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Children & Young Peoples' Forum - Wednesday, 14th June, 2017 6.30 pm

Venue: Council Offices, Bushloe House, Station Road, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 2DR. View directions

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Apologies for Absence


Cllr Mrs S B Morris, G White (Youth Offending Service - IMPACT Team), M McAllister (Reality Bus Project), J Crane (Wigston Club for Young People).


Reality Bus Update


In light of apologies given, M McAllister provided the following update to the forum via email:


“In contrast to some sessions young people have engaged very positively with the Reality Bus from the outset in Wigston. This quickly dispelled a worry we had around being somewhat hidden away and therefore hard to find.  Initially Wednesday's sessions started quieter than Friday but this balanced itself out within the first week or two. Now the average numbers across the last half term have leveled out.


On Wednesdays we have ranged from 15 to mid 30's of numbers attending and Friday has been between 17 and low 40's. The average for the two sessions is 26 for Wednesday and 27 for Friday.


We have positive engagement with the DJ mixing decks upstairs and chill out area as well as both the racing games and FIFA on the XBOX and PS4. Laptops have been popular for both internet access to things like Facebook, and multi-player games in addition to pre-installed games.


Downstairs the nail bar has been very well used as has the facility to have hot and cold drinks. The 'Just Dance' game which is played outside the bus by viewing the TV screen through the window inside had been popular with younger members.


The sessions have been supported by members of the Life Church at times, this has been especially useful as they are already known to, and have some sort of relationships with, children and young people attending the bus. This has helped us too in building relationships.  Furthermore, we have worked with the IMPACT team when they have been out while we have been operating. This has allowed a more holistic approach to working with children and young people in the area and we can both signpost young people towards times and sessions we are both working.


A challenge of the sessions, on both days, has been the wide age range of children and young people attending, some of the younger children being siblings of the young people. We have been working hard to develop a format which works for both groups while still giving the young people much needed time and space away from the younger ones.


One addition we are hoping to make soon is some additional board and card games on the bus to offer an alternative to electronic games and give further opportunities to chat to the young people. This would also be of benefit for the children who regularly engage with us. We have also spoken with the IMPACT team about them trying to facilitate some more structured times on the bus around issues affecting young people, for example using the 'drugs awareness box'.


One the whole it has been a very positive start to working in the borough.”


IMPACT Team Update


In light of apologies given, M McAllister provided the following update to the forum via email:


Football sessions on Blaby Road Park: Following a hugely successful 12 week programme at Wigston College on a Friday evening from Jan - April, the IMPACT team have been commissioned by OWBC to continue the football sessions at Blaby Road Park weekly on Friday evenings through the summer from 6:30pm. Sessions are free to young people and are run by our specialist sports workers.


IMPACT Street Based sessions: IMPACT workers Ajit and Louise continue to deliver street based work throughout Wigston on a weekly basis having worked in the area on and off for many years building up a vast knowledge of the community and the young people who hang out there. We have seen a reduction in the numbers of young people getting involved in ASB of late and have delivered work jointly with the local neighbourhood team and Council with key perpetrators. The IMPACT staff will continue to work with local businesses, most notably McDonalds and Sainsburys as well as various small businesses carrying out reassurance visits and passing on relevant information.


We will be supporting the Big Lunch event on Sunday 18th June with local residents being able to have a go at some of our street based diversionary game. If you are attending we look forward to seeing you there!”


Police Update


Due to a Police representative being unavailable this agenda item was deferred until the Forum taking place on 23 August 2017.


Wigston Anti-Social Behaviour


M Smith provided the Forum with an update on the outcome of the Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs) that had been issued to the most predominant, anti-social behaviour (ASB) linked young people in the Borough. Of the ten that were issued with ABCs all have now come off of them, although only one has done so with a positive change in behaviour noted.


The other ABC young people either removed themselves from the voluntary agreement, or their behaviour has escalated to a point where legal action was the required route. At least two of these young people are looking at receiving a Criminal Behaviour Order. The Joint Action Group will now be looking at these young people individually instead of the reported ASB issues as a whole in Wigston.


