Agenda and minutes

Wigston Residents' Forum
Wednesday, 27th June, 2018 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Offices, Station Road, Wigston

Contact: Veronika Quintyne - Email: 

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Local Policing Issues


There was no Police presence at the meeting to provide a crime update.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 14 March 2018 pdf icon PDF 117 KB


The Chair checked the minutes for accuracy. The minutes were agreed as a true record of the meeting.


Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 40 KB


Page 2 - Torrington Close bungalow grassed area is now being regularly cut by volunteers.


Page 2 – Traffic Lights sequencing at two Junctions in Wigston.


Page 5 – Paragraph two line four requires correction. Change the word “fortnightly” to “weekly”. The sentence will now read “The collections will be made on a weekly basis and collection will be made in a single clear plastic sack”.


Judging of East-Midlands in Bloom takes place July 11th 2018.


Social Housing Provision


• The Council`s housing company is currently suspended.

• The Council has bought a property. It houses homeless families.

• The Council can only use thirty percent of its money to invest in the housing stock. The housing stock will increase once the housing company restarts. It will also address new build housing. The housing company is likely to be re-introduced in the Autumn.


St Thomas Church and inauguration of the Commemorative Seat


• The Commemorative Seat will be placed on the war memorial site on St Thomas Road, South Wigston. The date of inauguration is Saturday 4th August 2018.


Terms of Reference for the Residents' Forums


• The Terms of Reference were attached with papers for tonight’s meeting.


• Additions to the terms of reference were included. Most of the suggestions were provided by residents.


• The Terms of Reference were debated and endorsed at Full Council.


• Attendance at all Residents’ Forum meetings are open to those who live and work in the Borough.


• Shopkeepers as a constituted body are members.


• The Lions and Wigston Civic Society are also members.


• The duration of Residents’ Forum meetings was agreed to be no longer than two hours. At the Chair’s discretion the meeting’s duration can be extended.


Local Area Co-ordinator for Wigston


• Sue Renton, Local Area Coordinator, introduced herself to residents. She gave a verbal outline of her role, experience and background history on why Local Area Coordinator roles were created and what they offer residents.


• The concept of the role comes from Australasia where it was used to help those with specific needs.


• Local Area Co-ordination uses a person-centered approach to support people and their families to have a good life in their communities. 


• Local Area Coordinators can help individuals to think about how to make life better and look at what they have to offer. They connect with others, to link people together and support them in being part of their community.


• Local Area Coordinators find out what is happening in individual areas and access the right help from services to take positive action.


• Local Area Coordinators can provide: short term support, signpost people to local services or community groups. They also provide longer term support and work with others to help them achieve their goals and lead a happier life. Their role is complimentary to that of Social Workers.


• The approach is about creating asset based Community development. The Officer identifies the assets within communities which can help to make the community more self-sufficient.


• Local Area Coordinators work with local people, local and county wide organisations and services to promote opportunities for people who may be at risk (vulnerable) or trying to cope with daily life due to their age, disability or low level mental health needs and those who are socially isolated.


• The Local Area Coordinator for Wigston is looking to deliver Dementia Friends awareness sessions. This involves training to support people with dementia in the community. The session lasts an hour and provides really useful advice and information on how to recognise signs of dementia and how to provide simple help to those in neighbourhoods who may need extra help, making Wigston more of a dementia friendly community


Pride of the Borough


A representative of Pride of the Borough did not attend this meeting. In their absence the Chair provided the following update information.


• Judging for Britain in Bloom takes place on Wednesday 11th July 2018.


• A Green Flag was received for Peace Park.


• Flowers in tubs are now displayed on the dual carriage way barriers.


• Bedding plants have not yet been displayed.


• The Chair has not yet received an answer from Highways about the cutting of the verges.


• The gutters have been sprayed with weed killer.


• It was observed that the island is full of weeds.


Chair's Updates


Capital Projects Update



Litterbin on Barford Close off Durnford Road.


The base for the litterbin is now in place. The litterbin is expected to be fitted shortly.


The Wigston Pinfold Refurbished Trough Project


The final draw down of funds to conclude the Pinfold Project is complete. The trough will be placed in position shortly. It will be sectioned off. At the bottom will be a water reservoir. The top will be filled with plants and will be watered. It will be located on Newbold Close along with the interpretation board.


Maromme Square benches and play equipment.


The Maromme Square project will move forward with the agreement of residents.

A consultation took place. Only two residents responded.


