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Community Safety Partnership
Monday, 16th October, 2017 1.30 pm

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Apologies for Absence


S Mahay (Women’s Aid Leicestershire Ltd.)


Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 31 July 2017 pdf icon PDF 77 KB




The Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday, 31 July 2017 be taken as read and confirmed.


Purchase of a Defibrillator


MS informed the Partnership that the planned defibrillator article will now go into Spring edition of Letterbox, and not the Winter edition as planned, due to launch of Partnership’s annual survey. Three pages have already been set aside in the Winter edition for the Partnership, covering the survey and the publication of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.


*ACTIONS*: KL to check that the planned defibrillator training isn’t a duplication of existing provision.


Drone Bid


The Partnership head that PCSO Preston will be the SPOC for the drone bid, and has submitted a grant proposal to the Police for an in house project. Police will know outcome of this bid by next quarter. Nottinghamshire Police are already trialling a drone project so their experience can be drawn upon. The applications of drones within Policing, and Community Safety, are noted to be multiple.


*ACTIONS*: Update at next meeting from MC.



Personal Alarms etc.


KL struggling to get logos for LFRS for inclusion on roller banner.


*ACTIONS*:WG to send KL a copy of the LFRS logo.


Neighbour Hub


MS has drafted a Service Level Agreement for the Neighbour Hub covering the acceptable use of, and expectations relating to, the funding made available to them by the Partnership. The Neighbour Hub committee have accepted the terms of the Agreement. Current expenditure at the Neighbour Hub is within remit, and meets the terms of the signed Agreement.


Herbert Protocol


The Lions Club already do a ‘message in a bottle’ scheme, whilst the Police have a ‘Herbert Protocol’ form. A meeting looking at linking the two schemes together will take place on Thursday, 19 October with a view to the combined scheme tying into the ‘Lightbulb’ project countywide, and rolling out across the entirety of Leicestershire Police. Distribution via First Contact is also being looked in to.


There is potential future expenditure for the Partnership with a purchase of a pallet of the bottles at £710.00 per pallet. The Partnership would purchase this with the intention of handing the bottles out to charities at no cost. This would be accompanied by a press release at the initial launch showcasing the Partnership’s involvement. Expenditure for this purpose was approved at this meeting.


Wider publicising of the scheme to partners and the public will accompany a planned rollout around Christmas 2017.


ASB Response


SG informed the Partnership that the sourcing of funding for an ASB Officer is ongoing, and that savings are being sought elsewhere to be able to fund the post. It is likely that this will be achieved at the start of the next financial year.




The proposed Dog Fouling PSPO has gone through the Licensing Committee, and is to be ratified by full Council at the start of December. The notices detailing the new PSPO that will need to be displayed around the Borough are currently being manufactured. The Police  ...  view the full minutes text for item 28.


Financial Position


MS informed the Partnership that current expenditure against this year’s delivery plans sits at £18,143.74 to date. An additional £1,589.00 in expenditure against the Celebrate Safely campaign promotional items is expected to be invoiced shortly, alongside an additional £130.26 in expenditure for the double-sided Halloween posters.


The Partnership also heard that, as per the funding agreement in place, the OPCC won’t release this year’s funding to the Partnership until the 6 monthly monitoring report is received; this is the same across the County. This means that all expenditure against this year’s delivery plans places the Council in a deficit until the funding is received.


The OPCC does not, at present, have a commissioning officer which may cause further delay in receiving the funding.


*ACTIONS*:KL to speak to the Council’s 151 Officer regarding the deficit that the 6 month release of funding will be causing the Council. MS to send details to KL.


Delivery Plans 2017/18 - 6 Monthly Monitoring


MS is happy with the monitoring reports received against the delivery plans so far, and has been able to give all tactical actions within the plan an amber rating as per expectations. There are, to date, no barriers delaying planned actions.


Updates from YOS regarding the Something to DO! Project activities that ended in September 2017 are currently outstanding, but are expected to be received shortly. The OPCC’s deadline for the submission of the monitoring return is the end of November 2017.


MS and MC also demonstrated to the Partnership how the delivery plan has been checked for compliance against the current strategic objectives of the partner agencies.


CSP Strategic Plan 2017-2020


Prior to this meeting, MS circulated the final draft of the Partnership’s proposed Strategic Plan 2017-2020 to partners for comment and feedback.


The final draft of the plan was unanimously approved at this meeting, and will be published on the Council’s website by MS the following working day (17 October) for public consumption.


MS wishes to note thanks to C Woodward who originally raised the matter of the Strategic Plan being due.


CSP Survey 2017/18


MS had circulated a draft version of the 2017/18 survey to partners in advance of this meeting seeking feedback. Partners were advised that whilst discussions regarding the format and frequency of the survey changing had taken place, by changing the survey dramatically at this point there would be no comparative data available between the 2016/17 and 2017/18 surveys. This would be a loss as the survey did not take place in 2015/16.


