Agenda and minutes

Oadby Residents' Forum - Thursday, 27th July, 2017 6.30 pm

Venue: The Barnabas Centre, St Paul's Close, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 4LZ

Contact: Veronika Quintyne  Email:

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Councillors B Dave, Mrs A R Bond, B Fahey and J Kaufman and 5 residents.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 28 February 2017 pdf icon PDF 93 KB


The minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record following being checked for points of accuracy. No points of accuracy were raised.



Local Policing Issues


PS Lindsey Booth and PCSO Len Browne introduced themselves.  PS Booth stated a new PCSO, Kevin Balady, would soon be covering Oadby. Residents were then up dated with the crime statistics since the last quarter.


Crime has decreased.  It was emphasised that residents can ring the101 phone line to report crime and that policing is demand led.


Over the past two weeks there were three burglaries targeting high performance cars and Asian gold jewellery.


Over the summer season, a Stay Safer Campaign has focussed on young people.


The car park in front of the Co-op gates has been closed resulting in some anti-social behaviour.


Paper copies of the crime statistics are available on request.  Burglaries and damage to cars have occurred around the Woodfield Road area.


The Police have no statistics on whether the early switch-off of lighting has contributed to burglaries.  Burglaries have mainly occurred in daylight hours.  Currently it is not possible for the Police to share the outcome of the burglary which occurred on Pinfold Drive. Residents have filmed attempted burglaries taking place in daylight hours.


The success of Police operations is placed on the Police website. The Police go through the reports of crime daily and can receive a response directly. Reports of non urgent crime can be made to a Police Officer’s voicemail.


Young people have been observed breaking into vehicles on the Sandhurst Street Car Park.


The Police reminded residents to lock their car, garage and shed doors. The Mosque cameras cover a proportion of the car park and Police also patrol the area.


The Police have received no reports of speeding offences around Florence Wragg Way, where motorists are said to be coming off at the roundabout.


The Police log sites as safe sites and said they would address the issue of speeding. Speeding was also reported on Hunters Way and Fludes Lane.


Leicestershire County Council has made speed checks along Florence Wragg Way. The Chair stated speeding along the A6 was reducing.


The incident reported of a house and a car being “egged” in Fairfield Road was dealt with under Community Safety. The issue was passed to the Youth Offending Service. The person responsible no longer resides in the Borough.


Residents thanked PCSO Len Browne for his vigilance around Uplands Park.


DEFRA Air Quality Annual Status Report Update pdf icon PDF 1 MB


A slide presentation titled, Air Quality Status Report 2017, was received by residents. Hard copies of the presentation were circulated at the meeting, electronic copies were also circulated.


Key points were made; observations noted and answers to resident questions provided.


A question was raised about risk to areas like schools and the recording of air quality on the A6 and air density around areas like the Manor School. Planners have requested Enviromental Health flag up any problems around the A6. This report is to be shared with the Health and Wellbeing Board.


To conclude the presentation, the Officer said the Council had received £25,000 for monitoring equipment. Residents were invited to send comments and observations by email to:




The Officer agreed to return to the next Forum with figures around the Launde School and A6.



Waste Survey Consultation Feedback (For Information) pdf icon PDF 467 KB


The residents’ attention was drawn to the Waste Survey Results feedback. The paper was circulated electronically, and as a hard copy at the meeting.


The survey results were also shared by post to residents who did not have an email address listed on the Oadby Resident Forum database as it was unknown whether they would be attending the Forum meeting.


From the Waste Survey feedback, the Council is currently considering the results.




A further update on the Waste Survey will be brought back to the Forum meeting in September.



Changing The Forum - Tell Us What You Think


Residents were invited to take a consultation card which listed three questions to elicit their views, comments and suggestions for change with regard to the Forum. The card was shared by post with residents who are listed on the Forum database but do not have access to an email address.


The feedback from the questions will be shared with residents at the next Residents Forum meeting. The deadline for returning responses by post or email to the Council`s Community Engagement Officer is 4 September 2017. The email address is:



Pride of the Borough


Graham Lamb from Pride of the Borough was unable to attend and therefore Councillor Carter gave a brief update.


Pride of the Borough has 700 members.


The judges from East Midlands in Bloom will be visiting key areas in the Borough on Wednesday 9 August 2017.