Forum Budget Update


The current Wigston Residents’ Forum budget stands at £51,000.



Spending Requests


Request for funds to create an information board about London Houses (Moat Street) and the new totem pole.


A form and supporting documents in respect of an application by Wigston Civic Society for an award from the Wigston Residents' Forum of £283.62 in respect of an information board to be placed next to the totem pole and a plaque (yet to be installed) in the new Jelson development on Moat Street.


Half of the cost will be met by Jelson Construction Company. A contribution of £100 is to be donated by the Wigston Historical Society. £50.00 will be donated by Wigston Civic Society. The information board will match others in the Borough.


Jelson Ltd will pay for the information board and the plaque which has been donated.


The grassed area was the site where laundry horses were kept. The cottages on Moat Street were demolished. The factory doubled in size. Metal chains on concrete posts used to be located there. This stone was obtained from the cottages. Jelson will install the plaque and information board.


Residents were asked if they supported the award of £283.62, everyone present agreed. No objections were raised to the award being granted.


Request for funds to purchase a wheeled Grass Strimmer.

Little Hill Residents Association requested the sum of £150.00 to purchase a wheeled grass strimmer. The grass strimmer will be used to cut the grass which grows up against the walls and cannot be reached with a lawnmower. The strimmer comes with wheels. This will make it easier for residents to handle it.


The Little Hill Residents Association will maintain the grass strimmer. It will buy the petrol and strimmer wire for the tool. The tool will provide up to ninety minutes of cutting time, unlike battery powered ones which can only cut for 30 minutes. Strimming of the grass will take place on a monthly basis, from Launceston Road down to the School and Durnford Road.


Residents were asked whether they supported the proposal. Residents agreed to the purchase of the grass strimmer. No objection to the purchase was raised.


Items Raised by Residents


Garden Waste Bin Scheme


• The Garden waste service will cost residents £35.00 per year.


• The charge for an extra bin is £20.00.


• The money raised will help to maintain a weekly collection service.


• Refuse and recycling will continue to be collected weekly. The Council has been directed by the County Council to remove all bottle banks.


• Wheelie bins are to be introduced for recycling. The introduction will save the council money.


• Bags will still be accessible. Officers will provide a dispensation for the use of bags. Recycling bins are now being delivered, they have brown lids. New lorries are arriving in September.


• The finance contract allows for hiring vehicles to cover the phasing in period.


• Casepak has the recycling contract.


• Clothing and black plastic must not be recycled. Beaumont Leys will not accept them.


• Frozen pizza boxes can be placed in recycling. Fresh ones cannot due to contamination. The frozen ones do not contaminate. Soup containers and plastic bags can be placed in recycling.


• Plant pots must be taken to the Tip.


• Oadby and Wigston Council is the best in the County for recycling.


• To educate residents the Council has used Letterbox magazine to state what can and cannot be placed in recycling.


• The Council does not want residents retaining wheelie bins on pavements. They not only look unsightly but can be trip hazards. The Council will use its powers to stop this. Flats will receive large recycling containers.


• The recycling wheelie bin takes 240 litres. Residents can order a second recycling bin.


• A request was made for bin men to place bins back on the edge of the property. Residents were encouraged to make complaints to the Depot if bins are not put back.


• With regards to the future of collecting domestic waste, the current survey shows some residents are in favour of bags and some for wheelie bins. There is no intention at the current time to move to wheelie bins. 


• Residents were reminded that they can use their old dust bin to place their domestic black bag waste. The bin men will take it away.


Brocks Hill Centre      


The future management of Brocks Hill Centre will save the Council £100,000 per year. The windows will be replaced.


It was reinforced that the Government grant is to be cut by thirty percent. Currently there is no financial pressure on the Council.


Tree Survey


A tree survey is in progress. The results will go to Planning. There is a new Tree Officer in place. In the next ten years there will be a loss of ninety-eight percent of Ash trees.


The County Council is organising replanting of native species.


Trees on verges and on the highway are the responsibility of the County Council. Trees on the verge of Tendering Drive are the responsibility of the County Council. Tendering Drive is a footpath on the Meadows Estate.


A new tree is planted  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Suggestions for Future Agenda Items


There were no suggestions for future agenda items. In concluding the meeting the Chair thanked residents for their attendance.


Date of the Next Meeting


Wednesday 19 September 2018, Council Offices, Bushloe House, Station Road, Wigston, LE18 2DR. The meeting commences at 7.00.PM. app available
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