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Oadby Residents' Forum - Wednesday, 6th July, 2016 6.30 pm

Venue: Oadby Baptist Church Hall, Leicester Road, Oadby, LE2 5BD

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Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 01 March 2016 pdf icon PDF 91 KB


The Minutes of the previous meeting held March 1st 2016 were accepted as a true and accurate record.


Local Policing Issues


Prior to the Police providing a verbal update crime report the Chair reminded residents that, the Resident Forum was established to give residents a voice to air borough issues which matter to them. The Forum meeting hosts an open surgery period from 6pm to 6.30pm for residents to raise individual concerns one to one with Councillors and the Police.


PC Stephen Henson provided an update on crime figures for the period since the Forum last met. This is summarised below:


Previous                                    Current


Burglary Dwelling                                12                                                        4

BOTD                                                  7                                                          1

Theft from Motor Vehicle                   14                                                        0

Robbery                                              1                                                          3

Criminal Damage                                13                                                        6

Burglaries of businesses                     3                                                          3


There were two reports of purse losses in Oadby on the same day.


Speeding on Stoughton Road was seen as a concern. A resident wished to see the Police monitor speeding traffic between the times of 9.30 – 11.00 am and 3.30 - 6.30pm. The number 40 bus was reported for being driven at over 40 miles and hour. The officer stated he will take back issues on speeding to the Senior Traffic Manager`s team for monitoring.


Traffic is being parked inconsiderately near to Beauchamp College. The Police noted this seems to be a recurring issue. A resident suggested that yellow lines placed on the highway might resolve this issue.

Speeding was reported on the Grange ward. New Street and Stoughton Road are being used as a cut through.


The Police are working with schools to resolve parking issues. Motorists and are being educated as to better use of the highway and in some instances being issued with letters.


Residents were requested to inform the Police of criminal activity by ringing 101.


Pride of the Borough


Today, East Midlands in Bloom were judging Oadby. The result will be published this September and be reported at the Forum .A full report will come in due course on the Pride of the Borough Litter Campaign, including work with schools.


Commemorative Stones Consultation


Residents were consulted on where the most appropriate position might be for placing the Sandhurst Street School commemorative stone and school plaque. A paper presentation on this issue was circulated at the meeting. This is to be circulated electronically.


Note was taken of the previous suggestion to place the stones on the Poundstretcher store site. This site still retains the original school gates. This idea was viewed as potentially creating a future problem of public ownership should the Poundstretcher store change ownership or be demolished.


Burton`s corner was another identified site, although some residents were concerned about electrical wiring under the ground and that it was not the original site of the school.


Residents were keen for the stones to be placed inside a purpose built structure, linked to a memorial board outlining the history of the school, the site and the stones.


In conclusion, resident consensus was to: work with the expertise of the Civic Society as the lead body to, compile a feasibility study, including costs for erecting the stones on Burton`s Corner.


Speed Check Monitor Device


Residents were consulted on whether they wished to have a speed check monitor device purchased and installed in Oadby. Wigston and South Wigston both have a speed check monitor device installed. A paper presentation on this issue was circulated at the meeting.


Residents questioned: who would be responsible for maintaining and monitoring the data on the device, what the device cost, whether there was a cost for changing the location of the device, could it be trialled in Oadby before purchase , what benefits it had given to Wigston and South Wigston and whether there was a need in Oadby for such a device to be purchased


A community organisation or committed volunteers are required to maintain and monitor the device. The cost to purchase is approximately £3,000.The device can be located on different lamp posts in the ward but not on main roads.


Three years ago Oadby had a speed watch project in place. It was suggested that rather than a speed monitoring device which few residents seem keen to volunteer to monitor, that perhaps this might be repeated to identify any specific problems with speeding.


By a show of hands the majority of residents did not think the purchase, installation and monitoring of an electronic speed device was viable at the current time.




This item is to be placed on the next Forum meeting agenda, inclusive of advice sought from the Police regarding what the benefits and disadvantages might be in the re-implementation of a speed watch project. The consultation presentation is to be circulated electronically.


Chair's Updates


Capital Projects Update


Capital Projects Update


     Oadby and Wigston Community First Responders as yet have not launched their Twitter Link. An article for the Letterbox newspaper is to be written.

     The litter bin between the top of Uplands Road and Manor High School The bin has been installed in Severn Road as requested by residents.

     Two bins requested for Coombe Park have been installed.

     Unofficial parking on Burton`s Corner-This is being dealt with by County Council Highways Authority.

     The placing of yellow lines on Stoughton Road is being progressed and the painting of ‘Keep Clear’ at the junction of The Yews has been completed.

     An informal friends of Coombe Park Group has been set up.

