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Community Safety Partnership
Monday, 16th April, 2018 2.00 pm

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R Lobel (Leicestershire County Council)

L Patsalides (Crimestoppers)

S Penny (Leicestershire County Council)

P Samuels (Oadby & Wigston Borough Council)


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The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Neighbourhood Watch has been confirmed as not being for District and Borough Councils in its current form, and instead sits at a County level. Leicestershire County Council will not sign the MoU on behalf of the District and Borough Councils, and a new MoU is being drafted.


The remainder of the minutes of the previous meeting were agreed to be true and accurate.


CrimeStoppers Presentation


L Patsalides will be delivering her Crimestoppers presentation to the Partnership at August’s meeting.


Ask for Angela Update


T Aldwinckle provided the Partnership with an overview of the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme’s rollout in the Borough as part of a Countywide initiative.


Ask for Angela originated in Lincolnshire where it was widely and positively received by licenced premises. The scheme allows any of seek the help of the licenced premises’ staff to escape an uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situation by asking for Angela, a code phrase that alerts the staff that the individual needs support which can include the booking of, and escort to, a taxi in order to safely leave the premises. Typically the scheme is heavily promoted around Valentine’s Day where an increased number of first dates are taking place.


17 licenced premises in the Borough have signed up to utilised and promote the Ask for Angela scheme. All feedback from these premises to date has been positive. Details of the scheme, and the premises that have signed up to it, can be found on the Council’s website.


The County ASB Delivery Group is coordinating the full rollout of the scheme across the Districts and Boroughs, and will provide related data following the first monitoring period.




§  TA to send Ask for Angela details to MC to raise awareness of the scheme with local Police.

§  TA to collect additional feedback on the scheme from licenced premises during licensing checks that are being undertaken on 4 May 2018.

§  TA to ensure that the Council’s Licensing Committee has been briefed on the scheme.

§  KL and AL to see if Anne Court is currently representing the Council on the relevant strategy board for the Ask for Angela scheme.


OPCC Monitoring Deadline


At the previous meeting of the Partnership, MS asked for all partners to submit their final 2017/18 monitoring returns to him by Monday, 16 April 2018. Following this meeting the OPCC confirmed that their monitoring submission deadline will be Thursday, 31 May 2018.


MS has now asked, in light of the extended deadline, that all partners submit their final monitoring returns to him by no later than Monday, 30 April 2018.




§  All Partners to prepare and submit their final monitoring returns to MS by 30 April 2018.


Financial Position and 2018/19 Allocation


MS provided partners with a report on the Partnership’s financial position at 2017/18 year end. This report highlighted that the Partnership had a closing budget of -£1,549.07, increased to -£3,198.07 when then Home Office derived ‘Prevent’ monies remaining, which have their own expenditure criteria, were deducted from the final account. The Prevent monies will carry forward for use in 2018/19.


MS noted that there had been an additional £11,016.00 in expenditure against the Partnership’s 2017/18 budget made up of 8 items of expenditure not processed during the 2016/17 financial year, and one historic funding commitment that was not disclosed to him upon the commencement of his duties. A full breakdown of these items, in addition to all items of expenditure against the Partnership’s Tactical Actions within the 2017/18 Delivery Plan, was provided to partners as part of MS’ report.


MS confirmed to the Partnership that the above additional expenditure is extremely unlikely to occur again in the future, and will not be a surprise at year-end 2018/19 as all invoices for the 2017/18 financial year have been resolved prior to the year-end deadline. The historic funding commitment, made to the Boulter Crescent Community Flat, is also to be reviewed prior to the scheduled payment date.


The Partnership’s budget for 2018/19 has been confirmed as totalling £59,529.50 with a breakdown of the various funding streams contributing to this figure provided to partners by MS.




§  KL and MS to discuss the historic funding commitment with the relevant Senior Managers.

§  MS to ensure that the Partnership’s 2017/18 and 2018/19 financial reports are included with the minutes of this meeting.


2018/19 Delivery Plan Creation Event


MS informed the Partnership that now he has received confirmation of the 2018/19 budget, and the associated funding criteria, it’s possible for the Delivery Plan creation event to take place. This event will not see funding allocated against Tactical Actions, but will be used to inform the work that can take place under the Partnership’s seven Strategic Objectives.


