Agenda and minutes

Community Safety Partnership
Monday, 8th October, 2018 2.00 pm

Venue: Council Offices, Station Road, Wigston

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Insp. M Cawley                  (Leicestershire Police)

R Lobel                            (Leicestershire County Council)

S Renton                          (Leicestershire County Council)



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ASB Officer Introduction


The Chair raised that the process for reporting ASB on the Council’s website is not clear, and that members of the public had been directed to report ASB via the Community Trigger form found within the Partnership’s page on the website.


TM and MS clarified that the Community Trigger form is not a ‘first port of call’ for reporting ASB to the Council, and that this is made clear on the relevant pages relating to the Community Trigger process on the Council’s website, as well as on the Community Trigger form itself.


MS also noted that an article has been submitted for inclusion in the winter edition of ‘Letterbox’ highlighting the Community Trigger process and its correct usage. Letterbox distribution will begin on 26 November 2018.


Partners also heard that TM is currently updating the ASB related pages found on the Council’s website, and that these are now referenced by the Community Trigger pages on the website in order to avoid confusion over how to report ASB to the Council.


Sentinel Issues Update


The Chair asked for a report to be prepared for the next meeting of the Partnership establishing if value for money with the Sentinel system is currently being achieved; this is in relation to the annual fee the Partnership pays in order for Council officers to have access to the system, and fulfils the Partnership’s governance role relating to the system.


AL noted that since TM had been confirmed in to post the Council’s usage of Sentinel to record cases of ASB reported to it had already increased, surpassing the previous 12 month period. It was clarified that this is not indicative of an increase in ASB in the Borough, but shows better recording practices.




TM and MS to prepare the above requested report on Sentinel usage for December’s meeting of the Partnership.



It was noted that the report from KC on service development referenced in the previous meeting’s UAVA / KIDVA update has not been received by MS as per the action stated.

Partners also heard that the ‘Trauma Teddies’ referenced in the update received at the previous meeting still require a fire safety test before they can be distributed.




WG to conduct a fire safety test on the ‘Trauma Teddies’.


SLF Update

Due to apologies received for this meeting, it was not possible for Partners to receive the stated update on Sport England funding from RL. This will be deferred until December’s meeting.

CSP Publicity


MS stated that, following a request from Partners for articles relating to the Partnership’s work to be included in the winter edition of Letterbox, no articles had been submitted to him. The Celebrate Safely campaign and the Partnership’s annual survey do have articles that will be included in the upcoming edition however. The Chair asked that all Partners be provided with the next Letterbox publication timeline once it is made available.




MS to circulate Letterbox deadlines to Partners once available.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 29.


2018-19 Delivery Plan Monitoring Return - Mark Smith / All Partners


MS informed the Partnership that the deadline to make the first 6 monthly (1 April – 30 September) monitoring return to the OPCC, believed to be 31 October 2018, has now been confirmed as being 30 November 2018.


MS asked that Partners still get their individual monitoring returns, including case studies where required, for the first 6 month period to him by the end of October. This will provide enough time to collate the updates in to one document, and highlight any additional information that may be required prior to submission to the OPCC.


Following this the Partnership went through each tactical action in the 2018-19 delivery plan highlighting both positive updates and any potential barriers to completion from each. The content of this discussion provided a snapshot of the work undertaken so far, and will be included as much fuller updates in the completed monitoring return. This will be circulated to all Partners for comment prior to submission to the OPCC.




All Partners to submit their monitoring returns for their relevant tactical actions to MS by 31 October 2018.


MS to collate each monitoring return in to one document and circulate it to All Partners for comment.


MS to submit the final monitoring return document to the OPCC by 30 November 2018.


LFRS Update


WG provided an update to Partners around the work of LFRS in the Borough; in it he stated that there were no unexpected spikes in calls to the service over the summer holiday period, although there were a few additional calls to incidents taking place around the canal running along the south of the Borough. It was also mentioned that the number of RTCs the service was being called to respond to along the A6 and the A5199 has reduced.


The Partnership also heard that the redevelopment of the crew accommodation at Wigston fire station has finished, and that crews are now back in the station whilst on shift. There will also be a new recovery vehicle operating out of the station.


Police Update


JR provided the Partnership with a short update on current crime trends in the Borough; this was in lieu of the crime stats document that is usually discussed at this meeting. The headline of the update is that ‘Op Behold’ is currently running in the Borough, focussing on the detection and prevention of burglaries in the area after last year’s spike in incidents. PCs are on proactive duties relating to Op Behold until 4am at present.


Theft from Motor Vehicles continues to be an area of interest in the Borough, with most instances taking place where a vehicle is found to have been left unlocked. PCSOs are focussing on education and target hardening around this.


JR also spoke about the upcoming ‘Celebrate Safely’ campaign, including the joint vehicle that will be operated by Leicestershire Police and Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service. This vehicle will be used mostly around Bonfire Night, and respond to ASB calls relating to the misuse of fireworks etc.


WG added that as part of Celebrate Safely campaign PCSOs will be delivering a presentation to all pupils in years 2 to 6 across the County around safety during the festive period; uptake from schools wishing to receive the presentation has not been great however, despite all head teachers having received the presentation as part of the offer to schools. MS asked if it would be possible for representatives of the CSP to view the presentation at one of the local schools; this will be looked in to once bookings for the local schools are made. The Chair suggested that should uptake from the schools be poor, it may be worth contacting the chair of governors for each school as another route in.