MS also advised that the deadline for including the survey in the winter edition of Letterbox is also the date of this meeting, and that Big Sound had allowed it to be extended by one working day (to Tuesday, 17 October) in order to accommodate the 2017/18 survey’s inclusion. This meant that there is not sufficient time to alter the format of the survey with equal input from all partners in what data is to be collected.


Partners stated that they were happy with the content of the draft survey, but requested two minor changes for the sake of clarification. In light of this Question 4 was slightly amended to provide an example of Hate Crime, and a request for further details relating to any of the given answers was added to the free text box at the end of the question. The survey was then approved by partners, and will be launched to coincide with the distribution of Letterbox. Partners were asked to distribute the survey as far and as wide as they see fit upon launch.


MS confirmed that following the close of the 2017/18 survey on 31 January 2017, the format and frequency of the survey will be revisited as discussed. Potentially the survey will be left open each calendar year, and appropriately publicised, to enable quarterly reviews of the data collected.


CCTV / City Watch


LFRS have been asked to add their intended locations into the mapping exercise the Police have undertaken regarding the positioning of the new camera brackets. Partners heard that the involvement of Leicestershire County Council Highways in the mapping exercise would be beneficial, but finding a point of contact to do so was proving difficult. SP suggested the MC contact Richard Newing at Highways via to discuss.


MC stated that Rapid Vision is the preferred company to date in the process, and that their quote is still the cheapest. The budget for the CCTV upgrade has been confirmed as £28,000.00.


*ACTIONS*: MC and WG to arrange for the mapping exercise to be completed. MC to contact Richard Newing at LCC Highways.


JAG Update


The JAG continues to progress as intended following the change to the format; it has also been formally noted that the JAG should be viewed as a subgroup of the Partnership, and that statutory partners should be represented where required.


Once the JAG’s revised format is ‘settled’, a review will take place of the current JAG contacts list to ensure that the correct people are being invited to attend the meetings. For some organisations, such as schools, representation will come via named contacts that will need to be indentified during the review.


LCC Update




Eight ASB Incremental Approach training sessions have been delivered to overall front line Neighbourhood Policing staff and over 35 staff from Local Authorities. 99% of the overall feedback received from attendees of the sessions was good or very good.


The intention is to roll out further sessions around every six months to ensure any new staff or staff that missed this round of training receive the input. This will aid all partners in ensuring a consistent approach to ASB case management across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.


Alongside the training, all related ASB Incremental Approach paperwork has been updated and added to Sentinel, including the guidance Incremental Approach document which has been agreed and signed off by partners and added to Sentinel for practitioners to refer to when necessary.


The team are working alongside the Police and Vantage to finalise the de-duplication of records on Sentinel V2.8. Once this is complete, partners will be contacted and asked to begin the work of de-duplicating their records and once this is complete, we can begin further discussions with Vantage about the move to V3.




The second round of the ‘Going to Extremes’ play was rolled out on 2 October for two weeks, again touring around schools of Leicestershire. This round of performances ended on the 13 October and feedback from schools was once again very positive.

‘Workshops to Raise Awareness of Prevent’ (WRAP) continue to be delivered across the County with a big focus on schools and childcare settings. A ‘prevent event’ delivered collaboratively by LCC, The St Philips Centre, the Police, and Charnwood Borough Council was held in Loughborough on 13 September. The Event was a ‘Problem or Solution’ workshop and was attended by members of the Loughborough community who participated in debate and questions. This was a successful event that saw a number of issues raised and challenged and then discussed openly. Feedback was positive.


In July LCC hosted a group of young people from the National Citizen Service who had chosen Prevent as their Summer Social Action Project. We worked with Leicestershire and Derbyshire Prevent Officers to deliver work to the young people and help them understand the aims of prevent. They were then challenged to help Prevent become more accessible, understandable and relevant to young people. The group worked on social media platforms, conducted market research, and even created some short films about prevent.




National Hate Crime Week, 14 – 21 October:

No place for hate is the message behind two new informative videos released by Leicestershire County Council. The first video explains the difference between a hate crime and hate incident, while the second focuses on victims experience of reporting the crime – highlighting why reporting does make a difference.


The County Council and its district partners across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, as well as the police, took part in raising awareness about how and where victims and witnesses can report hate incidents and crimes, as part of this year’s National Hate Crime Awareness Week.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 35.




This agenda item was deferred due to apologies received.


The service monitoring update received as part of the 6 monthly delivery plan monitoring was positive but unable to put into context without UAVA staff present. It was noted that the KIDVA scheme is only funded in the County by OWBC and Harborough DC; concerns were raised at the meeting that either both OWBC and Harborough DC were subsidising the other districts indirectly, or that their ‘Under 13’ cases are not being supported.