Partners confirmed that Tuesday, 8 May is a good date for the event to take place, with the intended venue being Oadby & Wigston Borough Council.




§  MS to check the availability of both the Council Chamber and Committee Room for the planning event, and confirm details with partners.


CCTV / City Watch


MC talked partners through an overview of the planned CCTV camera upgrades, funded through £30,000.00 capital expenditure from the CROW budget. This expenditure allows for the replacement of the existing five domehawk cameras with 4G enabled, digital cameras. The existing cameras will then be utilised as dummy units.


60 streetlamps, having been identified as possible locations for cameras to be situated, were surveyed by LCC Highways to assess their suitability for supporting a camera. 48 sites passed the inspection enabling cameras and brackets to be fitted to them in the near future. Initially 20 sites will be fitted with a bracket for the new cameras. It is expected that the Partnership will fund the fitting of the brackets and power points for the cameras, as well as covering the costs of relocating cameras to new sites when required.


MC also informed partners that Sgt. Lowe is leading on a consultation to adjust the Retail Watch scheme to better suit the Borough. This includes scoping out the cost and practicality of a retail radio scheme, and will be brought to a future Partnership meeting.


The Partnership also heard that Neighbourhood Link is being pushed out across the Borough, including being raised at resident’s forums, and that the number of Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the Borough is growing, with a total of 86 Neighbourhood Watch coordinators listed, 60 of whom are new. Neighbourhood Link is a useful tool to partners, in addition to its intended information sharing purpose, as it can provide more accurate information on user demographics, ensuring equal representation across each area, and act as a civil contingency messaging system. Information can also be shared with the Trygve mobile phone app allowing for themed communications to be delivered directly to users. It was stressed that this service should not be over used in order to not flood users with messages.


It was noted that the Local Area Coordinators are currently building a community database incorporating key contacts for the area, and that the post of LAC for Wigston is being interviewed for this week.




§  KL, AL and MS to meet with Senior Management to request additional funding regarding running costs etc. for the new CCTV cameras.

§  MS to collate all information regarding costings for the new CCTV cameras into one document for reference.

§  CW to send information on the Retail Watch scheme to MC.


ASB Officer Update


It has been confirmed that the ASB Officer will be managed by Dave Gill, and that the post is likely to be advertised by the end of the month.




§  AL to provide an update at the next meeting regarding the post.


LCC Update


Due to apologies received SP provided the following update via email:




Vantage have updated that the number of deduplication records has reduced significantly and is nearing the point where the number of records requiring deduplication should not cause issues after data migration.


Vantage’s target go live date is now 14 May, and is subject to successful data migration, system testing (an email has gone out to managers and test site users in relation to this) and user training being completed.


Three further ASB Incremental Approach training sessions were delivered in March to help ensure any new staff or staff that missed the previous sessions received the training. It has been delivered to all front line police staff as well as ASB case officers in Local Authorities and local housing providers. It has been very well received again and further sessions will be set up in another 6 months.


The Community Trigger process for LLR is being reviewed in light of new Government guidance being produced. A Task and Finish group has met to discuss and agree the work of the review to ensure all Local Authorities and the Police are managing Triggers appropriately and consistently across LLR. Pro-former letters and website information is being produced and will be sent to the ASB delivery group for comment/sign off.




A number of schools across the county have requested and received an overview on WRAP for their Governors. These requests have come forward following an Ofsted inspection within the school. We anticipate these request will continue coming forward in the coming year.


We are working in partnership with City Council to bring together integrated prevent projects for KS3 in selected city and county schools, the funding for this work has been provided from the OPCC. The aim is to get engagement from schools where there have been high risk issues or where prevent referrals have been made. 




Leicestershire County co-ordinated and hosted a workshop on 20 February bringing LLR partners and involvement from a number of voluntary and community based organisations.  Following this workshop a Task and Finish Group is scheduled to meet on the 9 April. This group will have the task of drawing up the LLR Hate Action Plan for 2018-21. The Gaps and Challenges identified from the workshop will be discussed and inform what measures and actions should be taken forward for the next three years. 


