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Community Safety Partnership
Monday, 17th June, 2019 2.00 pm

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W Gale                             (Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service)   
C Glover                 (Oadby & Wigston Borough Council)        
J Hewitt                  (Leicestershire County Council)      
B Hughes                (Turning Point)

S Johnson               (Leicestershire County Council)      
Insp. K Mistry           (Leicestershire Police)        
L Pettitt                  (Leicestershire County Council)      
V Quintyne              (Oadby & Wigston Borough Council)


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The minutes of the previous meeting, held on Monday, 11 February 2019, were declared true and accurate. The following items were highlighted however;


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Item 56: E Morgan gave Partners an overview of the ‘Future High Street Fund’, stating that its intended use can support the creation of a night time economy in the Borough, and additional activities outside of ‘shop hours’.



Oadby & Wigston 'Keep Safe Places'


Due to apologies received this item was deferred to August’s meeting of the Partnership.


2019-20 Delivery Plan


M Smith sought the approval of Partners for the Partnership to formally adopt the 2019-20 Delivery Plan following final comments made, and feedback received, from Partners ahead of this meeting.


New Partner representatives at this meeting asked if they could have a copy of the Delivery Plan sent to them to look over. This was agreed, with M Smith requesting that all feedback or comments on the Delivery Plan be made by these Partners by Friday, 21 June.


Existing Partner representatives acknowledged that they are happy with the current draft of the 2019-20 Delivery Plan.




M Smithto provide a copy of the 2019-20 Delivery Plan to new Partner representatives.


2018-19 Annual Report


M Smith spoke about the Partnership’s Annual Report. The annual report is a publicly available document that highlights the work, and successes, of the Partnership over a 12 month period; typically this period coincides with the financial year.


Whilst the monitoring returns received by the Partnership, and submitted to the OPCC, focus on statistical data, the annual report provides the public with a mixture of statistical data and qualitative data, often in the format of a case study.


The Partnership used to be required, as per its funding agreements, to produce an annual report for public viewing, but has not been required to do so in recent years. M Smith believes that the publication of such a report, however, will aid the Partnership in its communications strategy, and raise the profile of both the Partnership and its work in the Borough.


A request for “success stories” will be sent out to Partners shortly, with a view for the annual report to be produced and published before the end of August 2019.




M Smith to request “success stories” and case studies from Partners for inclusion in the report.


Community Safety / Planning Applications


E Morgan provided the Partnership with an update on this item following the previous meeting held in February 2019. It was confirmed that an additional meeting with S Day, from Leicestershire Police, had already taken place, and that a meeting with Insp. Cawley from the South Leicester NPA was due to take place shortly.


The Partnership heard that the Council is not directly consulted over planning applications that feature 11 or more dwellings as part of the proposed development, but that the NPA should be consulted as part of the process. It is recommended that S Day holds regular discussions with local NPA Officers around proposed developments locally, and that nominated Officers from the NPA are added to the Council’s “Weekly Planning List” mailing list for reference.


Communication between relevant organisations involved in planning matters is improving, with S Day to now represent the NPA on County Council planning panels. Associated community safety costs included in planning applications, specifically CCTV related, will need to be decided between the County Council and the Developer.


E Morgan also raised the Council’s ‘Playing Pitch Strategy’ survey which is included in the current issue of Letterbox, and is intended to be accessed by representatives of all aspects of the community. Through the survey opinions are being sought on the Council’s parks and facilities, and will shape their development going forward.


The Partnership heard that over 50 responses to the Playing Pitch Strategy survey have already been received in the first week since its launch. Partners wishing to share the survey with their clients can do so via the following link


It was suggested that paper versions of the survey be made available to attendees at the Big Lunch event on Sunday, 23 June; potentially on board the Police’s ‘Beat Bus’ that will be attending the event.


Partners asked for more details on the Big Lunch, with M Smith providing an overview of the history of the event both nationally and in the Borough. The Big Lunch will run from 11am – 2pm on Bell Street, Wigston and is intended to be an aid to community cohesion in the Borough.


Community Safety / Licensing Matters


Due to apologies received this item was deferred to August’s meeting of the Partnership.


LFRS Update


Due to apologies received this item was deferred to August’s meeting of the Partnership. It was requested that a letter for record be sent to the local representative of Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service around attendance at Partnership meetings.




 M Smith to draft a letter regarding attendance for LFRS.


Police / JAG Update


Insp. Cawley confirmed that the Police’s analyst now has a copy of the Partnership’s meeting date up until April 2020, and will be preparing the relevant crime statistics document ahead of each meeting from June onwards.