Joint working with local schools regarding ASB is improving, and having a positive impact on the reduction of ASB in the Borough. The reporting of ASB by the public is also improving, allowing for ASB to be dealt with appropriately, and in a timely manner. This may be linked to increased promotion of the work of the Oadby & Wigston Community Safety Partnership, and in the targeting of its work around ASB following the results of its last annual community safety survey.


OPCC Diversionary Funding


M Smith informed the Council that through funding available from the Police and Crime Commissioner, via the Oadby & Wigston Community Safety Partnership, the 12 week ‘Something to DO!’ Project pilot scheme has successfully been renewed for a full year’s worth of diversionary activities for young people in the Borough.


Uptake from young people in the pilot scheme was sufficient in numbers to demonstrate a continued need for diversionary activities in the Borough. At present these include Dodgeball, Football, Basketball, and a Boxing Boot Camp.


M Smith and Kane Radford, the Council’s Physical Activities Development Officer, will now be looking at developing a three year plan to grow the ‘Something to DO!’ Project in to a recognised brand within the Borough. Their view is that the ‘brand’ can be used to both commission its own projects, which will expand in to other activities alongside sports, and to support existing youth provision in the area by allowing such provision access to the project’s marketing and advertising, promoting provision as a ‘Something to DO!’ branded activity. This approach is intended to develop a signposting and partnership network amongst youth provision and diversionary activities in the Borough.


The Forum also heard that, in growing the ‘Something to DO!’ Project, that Leicester City FC will be launching their ‘Kicks Project’ in the Borough for September, running for 40 weeks. This has also been funded via the Oadby & Wigston Community Safety Partnership.


Youth Council Update


The Forum heard that the Youth Council are once again progressing their Arriva Campaign, in addition to supporting national and local campaigns lead by the UK Youth Parliament. Transport issues are seen as a predominant problem for young people.


The Youth Council has also recently launched an updated version of its website that will shortly be hosting a young person’s survey. This is designed to highlight the issues that young people living within Oadby, Wigston, and South Wigston are currently experiencing, and allow the Youth Council to see where their resources and focus will be best placed.


Several new members have joined the Youth Council in recent months, the majority of which have been recruited from Beauchamp College. M Smith and Cllr. R Morris have continued to work with Wigston Academy’s School Council and fully expect representatives from the Academy to join the Youth Council in due course.


Of further encouragement for young people to join the Youth Council is the fact that doing so contributes towards the ‘Service’ section of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. This is a fact that has been promoted to both Wigston College’s and Beauchamp College’s award scheme leaders.


Curriculum for Life Motion


The calling of a General Election delayed action on the Curriculum for Life motion that was passed during the last full Council meeting; this was due to actions requiring letters to be sent to the Secretary of State for Education who the outcome of the election may have changed. These actions are now progressing, including writing to the new MP for Harborough.


It is believed that Oadby & Wigston Borough Council is the first Council in the country to have publicly declared its support of the UK Youth Parliament’s ‘Curriculum for Life’ motion. This is something that should be celebrated.


Supersonic Boom 2017


Supersonic Boom 2017 will be taking place on Wednesday, 16 August 2017, 1pm-5pm on Blaby Road Park, South Wigston. This time, date and location have been chosen by members of the Oadby & Wigston Youth Council and event planning is now in progress. Youth Council meetings are now commencing at 6pm to allow for an hour dedicated to Supersonic Boom, with a view to providing a relaxed atmosphere in which to showcase local talent.


It is the duty of the Borough Council to facilitate the Youth Council’s vision of the event which, although the event’s budget has been decreased by £200.00, is still the primary intention of the money allocated to Supersonic Boom by the Council.


The charity that will benefit from monies raised at Supersonic Boom will be nominated by the Youth Council at their next meeting.


Any Other Business


None raised.

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