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South Wigston Residents' Forum - Wednesday, 11th July, 2018 7.30 pm

Venue: Community Centre, Elliott Hall, Albion Street, South Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 4SA

Contact: Veronika Quintyne - Email: 

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Apologies for Absence


Councillor John Boyce

Councillor Richard Morris


Local Policing Issues


Police Officer Emma Jayne provided a South Wigston crime update.

There are two PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) PCSO 6642 Elaine Morton and PCSO 6193 Georgina Stratton, as well as Officer Jayne, working the South Wigston beat.


Officer Jayne explained the Police Authority no longer shares statistics on crime. Figures can be taken out of context. Residents may access crime statistics for their area by logging onto the Police Website at .This link provides access to crime information on areas where people, live, work or visit.


Currently there are no crime trends in the area. Anti-social behaviour is very low. The issue of children’s behaviour outside Tesco Superstore is ongoing. The frequency of children’s behaviour can fluctuate with change to the seasons.


PCSO Stratton dealt with a man who was throwing objects at bowling club members. PCSOs know the face of those committing anti-social behaviour. PCSO Morton has worked with schools. This included the issue around stranger danger. Residents posed no questions to Officer Jayne. The Chair thanked officer Jayne for the update provided to the Forum.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 07 March 2018 pdf icon PDF 105 KB


The Chair checked the minutes for accuracy. The minutes were agreed as a true record of the meeting.


Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 42 KB


Page 3 – Action 1: The Chair followed up the Crow Mills comment.


Page 3 - Action 2: The Chair has contacted the residents with regards to meeting the Arriva Bus Service officials. A meeting has been arranged for 22 August 2018.The focus for this meeting is the reinstatement of the number 49a bus route and negotiate an off peak service to the Health Centre.


A resident informed the Forum that the number 44a bus service travels to South Wigston and cuts across to Gloucester Crescent.


Page 3: The litterbin for Saffron Road was installed.


Page 7: On budget implications for 2018/19 and 2018/2020, the Council has to make an annual saving of £400,000.The County Council has cut the subsidy for garden waste. The annual fee for collecting garden waste is £35.00. (If residents require the collection of garden waste, they are to be aware this is a voluntary scheme).Approximately, £270,000 was raised by this service. It contributes to part of the Council`s budget savings.


The future management of Brocks Hill Centre will transfer to SLM (Sports and Leisure Management). This will save the Council £100,000 annually. The Council will receive overall profits from the leisure contract. This will provide a savings. SLM will also be paying for various improvements to the building.


The Chair reaffirmed that the Government Grant will reduce by thirty percent. There is no financial pressure on the Council this financial year. The Council has a balanced budget.


 Page 8- Action 3: An explanation on the meaning of the use of red and orange colours on the figures within the Air Quality Report 2017 is as follows: Red means the reading exceeds air quality objective 40ug3. Orange means, the reading is above the level DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) advise Local Authorities should be monitoring the air quality should it read 36ug3 but below 40ug3. Currently there are no areas, which exceed Government guidelines.


Page 9- Action 5: The cost of the Gloucester Crescent/Cornwall Road bus shelter is approximately £4,000. A County Council licence was obtained for installation of the bus shelter.


Page 9:  On Glen Parva Prison. The Ministry of Justice`s application has been passed to Blaby Council. Oadby and Wigston Council`s concern is with the access. A private contractor is to build the prison. The contractor may also manage it. The finalisation of the prison build may be two years late. For details outlining the planning of the prison, open the following link.


Terms of Reference for the Residents' Forums pdf icon PDF 40 KB


The newly drafted and endorsed Residents’ Forums terms of reference were circulated with papers for tonight’s meeting. Suggestions submitted by residents for addition to the terms of reference were included.


Attendance at all Residents’ Forum meetings is primarily for people who live and work in the area the Forum represents. Shopkeepers, as a constituted body are members. The Lions Group and Wigston Civic Society are also members. Councillors cannot vote on any item.

Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting. Christmas Capers is not funded by the Forum. 

The duration of Residents’ Forum meetings was agreed to last no more than two hours. At the Chair’s discretion the duration of the meeting may be extended.


South Wigston Health Centre


The Health Centre is not closing. The Health Authority discussions are ongoing. Much depends on the Arriva bus garage move. There is no current plan to move the bus station. The Chair commented that this site is potential housing land.


South Wigston Traders' Update


The South Wigston Trade’s Group representative provided an update. The date for launching the South Wigston Christmas Capers event is, Saturday 1st December 2018.


Pride of the Borough


In the absence of a Pride of the Borough representative, the Chair provided the following information:


The cost of shopping discount card remains at £5.


A number of South Wigston shopkeepers now provide a discount. The discount is part of a discount scheme, for example on optical services. £3.00 goes towards the Pride of the Borough Fund and £2 towards administrative costs.


Today the judging of East Midlands in Bloom took place. It covered South Wigston, Wigston and Oadby. Last year the Borough received a Silver Gilt award.


