Agenda and minutes

Wigston Residents' Forum
Wednesday, 12th July, 2017 7.00 pm

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Apologies for Absence


Four apologies were received from residents.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 13 March 2017 pdf icon PDF 111 KB




The minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record noting the following three amendments.


(i)       Mr M Harrington attended the meeting held 13 March 2017.

(ii)     The Premier Drum building application was for Lidl and Wickes stores, not solely Lidl.

(iii)   Regarding the award of £500 to the Civic Orchestra, a request was made for a check to be made with the Finance Department as to whether this was allocated.



Local Policing Issues


The Police crime statistics were shared with residents.


Four burglaries - these were to dwellings and sheds and 18 push bikes were stolen. The Police advised residents to security mark their bikes and place locks on all shed doors. Two robberies took place.  Thirty eight vehicles were damaged. This damage related slashed tyres and break-ins.


The break-ins mainly related to vans. Residents were reminded to take tools out of the back of vans.


Anti-social behaviour of children playing on the top of the roofs of premises was reported. This was in the areas of Long Street and Bell Street. Children were seen on the roof top of the Sainsbury store in Bell Street.


Young people were reported smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol on the Little Hill Estate.


It is planned for plain clothed Police Officers to carry out searches on the Little Hill estate. The Polices informed residents they would be looking into anti-social behaviour issues on the green area.


DEFRA Air Quality Annual Status Report Update pdf icon PDF 1 MB


A slide presentation entitled Air Quality Status Report 2017 was received by residents. Hard copies of the presentation were circulated at the meeting.


Key points were made; observations noted and answers to resident questions given as follows:


DEFRA directed the report be shared with residents. It required the Council to involve and advise residents on the findings of the report.


The data set shared was complete and cannot be changed. It referred to 2016 statistics. Any issues raised could affect the report. All reports could be accessed from the Council’s website. The data layout followed DEFRA`s guidance.


The meaning of the term air quality was outlined, in relation to pollutants and the measurement and the effects on peoples’ health.


Nitrous Oxide sampling was measured borough wide using diffusion tubes. A photo of a Nox diffusion tube was shown. An example of one can be seen placed on the Tesco  roundabout  in South Wigston.


Previous collection sites were highlighted. These have now been removed from monitoring as results were low.


51.58 was the raw data measurement in South Wigston. Canal Street facade had an exposure limit of 39.72.  Passive data tubes are being used to measure pollution levels.


Additional monitoring was being done on Aylestone Lane, Shakerdale Road and  Blaby Road, South Wigston.  An air quality station is to be put in place by Canal Street. There were now 10 tubes down on Blaby Road.


All Nox samples were sent to Government laboratories to be tested for accuracy.  At the end of the year they receive a factor.  The factor adjusts the raw data number.


Residents were informed that South Wigston residents had already provided comments and suggestions which would be added to the report and shared. The next reporting period would be the end of July 2018.


At the end of 2013, it was noted that with the building of South Leicester College, the pollution level was above 40 milligrams. The result meant extra monitoring took place.


Suggestions made by residents of South Wigston were incorporated into the feedback report to DEFRA.


To conclude the presentation, the Officer said the Council had received £25,000 for monitoring equipment. This would help to buy the air quality monitoring in South Wigston, near to the Health Centre. There is monitoring in South Wigston of Magna Road to Blaby Road. The Officer would be requesting monitoring from further up Saffron Road.


Residents were requested to send comments and observations by email to:




Circulate the presentation to residents electronically.


Waste Survey Consultation Feedback (Information Only) pdf icon PDF 795 KB


The resident’s attention was drawn to the paper circulated electronically and as a hard copy at the meeting. It was marked “for information only”.


The survey results were also shared by post to residents who did not have an email address listed on the Wigston Resident’s Forum database and it was unknown whether they would be attending the Forum meeting.


Overall residents wanted to keep weekly bin collections.


On the third question regarding green waste, the recycling rate was less important.


On the question of introducing wheelie bins, the strongly agree and agrees and the strongly disagree and disagree views were almost the same.


A report was out today which addressed the Council`s budgetary position and the potential changes to be made. The Chair said once a plan was in place residents would be consulted again.


·         Over 2300 residents responded to the consultation survey.

·         A resident asked about the use of wheelie bins for the collection of normal waste. The response received for their introduction was fifty- fifty.

·         There was a forty percent response by paper and the remainder by email.

·         37% of residents strongly agreed that a fortnightly waste collection would cause them hardship.

·         As a priority residents valued the frequency of collection for household and recycling waste.

From the Waste Survey feedback, options were being addressed as to what residents suggested should be done. Some residents want a waste garden collection and some do not.


Some residents said they were willing to pay for garden waste to be collected and some do not wish to pay.


If the Town goes for wheelie bins the Council will pay for them. Charging for the collection of garden waste was an option to consider.


On the practicalities of recycling, the Chair said if residents were in doubt whether to put in a specific item it was better to put it in than to leave it out. For clarity on what could be recycled, a resident could ring Customer Services for confirmation.