The Partnership heard the following updates from Insp. Cawley regarding crime in the Borough;


§  Burglary and Robbery figures in the Borough were significantly lower in the last fiscal year, and have seen a slight overall increase to date. These figures are starting from a small base however, so one or two additional reports create significant increases in figures.


§  Shoplifting in the Borough has been halved following significant work by Partners.


§  Vehicle crime figures are reducing, but no breakdown detailing this reduction is available as of this meeting of the Partnership.


§  Anti-Social Behaviour has decreased nationally, and in the Borough, although this is likely to be indicative of under reporting. Anti-social behaviour in Wigston is at its highest in 5 years, and a Problem Solving Plan is now in place with the Police.


M Smith also raised how attendance at the Borough’s monthly JAG meeting had been dropping, with several agencies not being represented. An email has been sent to all Partners reminding them of the strategic importance of the monthly JAG meeting, and their requirement to attend the meetings which are always held on the first working Monday of each month.


A Preston from Women’s Aid noted that that the organisation will need to decide on which member of their staff is best placed to attend the Borough’s JAG meeting.



Sentinel Usage


T Maccabe provided the Partnership with an update on Sentinel case figures over the last 6 month period, incorporating figures from reports logged by both the Police and the Council separately and combined.


As previously noted during this meeting, anti-social behaviour figures are seen to be decreasing, although peaks are expected in the summer months.


The majority of cases are closed following the issuing of a disposal from early on in the ‘Incremental Approach’ utilised by the Police and the Council. The Partnership heard however how ‘Closure Orders’ have also been used to great success in the Borough, with one housing association property having been closed by the Council for 3 months.


Closure Orders send a strong message to other homes in the area that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated, and are available to the Police and Council to issue where other approaches have either not resolved the issue, or are deemed to be inappropriate.


It was questioned if Closure Orders could be utilised as a means to force the landlords for the shops on Bell Street, Wigston to address the consistent reports of anti-social behaviour and trespassing received in relation to young people accessing the roofs of the buildings found there. The Chair recommended the full utilisation of the law to address the Bell Street issue, with the below actions proposed.




T Maccabe and PC Sutherley to consult with D Gill on the suitability of utilising Closure Orders on Bell Street.


V Charlton to consult with other Community Safety Partnership’s in Leicestershire to see if they have encountered similar issues, and feedback on how these have been approached in their own districts.


IMPACT Team Update


M Smith shared a brief update received from the IMPACT Team prior to June’s JAG meeting about the anti-social behaviour issues they were brought in to the Borough to address now lessening, having resulted in the team withdrawing from the area.


With no representation from the IMPACT Team at this meeting, a request was made for a fuller update on this subject to be received by the Partnership at its next meeting in August.



CCTV / City Watch


M Smith confirmed that the dedicated CCTV laptop had now been acquired, with the installation of the CCTV access software scheduled to take place before the end of June. The additional 30 brackets ordered with the new CCTV units will also be delivered when the software installation takes place.


The Partnership heard that M Smith is chasing LCC Highways for a quote regarding the conversion work required on the remaining 43 street lighting columns identified to host the redeployable CCTV units, with a response not being forthcoming potentially resulting in the conversion work being put out to tender by the Council.


The effectiveness of the new CCTV units in relation to the Oadby Santander ram raid was commented upon, with the quality of images being captured by the new units being very high.


LCC Update


Due to apologies received, the following update was emailed through by S Johnson for circulation to Partners:




A meeting has taken place to discuss Sentinel training needs across the partnership. The meeting was well attended with ‘competent’ Sentinel users. Partners will now map the ASB process to highlight where the gaps are in Sentinel system provision/usage, another meeting has been arranged for the 24 June.


Leicestershire Police have completed a review of the Sentinel ISA which is now with partners for sign off. The partnership has also agreed the updated vetting process for users of the system.


Two further ASB Incremental Approach training sessions have taken place which were well attended with positive feedback. The format allowed both new members of staff and those after a refresher to hear from various speakers on the approach taken across LLR, how to refer into youth services and the steps required for Court proceedings.


At the ASB Delivery Group it was agreed that the summer campaign #safersummer, was to continue with the messages that were used last year, LCC comms will be sending out information regarding this shortly.


Partners have been reminded to refresh their links with Ask for Angela venues to ensure venues in your area are aware of the commitment, have accurate resources and are recording if the scheme is being used. If venues express an interested in being involved, please let Jo Hewitt ( know.


Celebrate Safely Campaign - LFRS are sending out PDFs of leaflets for partners to use and the costs of freebies. Please continue to update any events on the LLR Community Safety Calendar where the competition/deadline details are also recorded. The next meeting is arranged for the 24 June at 2pm at Leicester Central Fire Station.




