Agenda and minutes

Community Safety Partnership
Monday, 13th August, 2018 2.00 pm

Venue: Council Offices, Station Road, Wigston

Contact: Mark Smith - Email: 

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Insp. M Cawley                  (Leicestershire Police)

S Johnson (nee Penney)      (Leicestershire County Council)


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The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed to be true and accurate.


Crimestoppers Presentation


L Patsalides was due to give a presentation at this meeting, but was unfortunately provided with the wrong date. This presentation will now take place during the Partnership’s meeting on Monday, 8 October 2018.


ASB Officer Introduction


T Maccabe introduced himself to the Partnership as the Council’s new Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Officer. As a former PCSO based at Wigston Police Station he has a good working knowledge of the ASB issues the Borough faces, with his remit being to look at ASB of any type reported to the Council such as parks and premises, etc.


T Maccabe will be working closely with Partnership members as well as with the Council’s Housing and Environmental Health teams, and is likely to have regular attendance at the Partnership’s meetings and the Borough’s Joint Action Group meetings.


The Partnership notes its gratitude that T Maccabe has filled this important role.



LFRS Update


This item was deferred until the Partnership’s next meeting due to a lack of representation.


Police Update


Sgt Reeve gave the Partnership an update on the changes in the crime trends in the Borough since the previous meeting. It was stated that there are no major issues in the Borough, and that crime has increased slightly in line with the national trend. Sgt Reeve also informed the Partnership that ASB in the Borough was down on last year, despite a slight spike taking place during the World Cup.


The Partnership was pleased to hear that the Police already have operations planned to tackle seasonal crime in the Borough, particularly crime linked to the various holidays taking place from October. These operations will tie directly in to the ‘Celebrate Safely’ annual campaign and will include, amongst other approaches, social media messages and school visits.


As part of the Celebrate Safely campaign the Police and LFRS will be looking at operating a joint response vehicle, especially around Halloween and Bonfire Night, to tackle any ASB that may involve the use of fireworks etc. The Partnership will hear an update on this at its next meeting.


The Partnership extended its congratulations to the Police team for their forward thinking approach in relation to the upcoming holiday period.


During this update the Partnership was also informed of an event taking place at the Salvation Army in South Wigston which will be looking at loneliness and isolated populations. This event ties directly into the work of the Local Area Coordinators around the Fairfield Estate. Some of the SelectaDNA kits purchased by the Partnership last financial year, for use between 2017 and 2020, will be distributed at this event.




Sgt Reeve and WG to provide an update on the joint response vehicle at the next meeting.


Sentinel Issues Update


M Smith provided the Partnership with a short update on the user experience of Sentinel following the V3 update; there were some issues identified that have been reported to Vantage, the company responsible for the development of the system, the majority of which have been resolved in a short period of time and do not have a major impact upon the functionality of the system for individual users.


CCTV / City Watch


M Smith was pleased to inform the Partnership that the Borough’s new CCTV units were currently being built by Rapid Vision, and that the purchase order for them had been raised. The Chair expressed his thanks to M Smith for his work on the CCTV upgrade project, stating that the project directly promotes “confidence building for residents”.


Once the new cameras have been received, and fitted in the agreed ‘first locations’, there will be 10 units that can be relocated in response to operational need around the Borough.


To coincide with the new CCTV units, the Police will be officially launching their ‘Retail Watch’ scheme across the Borough, with events taking place on the following dates;


§  Friday, 24 August – Wigston Town Centre,

§  Saturday, 25 August – South Wigston Town Centre, and

§  Sunday, 26 August – Oadby Town Centre


As part of these events the new ‘Retail Watch’ signage will be fitted around the town centres whilst PCSOs speak with members of the public and local businesses.


In addition to the above, the PCSOs will be promoting the ‘Safeland’ app for mobile phones. This is a community notification app that, in the Borough, is connected to the ‘Neighbourhood Link’ system, allowing for organisations such as the Police and the Council to deliver important information and messages directly to users.


LCC Update


The following up was provided by S Johnson (nee Penney) via email:


Anti-Social Behaviour


Vantage have updated the following in relation to the move to V3 of Sentinel;


‘Along with positive and encouraging comments from partners including, ‘the migration went very smoothly’ and ‘really like V3’, and ‘lot faster, especially using chrome’ it seems most partners are pleased with the upgrade.


W/C 04/06 - 30 support calls

W/C 11/06 - 27 support calls

W/C 18/06 - 4 support calls, and

W/C 25/06 - 2 support calls’


Discussions are underway with all Local Authorities across LLR about the possibility of funding a Sentinel Project Officer post. A further update on the progression of this will be provided at the upcoming SOG, LSCSB and ASB Delivery group.


Sally Johnson has now stepped into the role of Community Safety Team Manager, and Jo Hewitt has been successful in her application for the Community Safety Officer post covering Sally. Both posts are secondments until March 2019.




The Integrated Prevent Project for KS3 has been offered to selected city and county schools, funding for the work has been provided from the OPCC. The offer includes the ‘Going to Extremes’ production from Alter Ego, ‘Safe Space’ which is a peer leadership/training programme for young people, and ‘ParentZone’ which is an organisation that works with professionals, young people and parents to raise awareness of online safety.