Changing The Forum - Tell Us What You Think


The Chair invited residents to complete a paper copy of a three question survey brought to tonight’s meeting. Residents were requested to return their replies no later than 4 September 2017. All responses were to be sent to the Community Engagement Officer by the following email address:


Residents were invited to take a card, containing the three questions which they did. Replies could also be returned by post.


The survey was instigated by this Council not the County Council. It provides a mechanism to hear the views and suggestions of residents on how best residents wanted the Forum to run.


The Chair added that there was now no means for residents to raise petitions to the County Council unless there were ten thousand signatories.


Pride of the Borough


A representative for Pride of the Borough was unable to attend this evenings meeting. The Chair gave a brief update on their behalf.


Britain in Bloom came to visit the Borough last week. It was hoped their judging would lead to an award. Another inspection is planned for this August. The Chair will report the outcome to residents in due course.


Green Flag inspection took place for this year. The result will be shared soon.


Pride of the Borough was in the process of installing marble planter containers. One will be placed near the pet shop on Leicester Road. These have been paid for by Pride of the Borough and sponsorship received.



Wigston Traders' Update


It was reported that the Oadby and Wigston Lions were taking on the Christmas lights switch on. Richard Darlaston , the present Treasurer of the Wigston Lions will be talking to schools for a contribution of festive songs for this event. The event takes place on 2 November 2017.


Chair's Updates


The Chair’s Update paper was presented to residents.


Capital Projects Update


The following capital projects were endorsed by the Council`s Policy, Finance and Development Committee.


The Community First Responders award of £180. This sum was for the purchase of two fluorescent jackets, one of which should fit a female.

A request for the purchase of a cooker for Friends of Peace Park was agreed. Clarification on the type and dimensions of the cooker was yet to be agreed.


A defibrillator will be bought and fitted to the wall of the Sainsbury’s store in Bell Street. Permission for the fitting was given by the Manager of Sainsbury`s store.


The Council agreed to provide a top up of funds to the three forums for the new financial year. Wigston was allocated £29,000, Oadby £29,000 and South Wigston £15,000. Allocations were based on the populations within each area.



Forum Budget Update


The Forum update budget was received by the residents the balance currently stands at £23,603.



Spending Requests


Proposal for the Purchase of a Gazebo by Oadby & Wigston Lion’s Group


The Lions pitched a written proposal for funding to purchase a Gazebo. Each pound the Lions raised must go to charity; therefore there were no funds available for a gazebo. Administrative costs were also paid by fundraising. A payment also had to be paid to the Lions international.


The Gazebo will help raise the profile of the Lions and would serve to recruit new members.


Last year funding was raised for Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson’s, the Gateway Clubs, Friends of Peace Park and Mapplethorpe Children’s Home. The Lions reported that they were working with the Town Centre Manager to organise this year`s Christmas event.


The cost of the Gazebo was stated to be £1000. It would be used to raise funds for the benefit of all.  The Gazebo measured some 3 metres squared. It came with side panels, in colours of blue and yellow.


The Chair outlined the procedure for requests for funding to be brought to the Forum. He also emphasised that checks and balances were in place for approving or not approving funding proposals.


Residents suggested the Lions approach Oadby Residents Forum for a contribution, consider Crowd Funding and approach Voluntary Action Leicestershire for funding.




A written proposal for the Gazebo, with all the attendant costs will be brought to the next Resident Forum meeting in September.



Oadby Memorial Seat


Oadby were successful in getting a memorial seat. They cost £1400 including fitting. It was proposed the Forum consider if a similar seat bid could be made. This was discussed at the Armed Forces Group. The proposal is to purchase such a seat for each of the Town Centres. This should happen 2018.



Pinfold Trough Seat


A funding grant was requested for Pinfold. Pride of the Borough (PoB) were said to be putting forward a design for a trough seat with an explanation board.


PoB will bring a written proposal for consideration to the next Forum meeting in September.


Two Bins for Stanhope Road


Two bins were proposed for Stanhope Road. The bins cost £350.


This proposal will be considered at the September Forum.


The County Council charges a sum of money for any item fixed to the Highway. Oadby and Wigston Council will dispute some of the costs. The Council will require the exact location where the item will be placed.



Items Raised by Residents and Suggestions for Future Items


Bus Service 49a Stoppage


The stoppage of the bus service 49a will be addressed through the County Council. It was stated that the stoppage was causing disadvantage to residents who must catch two buses.


Falling Leaves on Trees in Bell Street


It was noted that the leaves on trees in Bell Street were falling off. A maintenance period was included in purchase of the trees. The trees have been watered and this should rectify the issue.


The question was raised as to how much Harborough Car Parking officers are paid for ticketing vehicles. The Harborough Council charge over £35. Monitoring was done on one and a half days a week. There was also an extra charge for coming out at weekends. The whole system of car parking is under review.



Date of the Next Meeting


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