     Howden Road Bus Shelter – The Council Officer met with the County Council last Friday, 1st July to make a site visit. An application for the licence has been put in place. The County Council has raised no objections .It is the intention to have the seat in place in the next eight weeks.

     The award of £ 1,379.00 to repair the St Peter`s Church clock was endorsed at the Policy Finance and Development Committee. All paperwork has been passed to Finance to release payment.


Oadby Remembers 1914 to 1918


     A presentation was delivered outlining progress on this project. Initially this project was awarded £3,750.A proposal for further funding is to come to the forum in the near future. It has been very positively received. It has a corporate image since 2014. It includes eight exhibitions, inclusive of biographies, information on the Oadby Home Front and timelines of what was happening during the war in Oadby.


     The current exhibition concludes the end of July at St Peter`s Church.


     The history of 73 casualties has been logged and 25 biographies completed of these casualties. Information on another six to eight men who were not listed on the local memorial has been discovered. Since March 26th 2016 the project has become part of the Leicestershire and Rutland World War Reference Group.


     The exhibit includes a map of the homes in Oadby inhabited by the casualties. A venue to display this map is being sought. The project has involved schools and continues to generate more undisclosed information. The research and exhibition was praised for its content and the professionalism of display.




The presentation is to be electronically circulated


Requests for Spending and Update on Forum Budget


Conservation area plaques for Oadby


A proposal was brought by Oadby Civic Society for an award of £2,000 to cover the cost and installation of 10 conservation plaques. The plaques are made of black granite and would mark conservation areas in Oadby. The proposal is linked to the heritage trail.


A single plaque costs £85.00 for one measuring 200 x200. A 200x300 sized plaque costs £95.00.Owners`s permission is required to fix a plaque to a wall. Pride of the Borough is addressing the two Pinfolds. The vision is to have plaques in that area.


In the ensuing discussion residents raised questions as to what can and cannot be done in a conservation area and whether conservation has an inhibitory effect on new planning developments. These are questions which will be answered at the next Forum meeting.


All Residents were supportive in principle to funding the proposal.




A firmed up proposal inclusive of exact budget costs for the plaques, their installation and why the areas are conservation areas, is to be brought to the next Forum meeting.


Phoenix Therapies


Phoenix Therapies presented a proposal to launch a 10 week pilot project titled: Take the Weight off your Mind”. This project is already running in Wigston and South Wigston. The Project teaches people the emotional skills needed to support improved mental health wellbeing and how to achieve a happier and more fulfilled life. The proposal is seeking an award of £1,700.




A more detailed proposal including CV`s, stating: what has been achieved since 2012,how many people have been supported in Wigston and South Wigston with the Bi-Polar Group, how are assessments made ,including costs, is to come to the next Resident Forum meeting. The presentation is to be electronically circulated.


Items Raised by Residents and Suggestions for Future Items


Ellis Park


A feasibility study is being developed with reference to the swimming pool site. All options are to be brought forward and consultation is to take place with residents.


Grey Post Boxes


Councillor Kaufman is to raise the issue of the removal of the rotting grey post boxes with Leicestershire County Council Highways at the next meeting he attends.


Damaged Grass Verge Outside of Waitrose Store


Leicester County Council does not repair such verges.


East Street Car Park and Road


Potholes behind Marks and Spencer and Boots is being addressed through the sharing of costs for the repairs.


Entrance to Parklands


On the question raised by a resident as to who owns this land. The resident was informed that the land is in private ownership.


Potholes near to Burton`s Corner


A resident informed the meeting that there are deep potholes near to Burton`s Corner. These potholes are located on the A6 south side.


Blocked Drain Gulleys on Ashtree Road


Councillor Kaufman is to raise the issue of blocked gulleys with County Council highways. This may require a more permanent solution.


East Street Car Park and the LDO (Local Development Order).


Building on East Street Car Park was discussed at the Council`s Planning Committee. The LDO was rejected by a vote of 10 against and 3 in favour.


Fludes Lane


A resident who lives between Severn Road and Brookside Drive noted that the strip of land owned by the Council is raising the possible issue of land grabs. The dog bin and litter bin have been removed.




The Chair is to clarify the status of the land.


Kennedy House Asylum Seeker and Refugee Resettlement Accommodation Wigston


A resident requested fellow residents support the newly arrived residents of Kennedy House. The house is managed by G4S, a private sector company.


Highcroft Avenue Pizza Parlour


Residents reported growing concern over the amount of pizza shop packaging littering the area and pizza delivery drivers creating a potential hazard by parking on a bend in the road.


Date of the Next Meeting


Date:   Wednesday 31 August 2016

Time:   6.30pm

Venue: Barnabas Centre, Hamble Road, Oadby, LE2 4NX

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