In 2019, Blaby Road Park will be entered for the Green Flag Award. A request was made for volunteers to come forward to help with projects in the Park.


It was stated that young people had damaged trees in Blaby Road Park. The Police was requested to help ascertain the identity of those who had damaged the trees.


A series of suggestions were made concerning encouraging children and young people’s involvement in green volunteering. The sentiment expressed was that this would create a sense of ownership and belonging. It was added that under Restorative Justice Principles those young people who were identified as having damaged trees could be encouraged to help plant trees in the autumn.


Another suggestion made was that; the Council’s Youth and Community Safety Officer be contacted to request Youth Council involvement in finding young volunteers to help in the Park and young people could help plant a community orchard in South Wigston.


Chair's Updates


Capital Projects Update


Litter Bin on Saffron Road


The litterbin is now installed.


Gloucester Crescent New Bus Shelter


An application for the licence to install the bus shelter has been made. The cost of the bus shelter is approximately £4,000.


Forum Budget Update


The current South Wigston Residents’ Forum budget stands at £18,856.


Spending Requests


Request for the Purchase of a Litterbin


A resident brought a proposal for the purchase of a litterbin for Countesthorpe Road, outside the bike shop. The Chair asked residents whether they supported the proposal for the purchase of the litterbin and if they agreed to the proposal being brought to the next meeting of the resident’s forum.


The residents all agreed to the proposal for the purchase of the litterbin and for the proposal to be brought to the next meeting. No objections to the proposal were raised.




A costed funding application for the purchase of a litterbin is to be presented at the next meeting of South Wigston Residents’ Forum.


Repair to the Three Faces of the Saint Thomas Clock Face


A proposal was brought to the Residents’ Forum for the renovation of the three faces of the St Thomas Church clock face.


The Chair asked residents whether they supported the proposal for the renovation of the clock face. The residents agreed to the proposal for renovation and agreed a written and costed proposal for a forum grant be brought for presentation at the next Resident’s Forum meeting.




A costed funding application is to be presented at the next South Wigston Residents’ Forum meeting.


War Memorial and Street Furnishings at St Thomas Church


Tomorrow morning sees the installation of a War Memorial seat and a litterbin .On 4 August 2018 a service of dedication will be held to mark these installations. The Reverend Chris Johnson will lead the service.




The Chair will invite the Mayor to attend the service of dedication.


Items Raised by Residents


Local Area Coordinator


Mary Flynn introduced herself as the Local Area Coordinator for South Wigston. She explained her role. It sits under Public Health Services. Her role is to support and help people, especially those who are “invisible”, for example potentially vulnerable elderly neighbours. Mary works one to one and with groups. She is currently working to set up a local mental health group in South Wigston.


The role supports the connecting up of statutory services, making referrals and encouraging community connection between residents and services. To contact her email: . Mary added that a Local Area Coordinator has been appointed to Wigston. This person is named Sue Renton. To contact her, email .


The Right Place Estate and Traffic Backing up from Station Street


A resident stated that since the Right Place estate had been built traffic was backing up from Station Street to Kirkdale Road. This had created a blind spot which had led to traffic incidents occurring. The resident asked the Chair if anything could be done to remove the blind spot. One suggestion was to have humps placed on Station Street to slow traffic.


It was expressed that parking was an issue on Glengate Road due to work vans. It was requested that car-parking permits be installed. There is a permit car-parking scheme in South Wigston and it is very unlikely the County Council would agree to more.


Only one car-parking permit per household or one car-parking permit for one vehicle is permitted. Seventy-five percent of residents would have to agree to a parking permit scheme.


Teachers and students at South Leicestershire College park in the side roads. South Leicestershire College charge £1 daily for parking. The Jacobs factory employs 800 employees. It also operates two work shifts. It no longer provides a bus service for ferrying staff. One car park has been sold off and this has led to the use of the Countesthorpe car park. These issues put pressure on car parking.


The County Council previously discussed Town centre car parking on the highway and installing parking meters on side roads. Those people with a disability who use parking spaces were surveyed. This was to check if they still needed the car parking space. That scheme has now been dropped .Car parking in the South Wigston area has increased.


The Chair informed residents that the County Council has no priority to put down double yellow lines in the area, unless serious action was required and that the Police have powers to remove traffic obstructions.


The issue of car parking in Station Street and Kirkdale Road has previously been brought to the attention of the County Council.




Councillor Boulter will again raise the issue of parking on Station Street and Kirkdale Road again.




A resident informed the meeting that railings had been removed from the Mucky Bridge. The bridge is the one by the train station. The bridge is owned by the County Council.




Councillor Boulter is to investigate this reported  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9.


Suggestions for Future Agenda Items


There were no suggestions for future agenda items. In concluding the meeting, the Chair thanked residents for their attendance.


Date of the Next Meeting


Wednesday 03 October 2018.The meeting commences at 7.30.P.M. The venue is the Salvation Army Centre, Ladysmith Road, South Wigston, Leicestershire.

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