Diversity workshops in primary and ASB/Hate workshops in secondary school continue to be delivered across the county. Going forward, a review meeting has been scheduled with key LLR leads and the Police Force lead for young people to join up our approach and to ensure consistency with awareness material that is taken into schools.


An evaluation report was taken to the Senior Officers Group in March outlining county wide input during the Hate Awareness Campaign week 14– 21 October 2017 and progress against the wider work delivered during 2017.


Domestic Abuse


The 2018/19 Domestic abuse and sexual  ...  view the full minutes text for item 79.




SJ and HS spoke about the IDVA and KIDVA services provided in the Borough by Women’s Aid Leicestershire Ltd. 90% of the referrals received by the service come in via the Police, with 413 being received in the last quarter, and 32 from Oadby & Wigston.


KIDVA is managed for 20 hours a week over three days. 27 families from the Borough have been referred to the service over the last financial year, totalling 37 children with an average age of seven. These are predominantly from a South Asian background. Other services deal with self-referrals across all levels of risk but do not provide crisis intervention, usually within 48 hours of a referral being received.


The KIDVA service will only work with high risk cases, or cases with a risk of homicide, or cases with a DASH score of 14 or higher, involving children aged 4-17, and works to protect the non-abusing parent and children.


KIDVA offers 6 one to one sessions after a crisis, and includes multi-agency working, focussing on the voice of the child. There is currently a high demand for the service, and a waiting list. A new project with longer term support is coming, although signposting to appropriate support will continue.


The child will be kept visible throughout any process, and the service links in to Multi-Agency High Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC). It is stressed that KIDVA is only funded by, and operating in, Oadby & Wigston, and Harborough.


It was noted that MARACs are moving from a weekly to a daily basis.


SLF Update


Due to apologies received this item was deferred until June’s meeting.


LFRS Update


Workload in the Borough is currently low which is a positive. Arson around South Wigston has decreased following the demolition work taking place at present.


80 door knocks were undertaken in the Oadby area following a fire related fatality in the area. 50 of these knocks were answered and 20 alarms were fitted as part of the process.


There is currently a spike in RTC issues on the A6, Oadby which a Fatal Four operation is being looked at to address. It was also suggested that vehicle extraction demonstrations are undertaken at local schools and colleges, although this will require funding.


WG mentioned an ongoing issue in the Little Hill area with a persistent caller ringing through for help in lifting an individual who has fallen within the home. There have been 20 calls in 2 months relating to this issue. It was suggested that this case be referred into the JAG for the next meeting. A Lightbulb referral was also suggested.


The Partnership was also informed that this year’s Celebrate Safely campaign will launch on 1 October and run until the new year.




§  WG, MFl, and MC to ensure a JAG and Lightbulb referral for the Little Hill issue is made by the next JAG.


Police Update


As per the National and Force-wide trends, all crime in the Borough is up. It is believed, however, that ASB and Shoplifting are currently underreported.


324 burglaries in the Oadby area were recorded last year, and 332 this year. In response to this increase, and community tensions, Op Behold has been put in place for 2018/19 targeting burglary and incorporating Neighbourhood Watch.


Domestic Violence with Significant Injury reporting has grown from 71 incidents last year to 131; this is believed to directly correlate to better reporting of the crime, and not a spike in incidents.


Any Other Business


VQ requested funding from the Partnership for a ‘Change Makers’ project. Change Makers is a training course for people who are ‘doing things’ in their community, such as the running of the Community Flat. It is a 10 week course that will result in successful participants receiving a level one certificate in supporting community groups.


The training will be offered at no cost to the participants (2 per organisation in the Borough) who need to be aged 17+. The course will run from 10am to 3pm to suit childcare needs of participants, and will be accredited by the Pakistani Youth and Community Association. There will be no travel requirements for the training.


The total cost of the course will be £3,800.00. The Partnership has agreed in principle to fund this training out of the 2018/19 budget, on the proviso that the spaces must be filled before the expenditure is committed.


MFl informed partners that a fun day is taking place at the Salvation Army, South Wigston on Saturday, 16 June.


Dates of Next Meetings


§  Monday, 11 June 2018

§  Monday, 13 August 2018

§  Monday, 8 October 2018


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