Some of the key areas to be judged are: Oadby Wigston Road, Parklands, Brock Hills Park and Conservation Centre, Ash Tree Road, Portland Walk, back along Richmond, Fairstone Hill, through the village and the Botanical Gardens.


Pride of the Borough is in the process of installing three marble planters. One will be placed near the Legion Club, another by Epic Accessories and one by East Street car park. These have been paid for by Pride of the Borough and sponsorship received.



Oadby Traders' Update


The Oadby Festive Lights Switch-On will be held on 11 November 2017from 3pm - 7pm.


The Oadby Car Festival on The Parade will take place 13 August 2017.


A burger place has now leased out what previously was a noodle bar.


The Co-op building is to be divided up to host a range of units.


Residents requested the Town Centre Manager and the Traders Co-ordinator to put up signage to inform residents in, a timely manner as to the closure of The Parade for events and where residents can access buses.



Chair's Updates


The Chairs’ update paper, agenda item 7, was presented to residents.



Capital Projects Update


Phoenix Therapies ‘Take the Weight off your Mind’ Project Update Report


The return of an update report by Phoenix Therapies on the project ‘Take the Weight off your Mind’ was requested. Concern was expressed that the outcome of this project offered to potentially vulnerable people must be shared. 




The facilitators are to be requested to present an update report to residents at the next forum meeting. It was suggested if Phoenix Therapies did not provide an update the Council should be open to taking other action.



Forum Budget Update


The Forum Update Budget was received by the residents. The balance currently stands at £11,911.


A draft paper outlining the future process for how proposals are to be presented to the resident forums was circulated. This draft paper follows up on the Council`s previous audits and suggestions received on developing greater accountability for money spent and the monitoring and evaluation of proposals.



Spending Requests




Items Raised by Residents and Suggestions for Future Items


Removal of Grey Post Boxes


The grey post boxes are still in situ and are decaying further. The Post Office is responsible for their removal.


Commemorative Stones


It was concluded that a lot of discussion has taken place over a few years as to where to place these stones with a board. The stones were once part of the Sandhurst Primary School, which now houses the Poundstretcher store.


The Civic Society considered taking on this Project but as the lettering on the stones were faint and required attention at a cost, it has agreed it could not take forward the project.


Councillor Kaufman was carrying forward the project. It appeared the discussion had come to an impasse and a suggestion was made to discontinue the project.


Oadby Swimming Pool Site


The Council is still considering the best options for the use of this site.


Stoughton Road Double Yellow Road Markings


The double yellow markings have now been completed.


Oadby Cemetery


It was reported that there was no sign of damage caused by a fallen tree.  A resident stated the cemetery was untidy and the top end looked “scruffy”.


Launde School and Parent Parking on Grass Verges


The Police have patrolled this area. They saw no one parked on the grass verges. On the Launde School on Uplands Road significant damage was seen. The Police have been informed.


A Proposal for a Seat by the A6


A resident brought in a written proposal for the purchase and fitting of a refurbished seat. The seat works out cheaper than buying a new one. Buying more than one seat would not alter the cost.


The seat is to be placed on land adjacent to the A6 traffic island and Florence Wragg Way. It will act as a resting point for tired walkers. The proposal costs £875. A vote was taken on the proposal. The proposal was accepted.


Two Bins Requested on the A6


A resident requested two bins to be placed on the A6. One city bound and one county bound. Photographs were received of the proposed area where the bins are to be placed.



Costings are to be sent to the resident to support the proposal. The resident is expected to return with a costed proposal to the September meeting.


A Dustbin Proposed for Fairfield Road


A dustbin was proposed at the previous meeting to be placed on a lamp post at the bottom of Fairfield Road jitty.




Check with the street furniture officer whether dustbins can be mounted on lampposts.


Fludes Lane Path Repair


The gravel has degraded on parts of the path. It becomes muddy and impassable with flooding on a rainy day. It was reported that the paths repair will be in the 2018 Capital Programme.




Check which part of the 2018 Capital Funding Programme the repair falls under and report back to the Forum.


Community First Responders Jackets


An award to purchase two florescent jackets costing £80 each was given to the Community First  ...  view the full minutes text for item 10.


Date of the Next Meeting


Tuesday 20th September 2017, 6.30pm at Oadby Trinity Methodist Church, Open Space, Harborough Road, Oadby LE2 4LA

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