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Financial Outturn Report (Q1 2018/19)

Meeting: 18/09/2018 - Policy, Finance and Development Committee (Item 24)

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Report of the Head of Finance, Revenues and Benefits

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The Committee received the report as set out on pages 1-6 of the agenda update, which asked it to note the summary of the Council’s overall financial position for the financial year 2018/19 after the first quarter.


The Head of Finance, Revenues and Benefits provided the Committee with a summary of the report.


A Member of the Committee expressed concern that a comment in the Appendix to the report regarding Ervins Lock Footbridge stated that planning permission ‘should’ be gained at the Development Control Committee in October 2018. It was asked to be clarified that this was an Officer comment which had been poorly chosen, and in no way reflected any level of pre-determination by Members of the Development Control Committee.


A Member of the Committee expressed concern about the projected use of earmarked reserves to achieve a balanced budget. The Head of Finance, Revenues and Benefits acknowledged the concern but assured the Committee that every effort was being made by Officers to minimise the use of reserves by identifying savings elsewhere.


Following discussions held at the recent meeting of Oadby Residents Forum, the Committee requested clarification regarding when the replacement of children’s play equipment at Brocks Hill was due to be carried out. The Chief Executive confirmed that a short consultation would be commencing imminently, after which the options would be appraised and a contractor appointed to carry out the works. It was therefore likely that the new equipment would be in place by Spring 2019. This scheme was not to be confused with the separate installation of adult gym equipment in Uplands Park, for which a consultation had already commenced.


It was confirmed that in relation to the review of the Senior Management Team referred to in the report, the Leader of the Council would provide an update containing further detail on this matter to all Members at the next Full Council meeting scheduled for 02 October 2018.


It was moved by the Leader of the Council, seconded by the Chair and




The contents of the report and Appendix be noted by Members.