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Community Safety Partnership
Monday, 11th December, 2017 1.30 pm

Venue: Council Offices, Station Road, Wigston. View directions

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Apologies for Absence


W Gale                             (Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service)

S Glazebrook           (Oadby & Wigston Borough Council)

R Lobel                   (Leicestershire County Council)

S Penny                  (Leicestershire County Council)


Neighbourhood Watch


The Neighbourhood Watch executive committee reformed a year ago, and since then lots of changes have been coming through to the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. The committee now wants to see knowledge of Neighbourhood Watch spread across the County; and to see the scheme renewed from its current form.


South Leicestershire Police are now encouraging residents to sign up to the ‘Neighbourhood Link’ database that will connect them with the wider Neighbourhood Watch network. At present however there is no formal two-way process or conversation between the Police and Neighbourhood Watch.


The Partnership heard that there are several unofficial Neighbourhood Watch WhatsApp groups in existence, including in the Borough, but these are viewed as a closed link as information is not passed back to the official scheme.


The scheme in the Borough is a pilot for reviewing and renewing the older Neighbourhood Watch schemes in existence, and forms part of a phased redevelopment of the countywide Neighbourhood Watch scheme. It is anticipated that the recent spike in burglaries in the Oadby area will contribute to an increase in households registering with Neighbourhood Watch.


New signage has been developed for display around Neighbourhood Watch areas, including SelectaMark, Neighbourhood Watch, and ‘Oadby & Wigston Lookouts’ signage.


Neighbourhood Watch are currently circling a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which would commit to having a member of the Partnership sitting on the strategic board for the Neighbourhood Watch scheme; this is viewed as unnecessary and a caveat removing this requirement from Partnerships across the County will need to be incorporated. A representative of the Borough’s Neighbourhood Watch scheme will attend Partnership meetings however; this is expected to be Richard Clarke in the interim until a representative for the local schemes is identified.


Additional funding for Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the Borough may be made available through the Partnership’s budget in the future.


At present lots of ‘silo working’ has been identified within the existing Neighbourhood Watch schemes; the renewal of these schemes will see best practice shared across the County.


*ACTIONS*:CW to send KL a copy of the Neighbourhood Watch’s 5 year plan. KL to discuss the MoU with Anne Court for approval.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 16 October 2017




The minutes of the meeting held on Monday, 16 October 2017 be taken as read and confirmed.


Financial Position


MS informed the Partnership that just 10 minutes before the start of this meeting he had received confirmation from the OPCC that the monitoring submission made to them, covering the first 6 months of the Partnership’s work in 2017-18, had been approved, and that in light of this the budget provided by the OPCC for the work can now be drawn down.


MS then provided the Partnership with an overview of its current financial position; specifically the contingency funding allocated within the 2017-18 Delivery Plan. MS noted that since the SelectaDNA expenditure had been approved, there was only £254.73 remaining in the contingency budget. This would rise to £1,258.53 once the VAT on the SelectaDNA expenditure was reclaimed.


The Partnership then heard from MS a proposal to free up additional funding from within the Delivery Plan allocations to support existing tactical actions, as well as provide additional contingency funding. Specifically this would make use of the £7,000.00 allocated to tactical action 2.7 (Legal Stage Contingency Fund) which has remained unutilised since its allocation in April 2017.


It was suggested that at least £1,000.00 of this funding, if approved, could also be used to purchase personal alarms and other personal/property safety items to build up a stock of items for the next three years. This expenditure would fall in line with the approved expenditure on the SelectaDNA kits which will also last three years.


The Partnership approved the above proposal by MS.


*ACTIONS*: MS to make arrangements to draw down the Partnership’s funding allocation from the OPCC.


CCTV / City Watch


MC gave an overview to RN of the Partnership’s current plan around the renewal of the redeployable CCTV cameras in the Borough; this included the Partnership’s desire to see 35-40 lampposts in areas of interest fitted with brackets in advance of camera deployment, drastically increasing the speed at which a camera can be relocated.


RN explained to the Partnership how any lamppost earmarked for a camera bracket will need to be structurally tested; this is to ensure that any additional items added to the lamppost can be adequately supported and won’t cause the lamppost to collapse. Lampposts that pass a structural test will receive a guarantee period of between 12 months and three years depending upon the findings; any that fail will be replaced by Leicestershire County Council as the highways authority.


RN also noted that where a lamppost identified as a potential camera host is not structurally suitable, it may be possible for the Partnership, or OWBC, to purchase a purpose built column on which to situate the camera. There may be funding available through Leicestershire County Council to part fund this approach as a failed lamppost would still require replacement. Replacing a lamppost costs approximately £1,000.00 to £2,000.00.