WG also mentioned that the current Celebrate Safely school’s competition, where pupils are asked to write a poem about firework safety, is running. An enquiry was made as to whether it would be possible to see the winner of this competition presented with their prize at the Oadby & Wigston Awards Evening.



JR to chase the monthly crime stats for circulation to Partners.


AL and WG to liaise on possibly incorporating Celebrate Safely at the Oadby & Wigston Awards Evening.


CCTV / City Watch


The Chair extended his congratulations for the Partnership acquiring five new CCTV units that will be delivered to shortly. It was noted however that due to delays on the part of LCC Highways the project plan for the rollout of the renewed CCTV programme is stalled at phase 4.


In August LCC Highways provided a conversion cost of £437.96 + VAT (£525.55) per street light column; this was to action the fitting and testing of the brackets and power points required by the CCTV units. With 48 columns requiring conversion this would cost the Council £21,022.08 + VAT (£25,226.40). It was noted by both the Partnership and Rapid Vision, the company supplying the new units, that this cost is far greater than expected.


MS asked LCC Highways if it would be possible for the price to be lowered if Rapid Vision undertook the testing of the power points as this is included in the contract price, and also asked for revised quotes for two rounds of conversions; one for 28 posts and another for the remaining 20. To date there has been no reply to this request despite chasing by both MS and the Chair. The Chair has now asked the County Councillors for the Borough to intervene to ensure a response is received from LCC Highways, especially as a request for an update to be provided at this meeting by LCC Highways has also gone unanswered.


Given that the Partnership has already paid for the structural testing of these lighting columns, and that each one that passed now has its own timeframe before a retest is required, it is frustrating that at present there is no way of progressing with the scheme until LCC Highways provide a response. It was noted, however, that this seems to be a Countywide issue at present, and that other districts and boroughs are also struggling to get responses from LCC Highways regarding their CCTV systems.


JR also informed the Partnership that the ‘Retail Watch’ launch that took place across the Borough at the end of September went well with lots of social media publicity. Those involved in the launch also found that ‘Safeland’, the community safety information sharing app, already has a significant amount of use by businesses across the Borough.


LCC Update


JH introduced herself to the Partnership, and stated that she would be covering the role of SJ who usually attends these meetings until April 2019. JH then gave the Partnership the update provided below which is included directly from her notes;




The Celebrate Safely campaign launched in September, and resources and a comms pack have been sent to each local authority communications team and community safety team. Presentations around ASB/Halloween/Bonfire Night will be offered to primary schools by the police and a poetry competition is being offered by LFRS to all primary schools to enter. The police have been asked to liaise with Local Authority ASB leads when presentations are booked in their area so partners can attend/link in if they wanted to.


Discussions continue around the possibility of funding a Sentinel Project Officer post. The proposed job description has been agreed by the partners at SOG and has now been passed to the police to decide on the pay scale for the post.


Two further ASB training sessions are planned for 5 and 9 October 2018 for Police and Partners that case manage ASB.




The Integrated Prevent Project for KS3 has been offered to selected city and county schools and inputs delivered over the next three weeks, commencing 17 September 2018, funding for the work has been provided by the OPCC.


The secondary schools in Oadby & Wigston that have requested to receive some of the resources on offer are Beauchamp College and Manor High School.


Two Prevent ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops are scheduled for 30 November and 5 December, an invite will be sent to all District and Borough colleagues with full details in due course. Sean Arbuthnot, Prevent Co-ordinator from the St Philips Centre will be delivering the training, it will be a full day course and delegate attending will receive all relevant training resources to help them deliver future Prevent training sessions within their local area.




The LLR Strategy Statement for Tackling Hate, Hate Action Plans and LLR Hate Communications Strategy were presented to the SOG on 14 September 2018 and the LSCSB on 1 October 2018. The LSCSB asked for some minor amendments to the statement and for it to be subsequently represented at the next board meeting.


National Hate Campaign Week will be taking place on 13-20 October 2018. Partners are currently compiling local activities that will feed into the LLR Hate campaign calendar/planner that will be circulated to all partners, as well as the comms pack. Attendees at the Hate and Prevent Delivery Group will be co-ordinating delivery of work within their Borough.

Domestic Abuse


Living without Abuse (LWA) submitted a successful tender and a new contract for children affected by domestic abuse which will commence on 1 October 2018. The Domestic Abuse Family Recovery Service will address emotional impact of domestic abuse, help families make sense of their experiences, build resilience and aid recovery, and will supportchildren and young people aged 4-19 affected by domestic abuse as secondary victims,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 34.




SM and HS informed Partners that UAVA had secured Journey Away from Domestic Abuse (JADA) funding to add value to the KIDVA project currently funded by the Partnership. This now allows UAVA to offer support around accommodation and nutrition, amongst other areas, to people fleeing or at risk of domestic abuse from pregnancy through to the age of 18 years as a JADA+ project. As part of the project UAVA staff will be able to teach parenting skills to those who are not prepared to parent through a lack of knowledge, or are lacking specific skills, under the Solihull Approach.


Partners also heard that all high risk KIDVA work in the Borough leads on to the JADA+ project. Engagement in the project is voluntary. Non high risk cases in the Borough can be risk assessed and signposted on to other UAVA services accordingly.


The Partnership also became aware of a comms package relating to UAVAs involvement in the refuge bid, raised by JH during her update, being made available to all related parties shortly.


SLF Update


This item was deferred until December’s meeting due to apologies received.


Any Other Business


None raised.


Dates of Next Meetings


The date of the Partnership’s next meeting is Monday, 10 December 2018. This meeting will be held at the Council Offices, Station Road, Wigston at 2.00 pm.