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Oadby Residents' Forum - Tuesday, 28th February, 2017 6.30 pm

Venue: Beauchamp College, Ridge Way, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5TP

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Notes of the Previous Meeting held on 02 November 2016 pdf icon PDF 100 KB


Matters arising from the previous minutes were reported on.


Page 2: Last year there was discussion on the Local Plan. The next consultation period will not come in Spring but in late Summer 2017.


The Pride of the Borough website can be accessed by putting in “Pride of the borough” in the search engine or clicking here.


Page 5 - With regard to the report on land grabs of Council land, a letter was sent to one resident. They responded by removing their planting from Fludes lane.


Page 5 - The Oadby Grange petition was presented to the Council.


Councillor Kaufman reported on car parking areas, and the wall outside St Peter`s church hall. Western Power is to act positively in that they are going to tidy up the area, perhaps by taking down the wall and replacing it with wire fencing.


The traffic coming off the mini island is being dealt with by Councillors Gamble and Kaufman.


Page 6 - On the issue of the old swimming pool next to Ellis Park an update outlining the current position was provided for this meeting as part of the Chairman`s Update.


Local Policing Issues


The Police provided crime statistics covering the period from November 1st 2016 to 28 February 2017, as follows:


  • Criminal damage 21
  • Burglary of Dwellings – 40
  • Burglary Non Dwelling – 12
  • Vehicle Crime –  46


Residents were advised that there has been a spike in thefts from vehicles. Some vehicles were left unsecured.


A Resident asked if it was possible to link the spike in thefts with the street lights being turned off. The Police stated no research has been done to see if there was a correlation with lights being turned off and thefts.




The Police will request whether research is to be carried out on this point.


A Resident raised the issue of problematic anti-social behaviour she has experienced on Fairfield Road and the misuse of an alleyway near her home. Young people have thrown eggs at her windows and doors and on parked cars. Stones have also been thrown at property. She felt the alleyway was attracting anti-social behaviour and suggested it be closed from public use.


Dog and human faeces was also seen in this alleyway. Open drug use has also been observed on Fairfield Road.




The Police agreed to speak with the Resident following the meeting. The Officer requested she keep a diary of the anti-social behaviour and report it. He will raise the misuse of the alleyway with the Local Authority.


Once the update was concluded the Chair thanked the Police.


Natural Discovery Volunteer Project - Presentation


The newly appointed Natural Discovery Volunteer Project Officer presented on the Project`s development and encouraged Residents to volunteer. She outlined the benefits of the project. For example: It can support peoples mental and physical well being. It is also fun. An outline of how residents can get involved was outlined.


  • Lead volunteers are given training, on Health and Safety and First Aid.
  • South Leicestershire College is growing its own vegetables.
  • There is path maintenance on Pochin`s Bridge with the clearance of moss and grass. Scrub is being removed to make way for nice hedges.
  • Litter picking is a popular activity. People in wheelchairs are involved.
  • Wildlife surveys are being carried out.


To carry out the tasks people only require sensible clothing and footwear. Refreshments are provided .Plenty of water, tea, coffee and biscuits. Brocks Hill provides all the equipment required by Volunteers and all abilities are welcome.


Residents can volunteer to help in Fludes Lane, at Pochin`s Bridge and at Brocks Hill Park.


A leaflet on the Project was circulated at the meeting to compliment the slide presentation.


On concluding the presentation the Chair thanked the Officer.


Further information about the Project and specific volunteering dates can be accessed by contacting or ring 0116 2572863.


Oadby Traders' Update


Sam Gutteridge thanked Residents for supporting and attending what was a very successful light switch-on. Thousands of people attended. The Steering Group meets next month to start planning an even better light Switch-on.


The Town centre closes down for the day. The increased public footfall encourages people to come into the Town Centre. The Resident Forum was thanked for the award which contributed to the lights.


The next Vintage Car parade takes place Sunday August 13th 2017.


It has been noted that since the HSBC bank closed footfall has fallen. The Co-op closes down June 14th 2017. However, the shop occupancy level appears to be above the average for England, with a few shops to let.


A Face book page has been established for Oadby Town Centre. To access this Residents need to type “Oadby Town Centre” into the computer search bar. This Face book page will inform Residents of events taking place in the Town and will be closely monitored.


Residents’ attention was called to two petitions at the back of the room for which signatures were requested. The first concerned the County Council wishing to add on - street parking charges in the Town Centre. The second concerned the future use of the former swimming pool site.


On concluding the Update the Chair thanked Sam Gutteridge and the Traders Group for organising the two events held over the past 12 months. The Residents endorsed the Chair`s expression of thanks.


Refuse and Recycling - Consultation


The chair briefed the Residents on the future change to the Council`s refuse and recycling system. A consultation form was circulated at the meeting. Residents were requested to complete the form. An online copy was also available for gathering feedback from residents. Consultation responses must be returned to the Council by March 12th 2017.


Key points emerging from discussion and subsequent questions raised were as follows:


·         Refuse and recycling is currently the responsibility of Oadby and Wigston Council.

·         The County Council is responsible for disposing of Waste.

·         The Oadby and Wigston Borough Council receives a subsidy to reduce recycling going to landfill.

·         In 2018 the subsidy is to be removed by Leicestershire Council and Oadby and Wigston Council will have extra responsibility for handling waste.

·         Central Government is decreasing funding given to Councils therefore the Council is consulting residents on how best to manage refuse and recycling. This consultation ends March 12th 2017.

