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Wigston Residents' Forum
Monday, 13th March, 2017 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Offices, Station Road, Wigston. View directions

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Notes of the Previous Meeting held on 16 November 2016 pdf icon PDF 103 KB


The Minutes of the previous meeting held November 16th 2017 were accepted as a true and accurate record once the following points of accuracy and updating under Matters Arising were addressed.


Page 4: On the request for the County Council to place a drop kerb by Wigston Library, Councillor Charlesworth read out the following statement he received from the County Council.”After undertaking a site visit to the area, it is appreciated that there is not a direct route to the library from the Burgess Street/Junction Road car park, however there is the possibility of parking at Spring Lane car park at the rear of the library where there is a direct route to the library.


With current funding there needs to be a recognised need by a significant number of people and the alternative route would need to be a significant detour before we would consider implementing an improvement”.


Page 4: The phrase “Oadby and Wigston Civic Society “was changed to,”Wigston Civic Society”.


Page: 5 Councillor Boulter is progressing the placing of a defibrillator in the Sainsbury store, in Bell Street. Placement required a building which has long opening hours. An alternative location was identified as Jones Insurance premises, on an outside wall. The Council was awaiting permission from the Records Office to place the Defibrillator.


Page 6: The phrase “Hall`s shop” was changed to the phrase, “Hubert Hall shop”.


Local Policing Issues


PCSO 6678 Joshi read out the crime figures. These covered  the period from 01/01/17 to 13/03/17


Burglary- 17

Burglary other- 13

Theft from motor vehicles- 42

Criminal damage- 37

Theft Store- 21

Robbery- 3


Two people were arrested for prolific shop thefts. Robberies occurring were mainly of mobile phones.


Residents were reminded that burglary “other”, included: sheds, garages and commercial buildings. Thefts included theft from stores and damage could also relate to domestic incidents.


Residents were reminded to lock vehicles and close house windows.


A Resident questioned if the Police had received complaints about two white vans parked on the corner of Victoria Street, plus inconvenient parking on Glaston Street.


The Police explained the approach taken to vehicles parked on a bend on double yellow lines was, to find out to whom the vehicle belonged and go and speak with them. The Police also do a DVLA check on the vehicles. If the owners could not be found the vehicles were then lifted away.


A Resident stated seven cars were parked inconsiderately at the bottom of Kelmarsh Avenue near to the traffic lights. The Police stated none of these vehicles were parked illegally and were mainly Police vehicles .The Police have also accessed temporary parking space at the Horse and Trumpet club.


The Chair thanked PCSO Joshi for presenting the crime stats.


Natural Discovery Volunteer Project - Presentation


A presentation was given on what the Natural Discovery Volunteer Project is. It covered the role of volunteers.


Key points noted were:


  • Volunteers form friendships, were provided with light refreshments and learn new skills. A key benefit of volunteering was the maintenance of one’s mental and physical health.
  • Volunteering saw people enabled to work on path maintenance at Pochin`s Bridge. People learnt skills such as path maintenance, how to cut small brambles and maintained trees. All the equipment required is provided. Refreshments were provided.
  • Mobility scooters were able to be used in some areas and therefore increased inclusivity of people from various backgrounds, abilities and health states.
  • Residents learnt how to do hedge laying and carried out wild-life surveys.
  • To become involved Residents only needed to bring themselves. There were three sites for available for volunteering.
  • To become involved in volunteering across the Borough, residents were encouraged to contact:


A Resident asked if the Project was engaged with the Scouts and Guides. This was an area in development. Schools and Colleges were also to be contacted.


A Resident questioned whether there were groups in the Borough who could do garden tidying, especially for people less mobile and the elderly. The Officer was not sure about this but said she would contact the Master Gardeners Group to find out.

A Resident stated Age Concern had such a scheme but there were not enough volunteers at present.


A leaflet about the Natural Discovery Volunteer Project was circulated at the meeting.




Circulate the presentation to Residents.


Wigston Traders' Update


The Wigston Traders Group was reported to be still in development, therefore tonight`s update was provided by a representative of Oadby and Winston Lions.

Key points  noted were:


  • Wigston Lights Switch-On takes place on; Saturday 24th November 2017 at 12 Noon. Mark Hryniw, the Town Centre Manager was thanked for his contribution to making last year`s event a success.
  • Help provided last year was greatly appreciated.
  • Positive Resident feedback was received about last year`s Switch-on.
  • Billy Bates Funfair was invited to return for 2017.
  • A sub-committee was formed to further develop the event for 2017.
  • Future funding was being sought for purchasing more lights.
  • Residents were invited to come out and support the 2017 event.
  • A Resident commented that the 2016 Town lights were, “lovely”.
  • A Resident stated that there were one or two dark areas at the end of the Town Centre which could have benefitted from lighting.


At the end of the Update the Chair expressed thanks to the Oadby and Wigston Lions for a successful 2016 event.


Refuse and Recycling - Consultation pdf icon PDF 340 KB


The Chair provided an Update on the Refuse and Recycling Consultation:


Key points noted were:


The first round of the consultation closed last night.


The County Council is halting all sale of recycling materials by borough and district authorities. This will mean the loss of £250.000, plus a further £170,000 to divert landfills. £80,000 for the green waste has ceased. The Council`s loss will be near to £500,000 of its total budget expenditure.