Leicestershire County Council subcontract all structural testing of lampposts, with 30-40 lampposts being able to be tested per day at roughly £40.00 each. It would cost around £1,600.00 for all lampposts identified as potential camera hosts to be tested; it was agreed that the Partnership would cover this cost if all identified lampposts could be tested in the same day, with a phased deployment then devised for the fitting of camera brackets then developed from the findings of the structural testing. Leicestershire County Council’s existing lamppost testing plan starts in late January, early February 2018 and it is hoped that the identified lampposts within the Borough can be incorporated into this.


RN stressed that it is critical that the weight and the dimensions of the redeployable cameras, and their brackets, is known as part of the lamppost testing to ensure that the given guarantees are accurate. RN also noted that OWBC would be responsible for costs associated with the power consumption of the cameras from the lampposts, and that this arrangement would need to be made with the relevant power supplier.


*ACTIONS*:RN and MC to coordinate on the structural testing of the identified lampposts.


Anti-Social Behaviour Officer Recruitment


SG provided the Partnership with a brief update via email stating that he has submitted a report to OWBC senior management for approval of the ASB Officer post following the identification of funding to support the position.


A job description and person specification now need to be finalised for the post, and it will be required to go through a job evaluation process.


Subject to approval from senior management, it is hoped that the post will be advertised shortly after Christmas 2017.


JAG Update


MC provided a short update on the Oadby & Wigston JAG where no issues were identified in the process.


MC also informed the Partnership that MS has now been granted administration rights for the Council’s access to Sentinel, and will now be the first port of call for issues around access to the system.


A review on access to Sentinel is currently being undertaken across Leicestershire.


LCC Update


SP provided the following update to the Partnership via email due to apologies received;




The de-duplication of records on Sentinel has begun and is nearly complete, as of 8 December 2017 the outstanding cases are as follows;


Leicestershire County Council                   0

Blaby                                         45

Charnwood                                 3

Harborough                                0

Hinckley & Bosworth                    0

Melton                                       32

North West Leicestershire              0

Oadby & Wigston                        112

Leicester City                              218

Rutland                                      0

Police                                        875


Conversations are now being had with Vantage about the move to V3 in the New Year but the next steps cannot be taken until all of the de-duplication work is complete.


Two further ASB training sessions have been planned for 13 and 29 March 2018. An email will be sent to partners to invite them to book in the New Year.


After agreement by all LAs at the ASB Delivery Group, the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign is being launched in each area across the county with an aim to do an official county wide launch around Valentine’s Day 2018.


This campaign is intended to support individuals on dates in local pubs and clubs if they feel unsafe or the person they met isn’t who they said they were etc. The idea is they go to the bar and ask for Angela, and the staff will be trained to know that the person may be at risk and would take them to a safe place and ask if they would like a friend/taxi calling. Where relevant/requested, the venue may ask the other person to leave the premises. The scheme has already launched successfully in Melton.




The LLC Prevent post has now come to an end but Anita Chavda will be supporting with the management of any relevant work on behalf of the team moving forwards.


We are in the process of trying to arrange some more WRAP train the trainer sessions for partners in LAs.




An evaluation report is due to be drawn up for the 2018 Hate Awareness Campaign and will require input from all LLR partners and will be circulated once completed.


A workshop has been planned for 20 February with all partners to draw out key objectives and actions for the LLR hate Action Plan 2018-20.  Key voluntary sector agencies will be invited to help statutory partners focus on objective and actions, especially those linked to community cohesion/ community tension. 


Domestic Abuse


You can find all of the new campaign materials online at This includes posters, web banners, and digital images for screens inside council offices etc.


There are also Christmas materials to be used on the run up to the festive period.


The LWA service for children affected by domestic abuse has been extended to September 2018, with hours increasing from 42 to 56 per week from 1 Nov 2018.


This service provides recovery activities for children aged 5-19 who have been affected by domestic abuse and require therapeutic intervention to manage trauma and increase resilience and improve outcomes. Recovery for children work is only  ...  view the full minutes text for item 49.




This item was deferred due to non-attendance.


SLF Update


This item was deferred due to apologies received.


LFRS Update


This item was deferred due to apologies received.


Police Update


MC provided the Partnership with the Borough’s crime figures for the year to date, as well as comparing the current crime positioning to last year’s figures. Crime is, on average, increasing in the Borough but this is in line with national trends.


October saw a large spike in burglaries in the Borough, particularly in the Oadby area, where the number of reported incidents was nearly double those from the same period in the previous year. This is unlikely to be a repeated trend, and was in part associated with Diwali moving months in 2017 resulted in an earlier spike.


MC also proposed that community contacts, possibly including community leaders from the Borough, are invited to attend future Partnership meetings. The Partnership agreed that they could see the value in these invitations and would look in to it at a future meeting.


Any Other Business


None raised.


Dates of Next Meetings


§  Monday, 12 February 2018

§  Monday, 16 April 2018