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Financial Outturn Report (Q3 2018/19)

Meeting: 05/02/2019 - Policy, Finance and Development Committee (Item 58)

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Report of the Head of Finance, Revenues and Benefits

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The Committee received the report as set out on pages 29-36 of the agenda, which asked it to note the overall Council position for the financial year 2018/19 after the third quarter.


With regard to the Capital Programme details attached at Appendix 1, a Member requested that the comments concerning the Grand Union Canal Footbridge be amended to reflect the fact that negotiations aimed at resolving the dispute over design of the bridge were ongoing, as it was felt that the description of the project being “on hold” implied that nothing was being done to move matters forward.


It was moved by the Chair, seconded by L A Bentley and




The contents of the report and Appendix be noted.