The Council was looking for over 2,000.replies from residents. Residents were encouraged to return the consultation forms as a paper copy or online. The result will help part two of a second consultation. This was identified to be in June or July 2017. It will be influenced by what Residents said.


One option was garden waste collection could be charged for at the rate of £25 to £40.00 per year. There was no statutory duty to collect garden waste.


The Borough must collect five recyclets.There was no collection of plastic film and carrier bags.

Oadby Road recycling plant could be closed down.


Residents expressed their thanks to the Council for its waste removal work.


The Chair answered a series of Residents questions` on the following :the profitability of waste collections, the collection of brown bags, recycling of waste food, whether money would be given for returned bottles, whether the next refuse and recycling consultation would be published in the Letterbox magazine.


The waste collection makes a profit.


Brown and green bags are excellent, although changing the Lorries may initially slow collections as they do not have bid lifts. There may be some down time in where rubbish is sent to. For example Syston.


The Council does not recycle waste food. The County Council will not give money for refunded bottles. The next consultation will be circulated through the Letterbox magazine.


The Chair directed any Residents who did not receive the Letterbox magazine to leave their details with the Community Engagement Officer who would ensure it was sent to the appropriate officer to be registered for a copy.


Although this Forum meeting was a day after the closure of the refuse and recycling consultation deadline, the Chair encouraged residents to hand in their consultation forms.


Following the update the Chair thanked Residents for their past recycling efforts.


Chair's Updates


Pride of the Borough


The Pride of the Borough provided the following update:


In 2017 Oadby and Wigston entered the Britain in Bloom competition.


It is hoped a silver gilt medal will be awarded this year. Last year the Borough came joint second with Bath .The award covered not just flowers but cleanliness and community spirit.


Pride of the Borough has worked with businesses and has produced a membership card which annually costs £5.00 to renew. It allowed access to discounts from forty two outlets.


The card was accessible from Customer Services in Bell Street and Brock Hill Park and Conservation Centre in Oadby. New shops will be approached.


People wishing to join litter picking working groups were notified each month of the time and venue for meeting up. Bags and litter pickers were provided.


A floral display completion was in the planning. For details Residents were informed that this event takes place the second two weeks in July. Residents were informed they could pick up a leaflet about the event from: the Council Office on Station Road, Wigston Library, and Customer Services in, Bell Street. The competition will hold a series of themes under different categories. Some leaflets and photos were shared with the residents.


There was a working party which meets the third Saturday of each month, 10am till 12 Noon.


For more information, contact Brocks Hill Country Park and Visitor Centre, Washbrook Lane, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5JJ, or email: Click on or ring: 07874228491.


Items Raised by Residents and Suggestions for Future Items


Little Hill Resident Association – Grass and Leaf Blower


Finance is progressing the purchase of the Grass /Leaf Blower.


Welford Road Girl Guides- Replacement Shed


Finance was progressing the purchase of the replacement shed.


Dog Mess


Councillor Michael Charlesworth expressed the view that; dog mess was a key issue in the; Harcourt, Stanhope Road and Blaby Road areas. Two requests had been made for bins. One bin in the alley off Stanhope Road and the other off Meadow Way. The Forum was requested to consider this. Normal bins would be purchased for collection of the dog mess.


The Services Committee will be discussing dog fouling on; Tuesday 21st March 2017.




M Smith is to investigate.


Peace Park  Replacement Cooker


A request of £400 was requested for the replacement of a community cooker by the Trustee of Peace Memorial Park. It would be an updated facility for groups using the community facility. This proposal was agreed.


Pride of the Borough Project Supported by Wigston Civic Society.


Seat trough and information board to improve Pinfold


A proposal was brought for placing a seat trough and information board to improve Pinfold. This was an area where stray animals used to be collected. The Civic Society would like to help the Pride of the Borough with planting the trough. The cost requested was £200.00.


A proposal was made for one of the cow troughs at Brocks Hill to be placed at the Pinfold.


It was agreed to check with the County Council if it would be allowed to establish the trough on the pavement.




It was agreed that a check would be made with County Council to see if this proposal was viable. If the use of an old trough was not viable then the Forum would look to purchase a new one.


Civic Orchestra spend in 2016


A check is to be made with Finance to see if the Civic Orchestra had spent a previous award of £500.Report the findings to the meeting of the next Forum meeting.


Future Items for Discussion


Chewing gum on the pavements/walkways of Wigston.


A Resident noted that chewing gum was seen on the floor between Sainsbury and Bell Street This included the area where the bin was.

A Chewing Gum Action Group has been formed nationally to address this issue.




The Chair agreed to contact Wrigley which has funds to address this issue.


Clearance of Autumn leaves from trees.


A Resident thanked the Resident`s Forum for the removal of leaves which littered an area by Spa Lane.


Sums which had to be made to Cover a Grievance at the Borough Council.


The Chair addressed a question raised by a Resident concerning how much it cost the Council to address a grievance. This was in light of the Council having had to make a £700,000 saving of Government cuts.


The Chair stated as follows:

The Local Authority placed money in a budget which covered all, grievances, disciplinaries and investigations.


All funds came out of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 35.


Date of the Next Meeting


The next meeting is likely to be July 2017 once the Council has endorsed its schedule of meetings for 2017 to 2018.


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