Committee details

Policy, Finance and Development Committee

Purpose of committee




Overall responsibility for setting the long term aims of the Council and moving it forward in line with them. 


i.        Sets the overarching strategic direction for the Council;

ii.       Sets the overall budgets for the Council;

iii.      Sets the overarching strategic direction for the Council;

iv.      Sets the overall budgets for the Council;

v.       To be responsible for all the Council’s resources, finances, assets and staffing;

vi.      To be responsible for all corporate and financial services including Finance, Human Resources, Legal, the major financial aspect of Revenues & Benefits such as subsidy; ICT;

vii.     To scrutinise and approve the policies of the Council;

viii.    To be responsible for listening to and acting on the views of the Community Engagement Forum, the Residents Forums, Children and Young Peoples; Forum, Customer Services Working Group, Place Shaping Working Group;

ix.      To report direct to Council;

x.       To be responsible for all external requests for funding;

xi.      To be responsible for receiving internal and external audit reports;

xii.     To fulfil the Council’s statutory and regulatory financial obligations;

xiii.    To be responsible for the short-medium term economic regeneration;

xiv.    To be responsible for the Member Code of Conduct;

xv.     To consider and approve grant applications as appropriate;

xvi.    Overall responsibility for asset management; and

xvii.   Fulfil the Council’s need for a “client” role if the Council tenders a service/contact that the Council wished to bid for itself.




a.       Award mandatory relief from NNDR;

b.      Award discretionary relief from NNDR (in consultation with the Chair);

c.       Approve staff car purchase loans;

d.      Approve attendance at training courses;

e.       Approve assistance towards approved exam; and

f.       Authorise staff below SCP29 to work overtime.

g.      Authorise minor additions to staff establishment subject to budgetary provision, temporary appointment of staff subject to adequate budgetary provision and terminate temporary appointments;

i.        To determine appropriate salary grades for new posts and those were there have been significant changes in duties and responsibilities;

j.        make appointments other than Chief Executive, Directors, or Officers at SCP43 and above;

k.       Implement national and provincial Circulars on conditions of service of employees;

l.        Authorise write-offs up to approved financial limit;

m.     Be responsible for recovery and collection of Council income and debts within remit of Committee, including NNDR and Council Tax;

n.      Authorise purchasing below approved financial limit;

o.      Be responsible for Emergency Plan operational matters;

p.      Develop action plans for Council's strategies and objectives and implement such plans when approved;

q.      Implement policies on customer care, press and public relations;

r.       Approve Service Delivery Plans, in accordance with agreed policy framework Administer and issue grants approved by Committee;

s.       Delegation to officers common to all Committees; 

t.       Administer all initiatives to promote economic development and Town Centre initiatives within the Borough);

u.      Implement projects approved by the Committee and for which budget provision has been made;

v.       Administer all initiatives to promote tourism within the Borough

w.      Award Discretionary Housing Payments.



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