The secondary schools in Oadby & Wigston that will be receiving some of these resources in autumn term include:


·         Beauchamp College,

·         Wigston Academy, and

·         Manor High School




The three year Draft LLR Hate Action Plan 2018-21 was discussed at the Hate and Prevent Delivery Group on 16th May. In partnership with the Police it has been agreed that we should devise a shorter smarter plan that identifies two key objectives which is focused on for 2018/19. This shorter plan will be taken to the next H&P DG meeting in August. All relevant papers for this area of work will then be taken for approval to SOG and LSCSB in September.


The definition of Hate Incident / Crime and what categories are used for reporting and recording purposes was discussed. After much deliberation the Delivery Group has agreed that a proposal go to the next SOG, LSCSB, Safer Leicester Partnership and the Rutland CSP for the adoption of the Police definition.


The Diversity Workshop Pack has been revised for KS2 has been circulated to all leads across LLR. This pack has been developed in discussion with all partners to ensure that there is consistency in how we delivery our messages in primary schools across our sub-region. The pack comes with clear notes to help with the delivery.


Domestic Abuse


A Complex Needs Project Stake holder workshop was held on 19 June 2018, to share learning from the project, which was funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government. The workshop was attended by services who are key to the lives of complex survivors including housing, C&FS,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 22.




K Corbett and H Shah provided the Partnership with an update on WALL’s work on the UAVA and KIDVA projects between April and July 2018. The Partnership heard that in that time 23 families and children have been supported by the service and that currently there is no waiting list for support.


Referrals in to the UAVA and KIDVA services have increased recently. This has brought about a positive change in how the service is being further developed, including a change in measured outcomes from referrals.


The Partnership also heard that H Shah has undertaken training on the ‘Solihull Approach’ which was described as a “fantastic resource with lots of upskilling”.


A discussion also took place around the Trauma Teddies currently utilised by the Police and LFRS, and how they could also be used with children and families involved in the UAVA and KIDVA services.




KC to provide MS with a report on the service development discussed.


Sgt Reeve and KC to liaise over the collection of Trauma Teddies from Wigston Police Station.


SLF Update


R Lobel provided the Partnership with an update on the results of the Early Help review currently being undertaken by LCC. The update gave indications as to what the likely outcome of the proposed amalgamation of the Supporting Leicestershire Families, Youth Offending Service, Children’s Centre, and Early Help teams across the County will be, and how that could change the services available in the Borough.


A full report on this item, following the formal conclusion of the consultation process, will be made available by LCC and will be included in an update delivered at a future meeting.


R Lobel also gave the Partnership an update on the work of the Supporting Leicestershire Families team within the Borough. To date they have worked with 35 families and 98 individuals, 21 of whom undertook intensive support. There were 14 young people seen through a Youth Support referral pathway. At present there is no waiting list for the service, this is partly due to two new works, Hannah and Dean, joining the local team.


The Partnership also heard, however, that the youth space at the Bobbin Factory in South Wigston will be taken back over by South Leicestershire College during term time for their own use. This will disrupt the daytime courses offered by Supporting Leicestershire Families so new venues are being sought, with the Community Flat on Boulter Crescent being one suggestion.


Relating to the above, the lease for the Supporting Leicestershire Families office space on the top floor of the Bobbin Factory comes to an end on 31 March 2020, and is unlikely to be renewed.


R Lobel also informed the Partnership that Supporting Leicestershire Families parenting programme will be starting again in September, and that a ‘Progress to Work’ event will be taking place on 27 October at Elliott Hall, South Wigston.




RL to update on Sport England funding at the next meeting.


CSP Publicity


Cllr. Loydall raised the point that the Partnership does a lot of good work without celebrating it or the achieved outcomes. To counter this he would like to see partner agencies highlighting their work through the Borough’s Letterbox newsletter more often. M Smith briefly explained the process behind getting articles in to Letterbox with the Partnership.


The Police are interested in putting out their own newsletter too which would be open for partner agencies to get involved with.




MS to provide a copy of the Letterbox article template to the Police.


Any Other Business


M Flynn stated that the ‘People and Places’ multi-agency event she attended at Bennett Way, South Wigston was very successful for a first time event. The “see and solve” approach worked very well, and will be repeated at other areas of the Borough across the financial year.


M Smith informed the Partnership that the OPCC’s first 6 monthly monitoring period closes at the end of September, this means that by the end of October the Partnership will need to submit its first monitoring return of the financial year. The monitoring of progress against the 2018-19 Delivery Plans will form the majority of the agenda for the Partnership’s next meeting, and partners will need to be able to provide progress updates at it covering work undertaken between 1 April and 30 September 2018.




All Partners to bring their first 6 monthly monitoring updates to October’s Partnership meeting.


Cllr. Loydall spoke to the Partnership about the OPCC’s Youth Panel, coordinated by Kirk Masters. The Youth Panel will have associated funded specifically for young people’s projects and it is anticipated that the Districts and Boroughs will be contacted about the scheme shortly. Cllr. Loydall has suggested that this is pre-empted by the Partnership, and that Kirk Masters is invited to attend a future meeting of the Oadby & Wigston Youth Council.


Dates of Next Meetings


Monday, 8 October 2018