The Great Get Together - Friday 21 – 23 June across the UK people will be celebrating the Great Together – Inspired by the Jo Cox campaign. Partners are encouraged to sign up to this campaign and support the messages being promoted. At County Hall we will be encouraging staff to step away from their desks and have face to face conversations with colleagues where possible. We're also celebrating with a special world food menu, offering a different dish from across the globe each day in our canteen. This year’s focus is about getting together to celebrate kindness, respect, and all we have in common.


Centre of Hate Studies, Leicester University - Launch digital training modules on hate and extremism - These resources are free of charge and each training module includes real life case studies and good practice recommendations which are designed to shape improved levels of knowledge and understanding.The modules include amongst others Preventing Hate and Extremism, Hate crime on public transport and engaging with diversity. The modules can be accessed here:




Action Counters Terrorism – ACT: ACT Awareness eLearning is a new CT awareness product designed for all UK based companies and organisations. ACT  ...  view the full minutes text for item 102.




A Preston confirmed that WALL will now be regularly represented at the Partnership’s meetings, and explained that her post is one that is now based within a refuge, covering IDVA referrals and the harassment project.


P Griffiths explained that her role covers the KIDVA and JADA projects, focussing on work within schools developing an easier engagement route with the service.


The Partnership also heard that WALL have recruited a stalking worker in February of this year who will be working with victims aged 13+, including advocacy services, and emotional and practical support. The stalking project is now 4 months old, and sees 1 worker engaging with 19 people, both male and female, with most referrals in to the project made internally. Victims engaged in the project do not need to come from a domestic abuse background.


Funding for the project is provided by both WALL and the OPCC, and it is intended to run for 1 year at a time. It was noted that this is not ideal as “by the time the project is set up, the contract year could be ending”.


The Partnership was asked if any decision had been made as yet on the school based project WALL have proposed as a replacement for the KIDVA scheme in place in the Borough. It was confirmed that the relevant Partnership members would be meeting on 21 June to discuss the proposal, and feedback would be shared with WALL directly in due course.


Children and Families Wellbeing Service Update


Due to apologies received this item was deferred to August’s meeting of the Partnership.


Any Other Business




R Day from Turning Point gave an overview of the organisations work in the Borough, highlighting that there is only 1 venue in Wigston that the service runs from, with all other work for Borough clients taking place at their main office in Eldon Street, Leicester. Turning Point offers a service out of the South Wigston Health Centre but this can only be accessed by clients who are also registered at the GP surgery there.


A session was ran out of the Neighbour Hub Community Flat on Boulter Crescent, but this was moved due to the space not enabling the level of confidentiality expected by Turning Point. It was recommended that Turning Point contact the Wigston surgeries directly around room availability in order to provide a ‘doorstep’ service for Borough clients as traveling to Eldon Street can be cost prohibitive.


Libraries were suggested as another possible venue but these are likely to offer room hire as a revenue generator, putting a barrier in the way of Turning Point offering a service from there.


It was raised by the Partnership that information from the NHS coming in to the Partnership is limited, and that Turning Point is a key link in this information coming through and informing the Partnership’s work. At present the local picture around substance misuse is not clear to the Partnership.


The Partnership heard that alcohol abuse is an issue predominantly in Oadby, and that service users from Wigston are mostly seeking support for cocaine addiction. It was clarified that Turning Point will work with anyone aged 14 – 90.


The current Turning Point contract will run until 2021, where a new service provider may be selected. This new service, regardless of supplier, will be a long term service. It was confirmed that Turning Point would be regularly represented at the Partnership’s meetings whilst they are still responsible for the contract.


The Partnership also heard that health related community safety issues can be put forward at the Borough’s Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB). The HWBB is currently awaiting a report on the major health inequalities in the Borough, with Oadby males likely to live 12 years longer than their Wigston counterparts.


Insp. Cawley stated that Sgt. O’Sullivan would be attending the next HWBB meeting.




A Perry from the OPCC asked to be provided with a copy of the Partnership’s Terms of Reference, and a list of core membership.




The Chair asked that the Borough’s Police Cadets are added on to the agenda for the Partnership’s next meeting to see what support the Partnership can offer them. The Borough’s group is comprised of 40+ young people and require funding to continue with their work, and make continuing valuable contributions to their community.

The main bottleneck for the Cadets is transport costs as their uniform is paid for centrally by the Police.


The availability of the Council’s ‘Community and Youth Grant’ was raised, with the application form being available on the Council’s website.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 105.


Date of Next Meeting


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