The Partnership was advised that all young people covered by MARAC across the County, but this tends to pick up high level cases only.


SLF Update


RL prepared a District Report for discussion with partners at this meeting which gives an overview of the SLF service in the Borough. As the report is quarterly, and the Partnership meeting bimonthly, this report will not be available at each meeting, and will be replaced with ‘headlight updates’ where necessary.


Page 3 of report covers the “traffic lights” zonal model which was demonstrated for partners. Typically families worked with for a year, first year is quite intensive support, almost “hand holding”. Middle third, SLF take a small step back to see if the intervention is working, assessing if extra support it needed. Final third, SLF look at if a family is now enabled and accountable before closure.


SLF are now trialling a new assessment process for families; assessment process now has a 6 week lead in, and in week 4 or 5 will pull together all relevant agencies for a multi-agency meeting looking at what support can be put in place for families. Families will be invited to these meetings for transparency.


SLF are also undertaking pre-prevention work in relation to the roll out of Universal Credit, preparing families for receiving all of their benefits in monthly payments. There will be a March rollout for Universal Credit in Oadby & Wigston. SLF are working with a seconded DWP worker to support this.


The SLF team and continuing to liaise with pastoral teams in schools regarding suspensions and exclusions.


*ACTIONS*: RL to send MS the Oadby & Wigston District Report discussed at this meeting. MS to circulate the report to partners.


LFRS Update


WG provided partners with LFRS figures covering up to the end of August 2017. Some figures (deliberate/primary fires) are above targets for the first time in some time; others are tracking as expected.


The overall number of fires is increasing, and whilst the accidental secondary fires target was 5, it is currently sitting at 8 fires. Low numbers in other areas that are spread out across the Borough. There has also been a national spike in white goods fires.


A ‘Fatal Four’ exercise is upcoming, usually location lead by the Police. The Safer Streets campaign has taken place (as part of the ‘Bluelight’ project), with two events having taken place already, and four Fatal Four events. A joint operation between Halloween and Bonfire Night is being planned, with LFRS and Police sharing a vehicle and scoping out locations before a full crew attends.


With the Celebrate Safely campaign, promotional items have now arrived for distribution. Items can be rolled forward each year the campaign runs, as they’re not dated. £1,589.00 has been spent by the Partnership this financial year on promotional items. A final report on Celebrate Safely will be published at the end of the campaign.


Police Update


MC provided crime figures for 2017/18 compared to 2016/17. All crime is up, but this is in line with national trends. ASB has remained relatively consistent across the Borough. Criminal Damage and Arson are up, but this is mostly with Criminal Damage occurrences. Massive spike in ‘Vehicle Interference’ i.e. trying car door handles, but this could be attributed to an increase in reporting. Violent crime as a whole is up on last year. ‘Bilking’ has also increased; could be designed out but the financial cost of making the changes to the pumps is high compared to the cost of stolen fuel.


CW has stickers etc. that can be used to target hot spot areas, such as hotels, where vans are being broken in to and tools targeted. Would also be linked in to trade counters etc. as a means of promoting the scheme. CW also has signal blocking wallets that can stop cars being unlocked remotely, block contactless cards, and mobile phones etc. Samples will be given to MC and a decision made on purchasing items in bulk for the Partnership.


Trauma Teddies


Community volunteers have knitted several teddies to be given to the Police and the Fire Service, with the intention of them being given to distressed children that may be present at an incident. The volunteers have asked for £30.00 for more wool, MC has upped the bid up to £100.00 for the Partnership to fund. The Partnership has agreed to this expenditure.


*ACTIONS*: MC to arrange the appropriate invoices for MS.


Any Other Business


CW now leads on Heritage Crime, has 6 trained volunteers. Ben Namdrame(sp?) will now support in dealing with any heritage crime in the Borough.


*ACTIONS*: CW to share group email with MS.


The Partnership is looking at getting CSP documents on screen at meetings; there is only one laptop available in OWBC for whole of Community Team however. Mark brought his own laptop in for use in today’s meeting but it was unable to connect to the projector correctly due to difference in age. The Chair requested funding for a Partnership laptop and projector for use at community events and meetings away from offices where equipment is unavailable. Items would be owned by the Partnership. The Partnership agreed that this option can be explored, and the responsibility for doing so devolved to MS and SG. Options are to be circulated to partners via email ahead of the next Partnership meeting for discussion at said meeting.


*ACTIONS*:MS and KL to undertake the above costing exercise.


Dates of Next Meetings


§  Monday, 11 December 2017

§  Monday, 12 February 2018

§  Monday, 16 April 2018