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Wigston Residents' Forum - Wednesday, 18th May, 2022 6.30 pm

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Welcome, Apologies & Introductions


Cllr B Boulter & R Levy welcomed attendees to this meeting. Ways of promoting this meeting included visiting local businesses, holding community pop ups to talk with local people, email newsletters and contacting key stakeholders. The number of attendees was up from the last meeting, held virtually.


Apologies were received from a representative of the Wigston Civic Society.



Matters Arising




Police Update


The Forum were introduced to PC Gareth Morgan from Wigston Police Station. He noted that over the last month, there had been a few more burglaries yet none reported last couple of days. Anti-social behaviour involving children at Wigston Academy (such as people being pushed into hedges) had prompted more patrols. PC Morgan, as part of his introduction to his role is meeting more people and speaking to businesses to build relationships. He is speaking with pubs to ensure the night-time economy continues to not cause issues.


Cllr Bentley asked about speeding, in particular around Moat Street, Horsewell Lane. He noted that there had recently been three accidents due to speeding here. PC Morgan said that regular speed checks do take place, supported by volunteers. Further officer support can be required if demand requires. It was said that Officer’s in Wigston do not work past midnight yet can ensure that Response Officers keep an eye out.


Action: Police to identify if Response Officers are needed to support with speeding deterrent in Wigston.


Cllr Bentley said that more momentum is required from Community Speedwatch and new batteries are required for a speed monitoring sign for the Littlehill estate. It was agreed by the Forum to explore funding for batteries for this sign. Speeding across Wigston was agreed to be a considerable issue.


Action: Chair and Council officers to explore funding for batteries for speed monitoring signs.


Cllr H Loydall addressed the issue of e-scooters, in particular down Aylestone Lane, and the safety concerns that this brings for cyclists, drivers and mobility scooter users. PC Morgan responded to this by saying shortly, the Police will be launching their Neighbourhood Link service, which will allow residents to log what issues are concerning them. If several residents log similar concerns, this will drive Police Officer time and effort. E-scooters could be one such issue logged; indeed a Section 56 can be issued if e-scooters are being ridden in an anti-social way. The legality of e-scooters is also under review and so this could impact future enforcement. When decisions are made with regards to the legality of e-scooters, PC Morgan said that education will be key.


Cllr L Broadley addressed concerns regarding on-street parking, and this was echoed by residents attending the meeting. Areas where this was noted to be particularly problematic included Horsewell Lane. There was concern over the reporting process of such issues, with the Council saying it is a Police matter and the Police saying it is a Council matter. Education around who to report issues to needs to be improved, it was agreed.


A resident addressed cycling awareness amongst young people, as a way to prevent anti-social usage of vehicles such as e-scooters. PC Morgan responded by saying this was not usually in the remit of local Police services, but could support if necessary.

Cllr Boulter noted the amount of graffiti that was present in Wigston, and how culprits could be found who are responsible for this. PC Morgan said that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Chair's Updates- Waste Consultation & Jubilee


The Chair of the Forum, Cllr Boulter, addressed ongoing waste consultation matters. The national picture with regards to recycling is changing and so what is currently recyclable may change in months to come. The Forum was reminded that Leicestershire County Council is the Disposal Agency for waste; Oadby and Wigston Borough Council the Collection Agency. Oadby and Wigston currently has a good recycling rate, at 44.7% and has one of the lowest black bag waste in the County; this is with the weekly collections that Council currently operates. The Forum was told that further updates on waste disposal/collection are likely to follow.


Cllr Boulter informed the Forum of events ahead of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. Events will be taking place in Wigston on Saturday 4th June as part of The Big Lunch, and there will be a Beacon Lighting on Thursday 2nd June at Brocks Hill Country Park. Attendance is free; all are welcome.


Cllr Boulter informed the group of discussions he has had with the Civic Society with regards to a tree planting to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. It is proposed that this tree is planted at Peace Memorial Park. Cllr Boulter is exploring costs for what is proposed to be a Maple Tree.


Action: Update on plans to plant memorial tree to be provided once information is gleaned on feasibility.


Cllr Boulter, on behalf of Cllr H Loydall, informed the group on the Senior Citizens Action Group. The criteria for joining this group is that you are over 55 and live in the Borough. The Group do several trips and host meetings throughout the year which bring people together and help people socialise etc.



Items Raised by Residents


Residents were now invited to put matters to the elected members in attendance.

One resident addressed Oadby and Wigston Borough Council’s move to Brocks Hill Country Park as the main offices for the Council. A concern was raised that this would leave Wigston without a contact point for residents of this town. Cllr Boulter assured this resident that exploring contact points in all three towns was being explored.


Action: Updates on Oadby and Wigston Borough Council’s move to Brocks Hill will be provided in due course.


Georgeham Close was identified by one resident as being a hotspot for litter and smashed glass. Councillors stated that the number of staff on the ground emptying litter bins was limited, and this is supported by the work of the Leicestershire Wombles. Extra bins are not always easy to install, but the situation will be kept under review and if spare bins become available, this location can be suggested as one for bins to be located.


One resident addressed dog mess across Wigston. She contacts Oadby and Wigston Borough Council to report this, yet it does not deter offenders. It was suggested that it be explored how best to prevent this issue for continuing.


Action: Ideas will be sought to see if any deterrent measures for offending dog owners can be implemented.


One resident noted their work with the Patient Participation Group at Bushloe Surgery. This is a group of patients from said surgery who are able to feed back on the service of the surgery; there is also a similar group at Central Surgery. The group also do fundraising events to support the surgery with equipment. For more information, contact the surgery.


Action: Residents are invited to contact Bushloe Surgery, should they seek more information on the Patient Participation Group.


Cllr L Bentley spoke in further detail about the batteries for the speed monitoring sign on Littehill estate. £128.00 is required for the batteries and it was agreed and seconded by the group to approve this money coming from the Residents’ Forum budget.


Car parking was raised by one resident. The Councillors are aware of the grievances this has caused, but outline that the Council has a legal duty to balance its books. It was noted that a permit in Oadby and Wigston costs considerably less than neighbouring authorities; at £25.00 per year, this is the equivalent to £00.07 per day. Local authorities and public services are under increasing financial strain and so self-funding strategies are imperative.


On behalf of Wigston Framework Knitters Museum, a representative outlined how the Museum receives no funding yet has affordable entry fees- for instance £4.00 for a guided tour of the whole site. Residents are encouraged to check out the museum’s website for more information.


Action: Residents can find out more about the Wigston Framework Museum by visiting:



Suggestions for Future Agenda Items




Date of the Next Meeting- 24/8/2022


Wednesday 24th August 2022, 7:00 pm - Council Chambers.


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