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Community Safety Partnership
Monday, 12th February, 2018 2.00 pm

Venue: Council Offices, Station Road, Wigston. View directions

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Apologies for Absence


An apology for absence was received from K Galway (Turning Point), S Glazebrook (Oadby & Wigston Borough Council) and S Penny (Leicestershire County Council).


Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 11 December 2017 pdf icon PDF 77 KB




§   MS to check that CW has provided a copy of the Neighbourhood Watch’s 5 year plan and forward to KL for discussion with Anne Court regarding the MoU.

§   Borough attendance at County level meetings is to be discussed with Anne Court by MC.

§   KL to chase R Newing at Leicestershire County Council regarding the status of the planned lamppost structural testing.

MS to ensure that the relevant invoice request forms for PCC funding are processed.


Mary Flynn Introduction


M Flynn introduced herself as Leicestershire County Council’s new Local Area Coordinator (LAC) for South Wigston.


The idea of the LAC role is to increase community cohesion and build social capital within the named area, with the service having a wide umbrella due to it being a ‘non-commissioned service’. Referrals for support can be made for both individuals and groups requiring varying support, i.e. mental health, and takes a ‘person centred’ approach in connecting them with the relevant services.


Predominantly the LAC role is targeted to support people aged 18+ but will work closely with Supporting Leicestershire Families to ensure work is not duplicated. Onward referrals to services such as UAVA will also take place, alongside joint working if appropriate. The service has no remit but works on a series of aims and principles instead.


An intervention by the LAC is intended to take place at an early stage, before crisis point, in order to reduce demand on existing services, and acts as the “mortar between the bricks” of existing services where individuals may not reach the threshold of support.


MS had provided MF with a copy of the Partnership’s Strategic Plan prior to this meeting, and MF notes that the LAC role fits within the Partnership’s seven strategic objectives at varying levels.


MC asked how referrals can be made in to the LAC service; there is no official form to do this but ‘introductions’ are accepted via email instead. Referrals can also reach the LAC via the First Contact Plus form should the level of support be appropriate.


MF confirmed that Leicestershire County Council is looking to recruit a LAC for the Wigston area too. Oadby is not on the radar for a LAC as yet.


MF can be contacted via




§  MC to arrange for the South Wigston beat team to contact MF.

§  KL to meet with MF and her management regarding LAC involvement in the 2018/19 delivery plans.

§  MS to ensure MF is invited to the next Health and Wellbeing Board.

§  MS to ensure MF is added to the CSP mailing list.

§  MS to arrange an introduction for MF with the Council’s Housing Officers.

MS to make early enquires about the possibility of MF being able to work out of Station Road upon closure of Bassett Street Community Hub.


OPCC Monitoring Deadline


MS informed the Partnership that he believes the deadline for the final 2017/18 monitoring return to be made to the OPCC to be Friday 27 April 2018. To that end he has asked all partners to ensure that their monitoring submissions reach him by no later than Monday 16 April 2018 to allow him to collate the updates on to the monitoring document.




All Partners to prepare and submit their final monitoring updates to MS by 16 April 2018.


Financial Position


MS informed the Partnership that as of the meeting date £13,687.89 remains allocated but unspent in the budget. He is confident that this will be spent by the end of the financial year with minimal carry forward from the OPCC’s monies.


MS confirmed that a full breakdown of expenditure would be provided to Full Council at the end of the financial year.


KL spoke about how, due to the contract with the OPCC, the Partnership’s funding works on a 6 month delay leaving the Council running at a deficit. KL discussed this with the Council’s 151 officer who has suggested allocating £50,000 of the Council’s reserves to cover the Partnership’s budget in future until receipt of the OPCC funding. This would be a legal fall-back position although the likelihood of the OPCC not releasing the funding is rare.



CSP Reporting Structure


MS explained that prior to this meeting, but after the agenda had been agreed, a draft of a proposed change to the reporting structure of the Community Safety Partnership had been discussed. This structure sought to streamline the delivery and monitoring of CSP commissioned projects, as well as allowing for greater input from partners on high risk cases presented at the JAG meetings.


Additional changes were proposed to the draft structure which necessitated a meeting with strategic management, including Lord Willy Bach, to take place before the proposed changes can be fully presented to the Partnership. As this meeting will take place prior to the next meeting, this item will be returned to the agenda for it.


CCTV / City Watch


MC gave a short update highlighting that progress on the CCTV upgrade is now dependant on the results of the structural testing being undertaken on the identified lampposts. Once the results of this testing are known, planning around the purchase and rollout of the cameras can take place.


MC also noted that City Watch is likely to undergo a complete overhaul in the near future.


LCC Update


R Basra presented the following update to the Partnership in S Penney’s absence:




The de-duplication of records on Sentinel is nearly complete and Vantage have suggested a target go-live date for V3 of 1 April 2018. This will be subject to completing tasks including the de-duplication work, partner interface updates, data migrations etc. Partners will be kept up to date on progress as it happens.


