first time the CSP has had cause to do so.


The Chair noted that there is no Probation Service representative attending CSP meetings at the current time, and requested that Officers attempt before the next meeting to make contact with an appropriate representative with a view to them attending. MC advised that a representative used to attend the meetings but since a restructure had been carried out this had stopped. It was noted that a Probation representative does regularly attend Charnwood CSP meetings. There was an additional suggestion that it would be beneficial for an education representative to attend the meetings, as they will be familiar with many of the referrals being dealt with, have a strong understanding of behavioural issues and will also know which excluded pupils are particularly at risk of becoming involved in crime and disorder.


The Chair requested that an update be provided to the next meeting on the latest known/emerging threats identified through the National Intelligence Model.


Dates of Next Meeting


The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 11 February 2019 at 2.00pm.