·         Residents are requested to respond to the consultation online. A paper copy may also be sent back to the Council via Customer Services.

·         Via Customer Services. There is also a copy available via the current Letterbox magazine.

·         Only one survey per household will be accepted. A Borough response of 1000 to 2000 is welcomed.

·         Following this consultation a more detailed survey will be circulated in the Summer. Residents’ opinion will be requested of what the changes should be.


Chair's Updates


The Chairs Update Budget, inclusive of the Police Crime Statistics was circulated at the meeting.


Conservation Area Plaques


The award for the purchase and fixing of the plaques was endorsed at the November 2016 Policy and Delivery Committee meeting.


A resident suggested a map image of the area where the plaques were to be placed should be inscribed onto the plaques.


The Plaques were due to be placed in situ in March 2017.


Two of the Plaques were brought to the meeting and passed around, so Residents could see the final version before they are installed.


On the Plaque the area in the red line is the actual conservation area.


The four Conservation Areas are:-


  • Oadby Hill Top and Meadowcourt (Stoughton Drive South/Knighton Grange Road/Manor Road)----4 plaques .
  • London Road and St. Peter's-----2 plaques.
  • North Memorial Homes and Framework Knitters Cottages----1 plaque.
  • Oadby Court----1 plaque (This is Brook House, ex. Hallam Construction Offices).

All plaques will be fixed onto brick piers at entrance to the properties and all owners have agreed.


The Forum was thanked for awarding the funding for this Project.


A Resident suggested Kibworth Town is used as an example in terms of how the plaques could be incorporated into a walking tour.


The Chair and Residents thanked Peter Bliss for his management of the Project.




Councillor Bond requested to be sent a list of addresses of the areas where the plaques are to be placed.


Phoenix Therapy


The Phoenix Therapy award was endorsed at the Policy Finance and Delivery Committee meeting.


Commemorative Stones


The Chair noted the Commemorative Stones were previously part of Sandhurst Street primary School. They were rescued by a Resident and for a time located at Parklands Centre. The Forum on a number of occasions discussed how they should be preserved for posterity. The Civic Society looked at taking them on as a project where the outcome was an agreement to place them at Burton’s Corner.


The Civic Society alone cannot manage the project and two or three people were required to work with this Borough Council and Stone Masons to put a project proposal together.




It was agreed that Councillor Kaufman leads on taking this project forward.


Howden Road Bus Shelter Seat


The Bus shelter seat was now installed.


Oadby and Wigston Community First Responders


As a correction to the previous report in November 2016, the Community First Responders do not have a base in hospitals. In the future they are to provide an article for the Letter Box magazine on the work of the Community First Responders. The scheme does have a twitter account and Face book these are as follows:

Oadby and Wigston Community First Responders provided an update at the November Residents Forum meeting. They were awarded £180 to purchase two high visibility jackets.

Community First Responders work in partnership with East Midlands Ambulance service. They are locally based and respond via EMAS to 999 emergency calls.


Community First  ...  view the full minutes text for item 35.


Items Raised by Residents and Suggestions for Future Items


A Request for a Bin on Fairfield Road


A Resident requested a bin to be placed on a post at the bottom of Fairfield Road. The location is at the bottom of the jitty which leads out to the A6.




The Resident is to bring back a proposal, inclusive of the cost of the bin for formal approval. There was a vote of 14 hands in favour of this outline proposal and no abstentions.


Siting a Bench by Florence Wragg Way


A Resident asked the Council for guidance on Sight Lines for a bench in relation to Florence Wragg Way. This was agreed in principle and is to be brought back as a detailed proposal to the next meeting.


Another Resident stated a hundred years ago there was a bench there. There was no sitting point until Gorse lane and added perhaps a heritage bench could be factored in there.


Another Resident commented that that spot had the potential to be noisy and dangerous. A Resident added, there used to be a bench there, near to the Golf Course and the spot is dangerous.


Another Resident suggested the more appropriate place could be by the Golf Course and the lane down to the fields away from traffic and away from pollution.

A further suggestion was that, the bench would be best accommodated by the Grange pub.




This item is to come back to the next Resident Forum meeting.


Two Bins requested by Waitrose Store


A resident requested two bins to be placed by Waitrose. One bin would be placed by the bus stop County direction and another Town side. This was agreed in principle. This is to be brought back to the next residents Forum meeting accompanied with photographs.


Festive Lights Switch On


A Resident commented that the Festive Lights Committee needs volunteer help, especially for obtaining a stage. The Resident asked in principle this be placed for discussion at the next Residents Forum.


Oadby Cemetery


A Resident raised concern about the Chapel Street side, which was looking unkempt.




Councillor Carter is to discuss this with the Council and also check if the damage caused by a tree fall in the cemetery has been repaired.


Surface Repair to Fludes Lane Path


There is difficulty walking through the lane due to mud, pebbles and the gravel being pushed down. The Council Management Plan is for the part of the path to be kept natural.




It was agreed to place this on the agenda for the next Resident`s Forum meeting.


Launde Road School and Parent Parking On Grassed Area


A Resident requested the Council raise with County Council Highways parents parking on a specific grassed area near the junction of Copse Close and Manor Road extension. This was identified as a possible cause of a dangerous situation and the backup of traffic near Copse Close and the chewing up of the grass. The Chair stated that the County Council made a policy decision not to act on parking  ...  view the full minutes text for item 36.


Date of the Next Meeting


The date of the next meeting will be published in the new municipal year. The meeting is likely to be around the end of June or early July 2017. The date will be notified to Residents.


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