Three further ASB Incremental Approach training sessions have been planned for 13, 16 and 29 March 2018 to help ensure any new staff or staff that missed the previous sessions receive the training. An email has been sent to invite colleagues to book on; it would be great to have OWBC representation this time around.


After agreement by all LAs at the ASB Delivery Group, the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign is being launched in each area across the county with an aim to do an official county wide launch for Valentine’s Day 2018.


This campaign is intended to support individuals on dates in local pubs and clubs if they feel unsafe or the person they met isn’t who they said they were etc. The idea is they go to the bar and ‘ask for Angela’, and the staff will be trained to know that the person may be at risk and would take them to a safe place and ask if they would like a friend/taxi calling. Where relevant/requested, the venue may ask the other person to leave the premises. The scheme has already launched successfully in Melton.




§   MS to coordinate the attendance of OWBC staff, particularly the Housing Officers, at the Incremental Approach training sessions.

§   MS to invite P Samuels to a future meeting to update the Partnership on the Borough’s involvement in the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign.




The LLC Prevent post has now come to an end but Anita Chavda will be supporting with the management of any relevant work on behalf of the team moving forwards.


We are in the process of trying to arrange some more WRAP train the trainer sessions for partners in LAs.




An evaluation report is due to be drawn up for the 2017 Hate Awareness Campaign and will require input from all LLR partners and will be circulated once completed.


A workshop has been planned for 20 February with all partners to draw out key objectives and actions for the LLR hate Action Plan 2018-20.  Key voluntary sector agencies will be invited to help statutory partners focus on objective and actions, especially those linked to community cohesion/ community tension.


Domestic Abuse


You can find all of the new campaign materials online at This includes posters, web banners, and digital images for screens inside council offices etc.


The LWA service for children affected by domestic abuse has been extended to September 2018, with hours increasing from 42 to 56 per week from 1 November 2018.


This service provides recovery activities for children aged 5-19 who have been affected by domestic  ...  view the full minutes text for item 63.




This item was deferred due to non-attendance from a UAVA representative.


The update around UAVA in Item 8 prompted queries among partners as to whether the CSP commissioned KIDVA service is a duplication of other, existing services in the County which Borough residents are able to access. At present only OWBC and Harborough DC fund a KIDVA service for their localities.


Partners noted that KIDVA provides a service which deals with an immediate crisis which other available services do not. It was noted, however, that there has not been an update on the KIDVA service in the Borough made available to the Partnership for some time which makes justifying its funding allocation difficult.


It was also noted that the Borough needs to be better represented at County level decision making meetings, including those that look at DV/DA services for young people, to ensure that the Partnership is kept up to date with the wider picture.




MS to draft a letter on KL’s behalf regarding attendance at CSP and JAG meetings.


SLF Update


RL provided the Partnership with an update on the Early Help service review that is currently taking place, and circulated the accompanying consultation document to partners. The consultation is open until 22 April 2018.


It is key that Borough voices, both public and professional, are heard as part of the consultation process. The consultation, and accompanying documents, can be accessed via


As part of the proposals include reducing the number of buildings from 40 to 15, it was raised that the position of the South Wigston Children’s Centre, located in the Bobbin Factory, will need to be carefully considered due to the existing contract between OWBC, LCC and South Leicestershire College governing the use of the building.




§  RL to clarify the position of the South Wigston Children’s Centre regarding the Bobbin Factory contract.

§  RL to provide MS with the most recent SLF service report for circulation to partners.


LFRS Update


This item was deferred to the meeting taking place on Monday 16 April 2018 due to non-attendance.


Police Update


MC provided partners with an overview of crime trends in the Borough since the last Partnership meeting. This overview showed;


§   Crime is up across the board,

§   The spike in Burglaries in Oadby has not continued, and had prompted a good response,

§   Shoplifting has remained static, although this may be a lack of reporting,

§   There has been a spike in Theft from Motor Vehicles, and Vehicle Interference reports have increased in the Oadby area,

§   Theft of Motor Vehicles remains static, and in small numbers, although this is potentially linked to the Oadby burglary spike, and

§   Anti-Social Behaviour is decreasing, although this may also be down to a lack of reporting.

MC also spoke about the recording of anti-social behaviour cases on Sentinel, highlighting that whilst the neighbourhood policing team have recorded 300+ cases on Sentinel during 2017/18 to date, OWBC has recorded only 16. It’s a statutory requirement to record reports of anti-social behaviour which, if it is not occurring on Sentinel, requires a demonstration of where it is being recorded by Council staff, and how many cases are currently sitting in this alternate recording method.




MC to discuss Sentinel and anti-social behaviour recording with Anne Court.


Any Other Business


The 2018/19 priority setting meeting is intended to take place in mid-March 2018, with a view to refreshing the Partnership’s delivery plans under the 2017-2020 strategic plan.




§  MS to circulate some suitable priority setting meeting dates to partners.

MS to draft a report covering the 165 responses to the Partnership’s 2017/18 annual survey.


Dates of Next Meetings


·         Monday 16 April 2018.